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Sharon Newman
YR Sharon.jpg
Sharon Case as Sharon Newman
The Young and the Restless
Portrayed by Monica Potter (1994)
Heidi Mark (1994)
Sharon Case (1994—)
Current status Present, Contract
Duration 1994-
First appearance March 24, 1994
Introduced by William J. Bell
Family Collins, Newman
Nickname(s) St. Sharon of the flat-iron (by Mia)
Girl (by Doris)
Alias(es) Sheri Coleman
Gender Female
Born September 17, 1975 [1]
Age 46
Occupation Owner of Crimson Lights
GCPD Victim Liaison (formerly)
Residence Newman Cottage
421 Larkspur Trail, HWY B
Genoa City, Wisconsin
Parents Doris Collins
Spouses Nicholas Newman (1995-2006)
Jack Abbott (2007-2009)
Adam Newman (2009-2010)
Victor Newman (2012; twice)
Dylan McAvoy (2015-2017)
Rey Rosales † (2020-22)
Romances Frank Barritt † (lover)
Diego Guittierez
Cameron Kirsten
Brad Carlton
Billy Abbott
Sam Gibson
Tucker McCall
Matt Clark
Scotty Grainger
Children Cassie Newman
Mariah Copeland
(twins with Frank)
Noah Newman
Faith Newman
(with Nick)

Sharon Newman (née Collins, formerly Abbott, McAvoy and Rosales) is a resident Genoa City, portrayed by Sharon Case.


Sharon Newman is the daughter of Doris Collins. She has four children: Cassie, Mariah, Noah and Faith.

In 1996, Sharon Collins married her high school sweetheart Nicholas Newman. Sharon and Nick came from different backgrounds. Nicholas Newman, the son of billionaire Victor Newman, was from a very privileged background. Sharon grew up with modest means. During her early years of high school in Madison, Wisconsin, her mother Doris Collins was paralyzed in a car accident after chasing Sharon, who ran off refusing to listen to her mother. Also while in Madison, Sharon had a daughter, Cassie Ann Collins, at the age of 17. Sharon put Cassie up for adoption. A woman by the name of Alice Johnson took over the role of Cassie's mother.

When Sharon first started dating Nick, her mother was experiencing a great deal of pain and needed a very expensive surgery. Nick's father Victor Newman paid for the surgery. Thereafter, Sharon stopped by Newman Enterprises with sums of money insisting upon repaying the debt, even though Victor had told her that the debt was forgiven. This was how she won a special place in her future father-in-law's heart. Sharon attended a few college classes, but never graduated. Years later, Sharon and Cassie (who was renamed Cassidy by Alice) were reunited with the help of Sharon's best friend, Grace Turner. Grace sought to find Cassie when it was thought Sharon would lose baby Noah Newman, thinking Cassie could fill the void if Noah did not survive.

Christine Blair assisted in processing the adoption, making Nick Newman Cassie's legal father. The girl was excited to become a Newman, and even changed her first name to Cassie instead of Cassidy. Once Cassie and Noah got older, Sharon became bored with being a housewife and decided to try her hand at business. She began working as a spokesmodel for Jabot Cosmetics, and later decided to work as a spokesmodel for her father in-law's company, Newman Enterprises.

Rocky Marriage

Diego Guittierez was a handsome man who was always there for Sharon as a friend. After incorrectly assuming Nick was having an affair with a woman from the coffeehouse, Sharon had sex with Diego. When Sharon confessed her affair to Nick, he was upset but decided to give his marriage another try. While bringing her flowers, he saw Sharon kissing his own father through the front window. Sharon then left town to find herself, leaving both of her children. During her absence, Cassie almost drowned in a pond but was rescued by Nick. Cassie was in a coma for days while Sharon had a disastrous one-night stand with Cameron Kirsten. He then followed her back to Genoa City and tried to rape her on New Year's Eve, resulting in her knocking him unconscious and hiding what she believed was his corpse. Ashamed of herself further, Sharon stayed out of town long enough for her bruises to heal so Nick would not find out any of this.

After returning home, Nick felt sorry for Sharon and took her back. Soon Sharon decided to become a stripper, so Nick had to give her a job at Newman Enterprises so as not to embarrass the family. Because the company could not afford to pay her, Nick secretly paid her salary. Eventually, the angry and much alive Cameron threatened to have Sharon jailed for attempted murder, unless she left Nick and her kids and came to live with him overseas. Nick stowed away on the plane, beat Cameron unconscious and shoved him out of the plane with a parachute on his back. Nick and Sharon then parachuted out themselves and Cameron was jailed for his crimes.

In 2005, Cassie died as the result of a car accident. This traumatic loss caused a tremendous strain on Nick and Sharon's marriage. Sharon turned to her soon to be brother-in-law, Brad Carlton, because Nick, Phyllis Summers and Neil Winters were searching for Lily Winters and Daniel Romalotti. Daniel was at the time responsible for Cassie's death. Sharon found comfort in Brad, and the two became close friends who were able to tell each other anything. At the same time, Noah became friends with Brad's daughter, Abby Carlton, as well. Later, Nick would find comfort and compassion in the arms of Phyllis.

A New Chapter

Furious with Nick for betraying her, Sharon shared a one-night stand with Brad, whom had just married Nick's sister Victoria Newman. Sharon eventually forgave Nick for his affair with Phyllis, but the revelation that Phyllis was pregnant with Nick's baby ultimately destroyed the marriage. Nick and Phyllis married in late 2006, and their daughter, Summer Newman, was born weeks later. Sharon was fired from Newman Enterprises by Victoria when Victoria discovered that Sharon had been making out with Brad in the Newman parking lot. In late 2006, Sharon began dating Jack Abbott, and the two became engaged.

On April 5, 2007, during an argument between Sharon, Phyllis, and Sharon's friend, Drucilla Winters, Sharon and Dru both fell off a cliff. While Dru is presumed dead, Sharon survived. She and Jack were secretly married on April 23 in Sharon's living room. In December 2007, Sharon told Jack that she was leaving him and moving out of the Abbott Mansion with Noah because of Jack's recent lies coming to light. The two later reconciled, oddly enough because of Brad. Brad insisted many times that he and Sharon were meant to be and that she should not be with Jack. In 2008, Sharon and Jack's marriage became rocky due to Jack constantly lying. Sharon confronted Jack about this and about all of the empty promises he made to her. She then told him that she thought their marriage was worth fighting for and that she would not leave him, as she accepted him for who he was.

In January 2009, Sharon and Jack had a heated argument and Sharon filed for divorce, after which she went to stay at the Abbott cabin. Sharon received a visit from Brad (who was in a plot with Phyllis to seduce Sharon). The plan didn't go over well as Sharon put Brad out. Meanwhile, back in Genoa City, Nick learned that Phyllis had set Sharon up in the incident with Brad. Worse news arrived when Noah was involved in an accident after falling through a frozen pond. After packing his things to move out of the Tack House with Phyllis because of her deception, Nick headed up to the Abbott cabin to tell Sharon about Noah (who had been rescued by Brad). When Nick arrived, he found a letter Sharon wrote admitting she still loved him. Nick and Sharon eventually kissed and made love.

Birth of Faith

Sharon ended up pregnant and the baby had three possible fathers: Jack Abbott, Nicholas Newman or Billy Abbott. Sharon got the DNA results the day little Summer Newman was rushed to the hospital after having a serious allergic reaction to peanuts. Although the test said that Nick was the father, Sharon told Jack he was the father so Summer would have Nick's full attention.

In February 2009, Sharon stole a book from the Trumble's and put it in Noah Newman's bag. She got a call and gave the bag to Noah saying it was the hospital--something was wrong with Doris Collins. Noah gave the bag to Eden Baldwin and left the store with his mother. The security guard of Trumble's found the stolen book in "Eden's bag". While at the hospital visiting Doris, Sharon had a meltdown in front of her mother. Sharon told Doris about her little black outs.

Doris told Sharon that this was not the first time these episodes had happened. Later Nick called Sharon to tell her what happened with Eden at the book store. Sharon then found the elephant she took from Brad Carlton's house! Sharon didn't even remember why she had the elephant with her! Sharon returned to the bookstore and lost it again. Nick tried to calm her down but that didn't work. Sharon then went to Brad's house. Sharon ended up in psych ward after stealing from a jewelry store.

The truth about the baby's paternity came out during an argument between Sharon and Jack. Jack promised to keep the secret, but Nick over heard Sharon and Doris talking about it and wanted to be in the baby's life. Sharon went into early labor. Little did she know that Ashley Abbott was also in the hospital. Adam Newman accidentally scared the pregnant Ashley and she fell down the stairs and miscarried. Adam blackmailed Dr. Charles Taylor so Ashley would think that her baby was still alive but she slowly went insane.

Now in the psych ward, Ashley was convinced that she was going into labor. Adam panicked and stole Sharon's baby girl, Faith Cassidy Newman. Dr. Taylor told Sharon and Nick that their daughter had died. Sharon moved into Brad's former house. She and Adam soon started dating. Sharon was unaware of what he did with her baby. They ran off and got married. On the way back, the plane crashed. Adam, thinking that he was going to die, showed Sharon a note that said that her baby was alive but Sharon hit her head and forgot about it.

She and Adam were happy for a short while because Sharon ignored all the warnings people gave her about Adam. However, Nick and Phyllis Summers started snooping and discovered that Adam had blackmailed Ashley's doctor. Sharon left Adam. Phyllis also found a note from Dr. Taylor explaining what had happened to Ashley. Phyllis quickly put the pieces together. A DNA test was done that showed Faith's true identity and Ashley tearfully handed her over.

Adam's Death and Nick

Sharon moved into the Genoa City Athletic Club with Faith. Meanwhile, Adam escaped from custody with the help of Patty Williams. He got into Sharon's hotel suite and held Faith so Sharon was forced to listen while he confessed. Nick burst in and chased Adam out. Sharon then got a call from Adam saying he wanted to meet her in the basement, but she told everyone where he was. There was a gas leak in the basement and then an explosion.

Sharon bumped her head but swiftly recovered. However, Adam was killed shortly before the explosion and Nick was arrested for his murder. Sharon was sure Nick was innocent so she and Phyllis teamed up to prove it. They went to a cornfield where Adam apparently made a phone call (they were sure that he faked his own death) and Sharon ended up being sprayed by pesticide. Nick came and saved her life, which annoyed Phyllis, especially when she saw Nick at Sharon's bedside.

When Sharon went home, Phyllis was upset that she was living on the Newman Ranch so she decided to let Sharon live in Phyllis' penthouse. But Phyllis left Nick so she kicked Sharon out and moved in herself. Sharon went to the Abbott cabin. Adam stalked her there and Nick chased him off. Nick tried to get Sharon to come back to him but she refused. Nick gave her a gun and left. Adam tried to break in and Sharon shot him. Adam survived and decided not to press charges.

Adam, Nick and An Engagement

Sharon started to fall for Adam Newman again. When a Storm hit Genoa City, Adam saved Faith when the beams off a barn started to fall on top of her. Nicholas Newman and Sharon tried to re-form their family. In November, 2010, having sent Faith to the children's museum with the nanny, Sharon went over to see Nick and show him new pictures of Faith. Nick said Faith was so beautiful, just like Sharon. Sharon went to Gloworm where she saw the new bartender--Adam.

Sharon told Nick she wanted him to move back in with her. Nick said he would love to. Sharon and Nick moved his stuff into "their home" then took a break to remember Cassie. With Faith off to storytime at the library with the nanny, Nick and Sharon decided to christen the house. Meanwhile, Adam -- having obeyed his wife and left Gloworm -- showed up at the front door and got a peek at the action on the sofa inside. The next day, Nick talked about marriage with Sharon.

Sharon told Nick she knew he always loved her and she was happy with how things had worked out but she thought they should wait so that there was no question later that they did the right thing for the right reason. Undaunted by Sharon's reluctance to say she would marry him, Nick pulled out the engagement ring he gave her when they were engaged the first time. He said his heart had always been hers and he was so happy that fate brought them back together in Paris.

An Engagement, Adam's Case and Skye

Nicholas Newman asked Sharon if she would marry him. She said yes. Nick told her this is what he had always wanted and that he loved her. At Crimson Lights, Sharon ran into Adam Newman who guessed her good news before she could say anything. Adam wished his lady-love the best telling her she couldn't go wrong when she went with her heart and left. At home, Nick and Sharon told one another about how each of their exes handled the news of their impending re-marriage with dignity and composure. After Sharon slept with Adam in New Orleans, Nick broke off the engagement.

In December 2010 at the jail's interrogation room, Sharon and Adam told Leslie Michaelson, Adam's attorney, that they believed Skye Lockhart Newman was still alive. Adam explained that someone had ordered a bottle of Skye's favorite, rare perfume from a European gift shop and had it shipped to Hawaii. Leslie doubted that the purchase of the perfume would prove that Skye was alive unless someone found her. Sharon worried that Skye wouldn't stay in one place for long. Sharon refused to wait for a private investigator and chose to fly to Hawaii and investigate.

Leslie admitted that Sharon's fact-finding journey was the best shot Adam had. After Leslie left, a worried Adam told Sharon he wished she wouldn't go. Sharon reminded Adam that he believed she was a strong woman. Sharon explained that she'd secretly snap photos of Skye in order to prove she was still alive. Though Sharon hated leaving Adam alone, she warned him to keep the trip a secret because Victor Newman might alert Skye. Adam warned Sharon not to talk to Skye or get near her. Sharon vowed to return with evidence. Later, Sharon stopped by Nick's house to see Faith Newman and was disappointed to discover that the child was with Nikki Newman.

Searching for Skye

Sharon told Nicholas Newman she'd be out of town and wanted to let him know in case he needed her. Nick insisted he wouldn't need to contact Sharon and mockingly wished her a safe trip. In Hawaii, a man at the post office store told Sharon that he had not seen the woman in the photograph. Another man offered to take Sharon on a tour of the Mt. Kilauea volcano and hinted that she would find some answers there. Sharon called Adam Newman who agreed that Skye Lockhart Newman liked adventures and might be there. As she looked at an active volcano, Sharon was startled just as Skye arrived.

In Hawaii, Sharon confronted Skye on the trail to the volcano. Sharon told Skye that Adam was being accused of killing Skye. Skye thought that Adam deserved to be punished for walking out on their marriage. Sharon said that Skye's broken heart was not a good reason for her to destroy Adam's life. Sharon was determined to get Skye to return to Genoa City with her. Skye adamantly refused. Sharon said she'd take Skye's picture as proof that she was still alive. Skye grabbed for the camera and fell into the crater. Sharon reached for Skye's hand to keep her from falling into the volcano.

Hiding on the trail, Victor Newmanlistened to Skye and Sharon's confrontation. Sharon struggled to help Skye. Skye felt herself slipping away. Sharon was unable to lift Skye out of the chasm. Victor remained in hiding and did nothing to help Sharon save Skye. Skye fell into the volcano, perishing in the flames. Sharon called for help. Sharon ran off in another direction and never saw Victor. At the general store, Sharon was traumatized as she explained to a cop how Skye fell into the volcano. A cop questioned Sharon about her connection to Skye.

Victor and Tucker

Sharon said that she and Skye had been married to the same man. Sharon was unable to show the photo she had taken of Skye because her camera was missing. Sharon assured the cop that she had done everything to save Skye. Sharon wanted to go back to the crater to search for the camera and any sign of Skye. Sharon's phone rang. It was Nick. Nick asked Sharon if she was working with Victor to find Skye. Sharon said she'd found Skye, but had not seen Victor. Sharon ended the call before explaining what happened to Skye.

In 2012, Sharon married Victor Newman. On their wedding night, Victor went missing, likely due to falling off of his horse and contracting amnesia. Sharon then took over Newman enterprises, with the help of Tucker, who was only helping Sharon so that he could buy a large number of Newman stock. Sharon tried to calm the skeptical business community about her leadership, and stocks at Newman quickly declined. As the search for Victor continues, Sharon's relationships with members of the family becomes worse. Believing Victor to be dead, Sharon decides to marry Tucker after the funeral. However, Victor reveals himself to be alive and throws Sharon in jail for what she did to his company. Victor also annuals their marriage.

Tucker makes a deal to free Sharon from prison. However, Sharon did not know this and ratted Tucker out to the FCC agents. In October 2012, Sharon burned down the Newman Ranch. Adam saved Sharon from the fire and hid her in a cabin on his property, much to the annoyance of Chelsea Newman, Adam's new wife. Sharon is then diagnosed with bipolar disorder by a professional Adam hired, Dr. Watkins. Adam and Sharon grow closer, and Adam kisses Sharon after a housewarming party at Victor and Nikki's penthouse. Chelsea walks in and sees them, and tells Victor and Nikki that Sharon was responsible for the fire. Adam, realizing what an idiot he is for helping Sharon, saves his marriage to Chelsea, but makes a deal with Victor to keep Sharon out of jail in exchange for Adam's assistance getting Newman Enterprises back from Jack Abbott, who has problems of his own involving an addiction to painkillers.

Reconnection with Nick

Despite being involved again with Adam, Sharon finds herself drawn to Nick again. In order to get close to him, Sharon finally ends things with Adam for good. When Nick discovers that Summer is not his biological daughter, Sharon suspects that something is wrong but doesn't ask Nick about it, telling him that whatever it is that he's done wrong, she will forgive him for it. She is saddened when she, along with everyone else, learns that Jack, not Nick, is Summer's biological father. She does become fearful, however, when Phyllis discovers that Sharon tampered with the paternity test results to make it seem like Jack is Summer's father. Phyllis never gets the chance to expose Sharon due to suffering a brain injury she suffered after a fight with Sharon.

Sharon also begins to cause problems for Nick and his fiancee Avery Clark.

Some time later, Nicholas and Avery breaks. Sharon and Nick get together and leave together, Sharon is happy. But still lives with her terrible secret.

Mariah Copeland

Sharon's guilt starts to manifest as a vision of Cassie, who tells Sharon that she has to continue to keep her secret from Nick. Sharon decides to start rising her bi-polar meds, but she continues to see Cassie. One time when Sharon is distraught, she grabs Cassie and is horrified that she can touch her. As this keeps up, Sharon soon starts to think Cassie is really alive and undergoes electroshock

When Sharon wakes up, she doesn't remember switching Summer's paternity test and Phyllis falling. She also sees "Cassie", who brings flowers and apologizes to Sharon for everything she out her through. In April 2014, Sharon learns that Victor hired Mariah Copeland, who looked exactly like Cassie. Sharon started to feel a connection to Mariah and befriended her to Nick's dismay. Sharon also starts worrying when she finds out Victor hired Mariah to find out about a secret she has been keeping from Nick. Worried about her relationship with Nick, Sharon tries everything she can think of to remember her secret, but can't.

After Mariah went to pay Sharon some of her debt, Sharon invited Mariah to stay for dinner where Faith and Mariah instantly formed a bond. Ian Ward stopped by Sharon's and thanked her for looking after Mariah. Sharon knew what Ian had done to Nikki, and was very cold towards him.

Mariah asked to move in with Sharon and Nick. She told them that someone had broken into her room and that she didn't feel safe. Mariah vowed that Ian was out of her life, and Nick and Sharon agreed to let her stay with them. Sharon was shocked to come home one day and find Mariah in lingerie. She quickly realized Mariah was trying to seduce Nick, though Mariah told her she had met a guy at work, and Sharon angrily threw Mariah out of her house. Mariah left the outfits that Sharon had bought her.

Meanwhile, Nick had started investigating the night Sharon had birth and discovered that Mariah is actually the twin of Cassie Newman, and Sharon's biological daughter. When Sharon was pregnant, she was all doped up and it was all a blur. Helen Copeland was the nurse who didn't even want kids. But she stole Mariah for somebody who couldn't have kids, Ian Ward. Once Sharon learned Mariah was her daughter, she wanted to reconnect with her. Mariah had left town with Ian and Sharon was worried. Ian phoned Sharon and told her he would tell her where Mariah is is she agreed to pay him. officer Courtney Sloane, who had blonde hair like Sharon, posed as Sharon to drop off the money to Ian while Kevin Fisher found out that Mariah was in a storage facility. Mariah was taken to the hospital and Sharon told Mariah that she was her mother.

Mariah was still angry and resentful towards Sharon, and refused to come back to the ranch. Sharon didn't give up and kept trying to bond with Mariah. Sharon asked Mariah to be one of her bridesmaids along with Summer and Faith. Mariah was stubborn and reluctant but Sharon kept pushing it so Mariah agreed. Mariah asked Kevin to be her plus one and Kevin agreed. Mariah, Summer, and Faith all had matching dresses for the wedding. Sharon bought Mariah an expensive bracelet but Mariah couldn't accept it.

Mariah attended Sharon's bachelorette party along with Abby, Summer, Lily, Kelly, Victoria, and Nikki which Sharon quickly decided to go to Crimson Lights instead. Mariah was very unenthusiastic and flirted with Tyler who was sitting at the bar just to make Abby jealous. Mariah had Summer give her money to bride the bartender into stripping. All the girls have been heavily drinking and partying. The guys ended up showing up at crimson Lights as well and also heavily loaded. Abby had a couple too many drinks and bashed Sharon for marrying Nick again because Sharon married Adam Newman Nick, Abby's father Victor, Nick again...etc. Mariah stood up for Sharon against Abby, and Abby stated that Mariah spits venom about Sharon every day. Once Michael Baldwin got slammed to the floor, a drunken fight broke out. Mariah fought with Abby. Everybody there ended up in jail. Eventually, they were set free.

Summer gave Sharon Phyllis's earrings, and Faith have Sharon something as well. All that was missing was something blue that Mariah was supposed to provide. Mariah claimed she forgot to get Sharon something blue but Sharon didn't mind. When Faith and Summer left for a minute, Mariah gave Sharon a blue anklet that she got at a flea market, which Faith and Summer came back and saw.

Just as Nick and Sharon were about to get married, Phyllis busted through the doors and shocked everybody! As Phyllis walked down the aisle, Summer was in tears and hugged her mother. Phyllis fainted and everybody rushed to her rescue. Sharon left the church, and went home. Sharon had previously learned from Victor that Phyllis had known her secret, and now that Phyllis was back, Sharon was worried Nick would learn her secret and leave her. Mariah figured out that Phyllis knew Sharon's secret and taunted her about it. She told Sharon she will be there for Faith when the truth comes out.

Sharon showed up at the hospital to ask Phyllis about the secret Phyllis might know about her that could potentially hurt Nick, but Phyllis told her she couldn't remember. Sharon continued to worry about her secret, but Nick reassured Sharon nothing would break them up, and they decided to get married on Halloween. Sharon hired a psychic to try and reassure her everything would be okay, but the psychic told Sharon she wouldn't be getting married. Sharon considered cancelling the wedding, but Nick wouldn't let her.

Mariah started to be nicer to Sharon and even told Sharon she had overheard her mumbling in her sleep about someone not being Nick's daughter. Sharon got spooked when she had a dream about Cassie showing up at the door and warning Sharon that her secret will come out. Then Mariah showed up, in costume, to take Faith trick or treating. Afterwards Mariah and Faith got ready for the wedding. Mariah was dragged into taking some family photos and showed how happy she truly was. Sharon and Nick got Mariah to open up about her feelings, and Mariah tearfully told Sharon how she has realized what real love is and that she is on Sharon's side. Sharon happily embraced Mariah and told her she was on her side as well.

Sharon's secret is revealed and the fallout

After Nick, Noah, and Mariah left for the church; Phyllis showed up and took Sharon to the spot where she fell. Sharon finally remembered everything. When Victor, Jack, and Nick showed up; Sharon tearfully admitted she had switched the results of Summer's paternity test and that Nick was Summer's biological father. Nick was furious with Sharon and vowed to never forgive her. Things got worse for Sharon when Nick told her he was suing her for full custody of Faith, so Sharon hired David Sherman to represent her. Sharon was surprised when both Noah and Mariah stood by Sharon, despite her lies. Noah and Mariah invited Sharon to have thanksgiving dinner with them, hoping to cheer her up.

With encouragement from Mariah, Sharon tried to convince Jack to let her keep her job at Jabot, but Jack told Sharon he couldn't forgive her for what she did to him. As Sharon was leaving, Jack told her he would give her a good recommendation so she could find another job. Sharon was distraught when Faith ran away, and Nick comforted her. When Faith was found, Nick made it clear that he was still going to try and get full custody of Faith.

On Christmas, Nick and Sharon managed to make peace long enough for Faith to enjoy her Christmas. Sharon asked Chelsea for a job, and Chelsea hired Sharon as a fitting model. Chelsea also suggested to Sharon that if she wanted to keep Faith, she may have to play dirty and humiliate Nick in court; Sherman also gave Sharon that advice. At mediation, Nick was willing to propose a shared custody agreement, but Sherman said Sharon was Shick for full custody, causing Nick to explode in anger; and Sharon was unable to tell Nick that she wanted shared custody as well.

Sharon became jealous of Nick's new friend, Sage Warner, but tried to deal with it. One time when Faith was with Nick, Sharon got a call from Faith, who said Nick was in trouble. Sharon rushes in and Faith asks to go home with Sharon, so Nick reluctantly agrees. Faith tells Sharon that Nick asked Sage to take off her clothes. Sharon began to get angry and jealous. Sharon told Noah she's furious with his father. Noah didn't believe Nick would do that and maybe they don't have the full story. Noah explained that Faith has a history of not liking any of her dad's female friends and he's sorry to say it but, maybe she lied about it. Sharon stated she was there and saw Sage in the bathrobe.

Noah entered the gym explaining to dad that Faith told Sharon that he was in the house with a lady with no pants on. Sage told Adam that's not what it seems like. Nick explained the real story and Noah was relieved. Sharon told the information she heard from Faith to David Sherman and told Nick she'll use it against him in court. Nick told Sharon that Saye had spilled water on herself, and that she was in a bathrobe because Nick was drying her clothes. Despite this, Sharon was convinced she had enough dirt on Nick to win full custody of Faith.

Custody Hearing & Fallout

On the day of the custody hearing, Faith spoke with a social worker until she was brought into testify. Faith said that Nick told Sage to take off her pants before saying she didn't want to say anything else. Mariah was called to the stand and Avery asked her if Faith told her the truth about what happened with Sage and Nick that night. Mariah hesitated, but Avery pressed her and Mariah admitted that what had happened between Sage and Nick was innocent. Sharon stood up and begged Nick to not take Faith away from her. Sharon left the courtroom until she calmed down. When she returned, the judge granted Nick sole custody with Sharon having visits at Nick's discretion and the case would be revisited in a year. Sharon was heartbroken and Dylan comforted her. Sharon asked Dylan to get her out of the courthouse, and Mariah offered to take her home. Sharon told Mariah to stay away from her, and said that Cassie wouldn't have stabbed her in the back. Mariah cries that she didn't stab Sharon in the back and had to tell the truth since she was under oath. Sharon lays a guilt trip on Mariah about all she has done for her and asks why she couldn't just back up Faith's initial claim. Mariah says she doesn't owe Sharon anything. Sharon tells her she lives in her home, and Mariah says that she will move out; if Sharon doesn't want her than she doesn't want Sharon. Sharon said that was fine with her before leaving with Dylan.

Sharon went to Cassie's grave and sobbed that she was all alone now. When she got home, memories of her "happy" family flooded back to her. Sharon threw all of her family photos in the fireplace, planning to burn them. When Sharon lit the match, she flashed back to when she burned down the Newman Ranch, and briefly hesitated. As Sharon was about to light the fire, her phone rang; it was Nick, asking her to come help with Faith. Sharon took her medication, and collected herself before heading to Nick's. After Faith was asleep, Nick told her they will talk about visitation in a couple of days and Sharon bid him goodnight before leaving with a smile on her face.

On Valentine's Day, Nick asked Sharon to watch Faith when the babysitter canceled. Sharon was thrilled that Nick would let her look after Faith. Faith tried to fake a Valentine from Nick to Sharon, but Sharon advised her against lying. As Sharon put Faith to bed, the lights flickered. Sharon assured Faith it was nothing to worry about, but was also worried.

Sharon went to take Faith to a motel, but she hit a snowbank; so they returned home. Sharon told Faith that Nick can't know about the accident and she was going to dig her car out of the snow. Dylan came by and offered Sharon his help. Sharon told Dylan that she is worried that if Nick finds about the accident, he won't trust her with Faith. Dylan offers to say he was driving and then offered to help make a fire. Sharon took off her hat, and Dylan saw a gash on her head. He told her he is taking her to the hospital.

Sharon got a bandaid put on the gash, but it continued to bleed. Dylan told Sharon she might need stitches, but Sharon was still worried about Nick finding out about the accident. Dylan said they will go to Crimson Lights and he will have Stitch look after her. Once, Sharon, Dylan, and Faith get to Crimson Lights, they hear that the Underground collapsed. Stitch stitches Sharon up, and she thanks him, then she waits with Faith for news when Avery, Sage, and Joe Clark come in. Sharon learns from Sage and Avery that Nick and Dylan are helping people at the Underground.

Sharon gets Avery a coffee and they have a nice little talk. Nick comes back in and sees Sharon's injury. She tells Nick the truth about the accident, and he yells at her for not staying put. Dylan intervenes and tells Nick that Sharon was going to lie about the accident because she was worried he would take Faith away. Nick asks if that is true and Sharon says that seeing Faith is a privilege and she was afraid of losing that privilege. Nick apologizes to Sharon and says he doesn't want her to live like that. Sharon apologizes to Avery for getting Dylan involved in her mess, and. Avery responds ether coldly towards Sharon.

Possible motive for murder

Sharon was thankful to Dylan for standing up for her and thanked him by inviting him over dinner. She also touched base with Nick on where they stand, and gave Dylan some advice regarding his relationship with Avery. One time when Sharon brought Faith to see Nick, Faith asked Sharon to have breakfast with her and Nick. Sharon told Faith that it was her time with Nick, but Nick invited her to stay. Sharon enjoyed some time with her daughter and Nick before Sage came in. Nick invited Sage to sit and Sharon said she had to go, and hugged Faith good-bye. As Sharon was heading out, she overhear Kevin, Noah, and Summer talking about Austin and his computer. She stopped in and said hi to everyone. Sharon told Noah that she and Nick are in a good place, and said to Summer that she hopes she can forgive her someday. Summer told Sharon off, and Kevin asked her not to take her pain out on Sharon. Sharon said to Kevin that Summer has every right to he mad at her, but says she hope they can be friends again someday. Summer says it will never happen, and Sharon walks away. Sharon stays out of sight and waits till they leave the table before trying to grab Austin's computer. Kyle Abbott catches her, and Summer and Noah come back. They ask what she is doing with Austin's computer.

Sharon tried to say she thought it was Noah's computer and abated to borrow it, but they don't believe it. Sharon then admits that Austin interviewed her and she said some nasty things about the Newman's. Sharon asks Summer to delete the footage, but Summer refuses. Noah tells Sharon he will take care of it, and she leaves. Sharon returns home and is surprised to find Mariah and Kevin are there. Mariah says she is looking for her phone charger, and Sharon says she hasn't seen her since the custody hearing. Mariah tells Sharon she kicked her out, and Sharon starts talking like she is not all there. Mariah asks Sharon if everything is okay, and Sharon says it isn't. Kevin leaves and Mariah tells her that things are working out with Kevin, but she does miss talking to Sharon. Sharon hugs Mariah, who says she doesn't miss the hugs. Sharon apologizes to Mariah and says that she has missed her as well. Mariah asks Sharon what's going on, and Sharon says she has tells Mariah about how she did an interview with Austin, hoping that if she something nice for him, it would help Summer forgive her; but she ended up saying bad things about the Newman's. Sharon had pleaded with Austin to erase the footage, and even tried to buy him off; but Austin didn't are and planned to do the documentary anyway, even if it cost Sharon everything. Mariah realizes this stuff could have been used against Sharon in court. Sharon said she was so furious with Austin, and Mariah wondered how furious. Sharon says she would have done anything to stop Austin from making the documentary.

Sharon comes to Crimson Lights, upset that she threw away all the progress she made with by trashing him in Austin's interview. Dylan encouraged Sharon to tell Nick herself before he is blindsided by it. Sharon goes to the Underground and finds Nick and Sage having sex. Sharon is furious at Nick for his judgements towards her while he sleeps with a married woman. She leaves without telling Nick about the interview. Sharon goes home and rips up a card Faith made for Nick. Dylan catches Sharon, and she realizes what she is doing. Sharon believes there is nothing good about her anymore and says that Nick is already interviewing her, and Dylan says know one can replace her. Sharon then let's out a horrified gasp. Written on the mirror above the fireplace, is a message in lipstick that say "I know the truth and so do you". Sharon believes someone who wants to psychologically torture her who wrote that. Dylan looks at Sharon, and she wonders if he thinks she wrote that.

Dylan admits to Sharon that her behaviour is suspicious, and Sharon is upset that he thinks she might be crazy. She asks him to leave if he doesn't believe her. Dylan tells Sharon that she does seem to get a little too panicked over what Nick might think, so Sharon says she will talk to her therapist about it. Dylan tells her she can talk to him, and Sharon tells him the whole story about what happened on the road that night. Dylan leaves and Sharon continues wiping the message off of the mirror. Nick comes by and argues with Sharon about Sage and Faith. Sharon suddenly heads over to the mirror and continues to clean it off, making Nick suspicious of her mental state. Sharon accuses Nick of writing the message, and Nick says Faith shouldn't see Sharon for a bit. Sharon tells Nick that if he stops her from seeing Faith, she is done keeping his secret and will tell the whole world about how he broke "that girl's neck".

Sharon tells Nick that she knows about the incident with Sandra Nelson. Nick had a party at the Ranch, and everyone had gotten drunk. Nick had dared Sandra, an athletic swimmer, to dive off the balcony. Sandra did so, but she didn't come back up, so Nick dove in and rescued her. Victor covered it up, and paid for all of Sandra's medical bills. Nick caved to Sharon's blackmail and had Avery put it in writing that Sharon could spend more time with Faith. Dylan came back and told Sharon that he was going to stay with her until they found out who wrote the message on her mirror.

Sharon is happy to hear that Noah and Courtney are engaged, but surprised that Noah is in a rush to get married. She is angry when Noah tells her Dylan thinks she may have killed Austin. Dylan says that Faith mentioned they drove around in the woods. Sharon admits she had a panic attack, and thought that driving around would calm her down. Sharon is hurt that Dylan thinks she is capable of murder, and Dylan says it doesn't look good.

On the day of Noah and Courtney's wedding, Sharon stops by Avery's to talk to Dylan. She tells Dylan that she is sure she is going to be the one to take the fall for Austin's death. Sharon finds it the wedding was cancelled and goes home. Later, she is called to the station, and finds Noah grieving. Courtney was murdered and now the police know about Austin's death. Sharon is upset to see Sage there, offering comfort to Noah.

Noah comes home with Sharon, and she and Nick say they are there to give him whatever he needs. After Nick leaves, Noah asks Sharon if she had anything to do with the murders. Sharon is hurt that her son doubts her, and they start fighting. Noah calls Sharon crazy just as Nick walks in, and tells him to never to speak to his mother like that. Noah calms down and apologizes for accusing his mom. He leaves, and Sharon thanks Nick. Nick angrily tells Sharon he did it for their children.

Dylan finds a tire iron with blood, and convinces Avery to have it tested in secret. Sharon gets nervous, and tries to steal the tire iron from Avery's office, but is chloroformed and brought back to her house with the tire iron. Noah sees Sharon unconscious, and asks what happened. Sharon admits the tire iron has Austin's blood, and her fingerprints on it. Summer comes through the door and overhears what Sharon said. Sharon panics and takes off when Summer goes to call the police. Her car stalls and she runs into Kyle, who brings her back to the ranch. Paul and Dylan show up, and Dylan admits to Paul he had the tire iron tested behind his back. Paul is furious and arrests Sharon since the evidence points to her. David Sherman won't return Sharon's calls, and she fires the public defender when she feels he won't do a good job. Michael shows up and offers that Sharon be put under house arrest with someone to guard her, and volunteers to do it himself. Under these conditions, Sharon is granted bail. More doubt is cast on Sharon when she is found with Courtney's necklace.

Sharon starts to believe that her situation is hopeless, so Dylan pretends to turn against her in order to get her to fight back against the charges. It works, and Sharon defends herself to Dylan's accusations when she believes he has turned on her. After Faith sees Nick assaulting a reporter, Sharon tells Faith that people think she did bad things, but that she didn't. Faith says she believes Sharon is innocent and asks Noah if he thinks the same thing; Noah says that believes Sharon is innocent as well. Sharon vouches for Nick and says that he would never hurt his children and is not a violent man. Mariah also finally visits Sharon and tells her that she believes she is innocent and will do whatever she can to prove it. Sharon is really happy to know that all of her children believe in her innocence. Sharon also gets news that traces of latex were found on the tire iron, and Mariah deduces that someone could have made a latex copy of Sharon's fingerprints to make her look guilty.

At Sharon's, Michael falls asleep and Sharon sneakily goes on his computer. Sharon breaks her house arrest by showing up at the Underground, shocking everybody. Her kids are worried and warn her to return home. A security guard arrests Sharon, and she is taken to the station. Mariah, Noah, and Kevin follow around. Mariah and Noah ask if Sharon took her medication, and Sharon swears she did; and then remembers she might not off. Mariah gives her a pill and Sharon takes it. Mariah promises not to abandon Sharon.

Freedom and a new start

Sharon manages to convince Christine she's innocent by guilt tripping her about the loss of a child. Dylan arrives to support Sharon and briefly leaves the room to talk to his dad. Sharon snatches his phone and texts Avery, who is in Chicago helping Joe recover, as Dylan stating "We both need to finish what they started". Christine stated that the evidence does clear her name and that Sharon's innocent. Dylan was ecstatic for Sharon and they shared a kiss. They both claimed it meant nothing and continued being friends.

Dylan took a trip to Chicago to see Avery who stated Joe is progressing and recovering and that she rented an apartment there and will need to stay another week. Dylan spends the night at Sharon's, snuggling on the couch and they wake up not realizing it. Dylan wanted to get back to Avery and left. Sharon realized he left his wallet and walked up to the door when Avery arrived. Avery was wondering why his wallet had fallen out of his pocket if they weren't doing anything. Dylan arrived finding the two women arguing. Avery stated she was confused by his text and Dylan insisted he didn't know about the text. Sharon admit she sent it from Dylan's phone. Back at the apartment, Dylan and Avery agreed they're great together when fighting a cause but with other people inserting themselves into their lives, they should break up. Avery booked and Sharon stopped by who Dylan was angry with  for sending the text. Sharon left for her house and was heartbroken when Dylan stopped by apologizing. Dylan explained Avery stated he has feelings for Sharon and she's right. Dylan and Sharon kissed and then made love in her bed.

Sharon and Dylan begin a relationship, and she starts working with him at Crimson Lights. Later, Sharon discovers she is pregnant, and Dylan is thrilled. They invite their families over to share the news. Faith, Noah, and Paul are thrilled; while Nikki and Mariah both have reservations. Nikki, as usual, doesn't think Sharon is good enough for Dylan while Mariah doesn't trust that Dylan will remain faithful to Sharon. Sharon reads on the computer that her medication can hurt the baby, and throws her pills in the garbage. Sharon becomes unnerved when Dylan expresses a desire to join the force.

One day, Sharon saw Dylan rush off suddenly. She questioned Mariah and Summer about it, who said it was nothing to worry about. Sharon knew they were lying, and demanded to know the truth. She says if it was about the murders, she has a right to know since she was framed. Summer caves and admits that they know that Mark Harding is the one who killed Austin and Courtney. Sharon, Mariah, and Summer head to the GCPD where Kevin has hacked the camera's at the Athletic club. They see Dylan and Paul confront Harding on the roof. Sharon worries when Harding pulls a gun on Dylan and threatens to shoot him if Paul doesn't put down his gun down. As Paul goes to lower his gun, Dylan grabs Harding's arm and Paul takes a shot. Sharon lets out a scream as both Harding and Dylan to down, but Dylan is fine. Mariah,Summer, and Kevin want to go to the Athletic club, and Sharon says she will catch up.

Miscarriage and deception

Sharon finds out from the doctor that she miscarried, but is reassured that she should be able to get pregnant again. Sharon goes home, and is ready to tell Dylan about the miscarriage when Dylan says he won't join the police force and proposes marriage to Sharon. Sharon decides not to tell Dylan the truth and plots to get pregnant again, but she still grieves the lost of her baby. As Sharon is sitting on a bench, Mariah sees her, and Sharon admits she had a miscarriage. Mariah responds by giving Sharon a comforting hug.

Mariah tries to get Sharon to tell Dylan the truth, but Sharon worries that she willows Dylan if he finds out she miscarried. She is further convinced she is doing the right thing when Dylan tells her he can't go through losing another child. Sharon plots to get pregnant again as soon as she can, but Mariah is skeptical and thinks it is better to just tell Dylan the truth. Mariah warns Sharon that Noah and Dylan have been talking and they notice something off about her. Dylan later admits to Sharon he knows she isn't taking her meds. When Sharon goes to pick up Faith from Nick's, Faith fells her stomach and says that she can't feel anything.

Nick overhears Sharon on the phone, and expresses concern for her well being. He suggests she go to a facility just to be safe. Sharon asks Dylan what he thinks of the idea, and Dylan says he wants what's best for her and the baby. Sharon finds out that only Fairview is available. She calls Noah and Mariah to let them know, but she gets Mariah's voicemail. Sharon meets her therapist, Dr. Anderson, and encounters Patty Williams. Patty tries to be friendly towards Sharon, but Sharon is weary of Patty and coldly rejects her.

Patty keeps trying to talk to Sharon, and mentions Sharon's daughter, Faith Newman, which Sharon interprets as a threat. Patty swears to Sharon that she is better and just wants to be her friend. Dylan and Faith come visit Sharon, and Sharon finds out Sage had a pregnancy scar, but she is fine. Later, Dr. Anderson and Sharon discuss Nick and Sage. Dr. Anderson asks Sharon now she tells about Nick and Sage having a baby. Sharon says it's good the baby is fine, but Dr. Anderson realizes she is dodging and asks Sharon how she tells about it. Sharon tearfully says she tells it unfair that nothing good happens in her life.

Noah and Mariah come to visit, but he is too angry over the fact that his new girlfriend, Marisa Sierras has lied to him as Sharon tried to get Noah to see that maybe she had a good reason for lying. Noah leaves, and Mariah realizes Sharon was talking more about her situation then Marisa's. Mariah admits she didn't think Sharon could successfully hide the miscarriage and get pregnant again.

Patty and Sharon start to bond when Patty tells her that Dr. Anderson told her that Sharon was pregnant. Dr. Anderson starts using medication to help Sharon sleep, but the meds start to make Sharon act strange. Well Sharon is all drugged up, Dr. Anderson gets her to sign a contract that bars her from having visitors. Patty sees that Sharon isn't pregnant and they get into an argument where Sharon shoves Patty against a wall, knocking her out. Sharon eventually sees that she isn't pregnant and starts panicking. Sharon is sedated, and when she wakes up, Dr. Anderson presents her with "her" new baby.

Family with Dylan

Dr. Anderson averted all suspicion about Sharon having another baby by claiming the doctor that said Sharon miscarried was wrong. Dr. Anderson allowed Sharon's family to visit her and Marish came as soon as she found out. Sharon called Dylan to tell him their "son" has arrived, but lost the connection. Dr. Anderson went to find out more information while Mariah got Sharon to take her bipolar medication.

Sharon was grateful to Dr. Anderson for everything she did, and trusted her judgement with no questions asked, even though Nick and Sage started to have doubts about her. Dylan proposed to Sharon around Christmas, and they got married that same day with Paul officiating and Dr. Anderson as a surprise guest. Sharon and Sage also started to become close, and Sharon allowed Sage to spend as much time with Sully as she wanted.

When Sage went to Fairview, Sharon questioned her mental stability, and Nick told Sharon it was a ruse, so Sage could gather information on Dr. Anderson. Sharon called Dr. Anderson and got her riled up about Nick, and the Newmans. This caused Sharon's faith in Dr. Anderson was finally shaken when Nick showed Sharon a book on paralysis that Sage had found in Dr. Anderson's office at Fairview, and then realized Sandra Anderson was really Sandra Allen.

Nick and Sharon rushed to Fairview, and found Sandra dead on the floor with a knife in her back. Patty, who had recently been readmitted to Fairview, was found out to be the killer when the blood. Sharon was upset that someone she trusted could be so deceitful, but tried to put Sandra's sinister intentions out of her mind, and focus on Sully. Chelsea asked Sharon to come back and work at Chelsea 2.0, and Sharon gladly accepted the job.

Sharon started having nightmares that seemed to imply Sully had never existed. Sharon admitted she didn't even remember giving birth to Sully. Dylan helped Sharon go through the day Sharon got Sully, and Sharon remembered seeing a nurse looking into the room. Sharon took Sully to the hospital, and that same nurse (Angela Stephens approached her. She asks to hold Sully, which Sharon reluctantly lets her do. Dylan later questions why Angela was at Fairview when Shadon "gave birth", and Angela says she sometimes helps out their.

Sharon and Sage both felt something was off, and teamed up to get some answers. Sharon saw Angela kissing the bartender, and approached him with questions about Angela. He told Sharon she had no idea what Angela was capable of. Sharon hit some complications in her search when Dylan invited Nikki to stay with them, and Sharon had to watch Nikki while Dylan went to work.

Sage called Sharon, and they met at Crimson Lights. Sage told Sharon she had found out Angela spent sometime in Fairview. Sharon talked to the bartender again, and he told Sharon Angela was wrongly accused of killing her patients, so she spent sometime in Fairview where she was treated by a psychiatrist that she was willing to do anything for. Sage and Sharon quickly realized Angela's psychiatrist was Sandra, and wondered what Sandra asked Angela to do for her.

Sully is Christian, Sage dies

Sharon went to see Patty at the prison, who told Sharon she was never pregnant. Sharon returned home and saw how Sage bonded so easily with Sully. Sharon started crying and when Sage asked why, Sharon said she was just thinking about Christian. Sharon them suddenly stop investigating. Alone, Sharon cried that Sully was her baby, but knew Nick and Sage has a right to know he was Christian if he was. Sharon bagged a glass Sage had used, and called the hospital for a DNA test.

Sharon took Sully to Crimson lights where she saw Mariah and Sage talking. Sage left soon after, and Sharon asked Mariah what was going on. Mariah told Sharon she knows that she is keeping another secret from Dylan, and reminds her that she already lied about the miscarriage.

Sharon gets the results of the DNA test, and opens them in the park where she sees her DNA is not compatible with Sully's. Sharon starts crying, and Nick sees her. Sharon lies to Nick and rushes home. She suggests to Dylan they all go on a family holiday, and goes upstairs to pack. Sharon comes down, and sees Sage holding Sully. Sage tells Sharon she knows everything.

Sage demanded Sharon show her the DNA results because she wanted to see for herself what Sharon was hiding from her. Sharon tearfully admitted that Sully was Christian. Sage went off on Sharon, who said she was drugged up so much she thought she was pregnant. Sage told Sharon she knew she had a miscarriage, and only told Mariah. She said if Sharon hadn't hid her miscarriage and went to Fairview, Dr. Anderson couldn't steal her baby. Sharon begged for more time to be able to tell Dylan the truth, but Sage refused, and stormed out to tell Nick that Christian was his son.

Sharon took Sully, and drove after Sage. She caught up to her and flashed her lights to get Sage's attention. Sage suddenly swerved off the road and crashed. Sharon stopped to check on Sage and called the paramedics. Sage regained conscious and asked to see Christian. Sharon set Sage up against a rock, and covered her with a blanket. She brought Christian to see Sage, who assured Christian she will always be with him. Sage asked Sharon to promise her that she will tell Nick that Christian is Sully. Sharon advised Sage to save her strength, but Sage died soon after. Sharon closed Sage's eyes and stayed with her until the paramedics arrive and officially pronounced Sage dead.

Paul asked Sharon what happened and Sharon lied about following Sage, and said she just heard the crash. Sharon went home, and just sat and waited for Dylan. She wondered how she would tell Faith since she loved Sage. Dylan told Sharon they will get though this, and held Sully. Sharon was about to tell Dylan the truth, but Dylan said he doesn't know what he would do if he lost Sharon or Dylan, and Sharon chose to keep quiet.

Dylan helped Sharon tell Faith about Sage's death. Sharon takes Faith to see Nick, and brings Sully with her since she couldn't find a sitter. Nick asks Sharon what Sage's last words were, and Sharon says Sage could barely speak but she is sure Sage loved Nick. Sharon let's Faith stay with Nick, and takes Sully home. Paul comes by and questions Sharon further about the accident, and Sharon gets agitated. Dylan comes home, and Sharon leaves to check on Sully, but eavesdrops.Dylan asks Paul why he is being so hard on Sharon. Paul say he is following a timeline, and Sharon never said she was with Sage before the accident. Dylan said Sharon was in shock and very upset.

Paul leaves, and Sharon says she wishes she could have been a bigger help. Dylan says she was a big help to Sage. Chelsea comes by, and Dylan mentions Sage saved Adam's life. Sharon wonders how close Adam and Sage were. Chelsea says they were just friends, but Sharon wonder if they was something more there than friendship.

Sharon initially didn't want to go to Sage's memorial, but Dylan convinced her to. At the memorial, Sharon said she would like to hers Adam talk about Sage. Adam stood up, and explained how he and Sage has a complicated relationship. He also reassures Nick that Sage loved him no matter what. Nick gets up and starts telling the attendees and starts lashing out at them. He talks about how he has lost both Christian and Sage. Sharon stands up, and says that's not true. She tells Nick he is not alone, and seems to start telling Nick that Christian is alive, but changes her mind and tells him he has his family to help him get through his grief.

Mariah learns the truth

Sharon pushed Nick to spend more time with Sully, which only confused Mariah. Mariah moved back in after a fallout with Kevin, and Sharon seemed reluctant. Nick came over and announced Sage had a journal. Mariah noticed that Sharon panicked, and pressured Sharon until Sharon finally claim clean about Sully's true identity. Sharon tried to explain her reasoning, but Mariah was shocked and angry that Sharon would let Nick grief his dead child when she knew he was alive.

Sharon said it doesn't matter because Sage probably write the truth in her journal, and Nick knows by now. Mariah tells Sharon she has to tell Dylan the trust before he hears it from someone else. Sharon finds Dylan with "Sully" in the park, and is about to tell him when Nick storms up and demand Dylan arrest Adam for the murder of Constance Bingham.

Sharon doesn't believe Adam murdered Constance, and comforts him over his confusion. Nick wonders why Sage wouldn't have told him the truth. Mariah came home, and saw Sharon comforting Nick. She initially assumed Sharon was comforting Nick because she had told him the truth, but quickly realized she hadn't. After Nicm leaves Sharon explains that didn't get a chance to tell Dylan the truth. Sharon said she loved the family she had with Dylan, and would lie to protect it. Dylan came in, and Mariah stormed out.

Sharon became worried when Faith said Sully had cowlick. Sharon worries Nick may figure out the truth, and Mariah tries to assure her it as nothing. Sharon starts worrying that Sully may look like Nick or Sage when he grows up. Mariah asks if that means Sharon wants to tell Nick the truth. Sharon says she can't, and adds that Mariah can't say anything either. Sharon thinks Nick should spend less time with Sully, but Mariah disagrees. Mariah says that she will keep Sharon's secret, but if they start limiting Nick time with his son, then they are monsters. Sharon says she doesn't have a choice, and that she won't lose Sully.

As Sharon became more and more stressed with lying to both Dylan and Nick, Sharon had a nightmare about Sage, demanding to know why she hadn't told Nick that Sully was really Christian. "Sage" accused Sharon of not telling the truth because she was a selfish liar. This convinced Sharon that she couldn't go on living this lie, and had to come clean, even though Mariah reminded her of the consequences she could suffer as a result. Mariah advised Sharon to talk to a shrink, but Sharon said Mariah is the only one she can talk to. Mariah says she is her kid, and not her shrink.

Dylan comes in, and asks what they were talking about. Mariah said they were taking about Sage, and how Sharon is covering both jobs at Chelsea 2.0. Mariah said she was thinking of helping Sharon, and Sharon added she can't talk to anyone, but Mariah because she didn't want to seem insensitive when everyone was mourning Sage. Dylan told them there would never be a right time to talk to Chelsea, and says they have done nothing wrong. After Dylan left, Sharon and Mariah glanced at each other, knowing that wasn't true.

Sharon had another nightmare about Sage, and Mariah told her she has to talk to a psychiatrist. Sharon said she can't because the psychiatrist would be compelled to tell the police, and she would lose her family. Nick came by, and strayed communicating with Sully. Sharon flashed back to Sage wondering how she couldn't tell Sully Was Christian. Mariah took Sully upstairs for her nap. Nick could tell something was wrong with Sharon, and tried to get he to confide in her. Mariah came down and told Sharon Sully wanted his "mommy." As Nick went to question Mariah, she said she had somewhere to be, and had to get ready, so Nick left. Sharon thanked Mariah for covering for her, but Mariah informed her that Nick will figure it out if she doesn't get her emotions under control.

Mariah told Sharon to get out of the house and do something. As she escorted Sharon out, Kevin showed up. Sharon left Mariah and Kevin and went to Crimson Lights where she ran into Nick and Dylan. Sharon was shocked to learn that Dylan had told Nick about her nightmares about Sage, and that she was said she was thinking of having Mariah help her at Chelsea 2.0. Nick said he understood that someone would have to fill Sage's place, and figured Mariah was the best replacement. Sharon and Dylan returned home just as Mariah said to Kevin she will tell him everything.

Kevin invites Mariah to continue their conversation over a cup of coffee, but Sharon says they have family plans. Kevin leaves, and Sharon confronts Mariah over almost telling Kevin. Mariah explains she is scared that keeping secrets is messing with Sharon's head, even though she knows she is taking her medication. Sharon quips that maybe she should go off of them since they don't seem to be helping her. Mariah can't believe Sharon would suggest that, and says that . Mariah says the secret is eating her up, and she needs to confide in someone she can trust. Sharon snaps that maybe she shouldn't have trusted Mariah with her secret, and Mariah reiterates her concerns. Sharon tells her to stop saying that, and Mariah tells Sharon to stop saying heinous things to her. Sharon says she is protecting her family, and Mariah says she is as well. Mariah assured Sharon she can trust Kevin, but Sharon says the truth needs to stay between the two of them.

After Mariah left, Sharon covered by telling Dylan she was worried where Mariah stood with Kevin, and had dreams about her getting her heartbroken. Dylan says everything will be fine once Kevin and Mariah talked, but Sharon continued to worry. Having the house to themselves, Sharon and Dylan made love, and Sharon had another nightmare about Sage taking Christian back to Nick. Sharon awoke, and threw her bipolar medication in the garbage. Sharon had a meeting with Chelsea the next day where she talked about bringing Mariah on to help her. Chelsea agreed, but Sharon imagined Sage approaching her. Sharon closed her eyes, and reopened them to see that it was a woman, wearing the same clothes Sage wore the night she died.

Sharon went off her meds, hoping to that the delusions of Sage would go away, but they only got worse. Mariah eventually realized Sharon was having delusions of Sage as well, and Sharon confessed she went off her meds. Mariah told her she needs to go back on them, and also told Sharon these delusions are caused by a guilty conscious. "Sage" continue to taunt Sharon about being a horrible mother and getting locked up in Fairview. Desperate, Sharon grabbed a bookend and went to hit "Sage", but hit Mariah instead. As Sharon tried desperately to revive Mariah, "Sage" asked Sharon how many more people is she going to hurt.

Kevin came in, and saw Mariah on the floor. Sharon sobbed that she didn't mean to hurt Mariah, she was just trying to get rid of "her". Kevin asked who "her" was, and Mariah came to. Kevin and Mariah asked Sharon to come to the hospital with them to check out Mariah's injury. Once hey got to the hospital, Sharon realized she was trick. After she got release, Kevin told Sharon if she didn't get back on her meds he will tell Dylan what happened, and Sharon agrees.

Leading a somewhat stable life

Once back in her meds, Sharon becomes happy and more determined to become independent. She tells Mariah to go out and live her own life. Mariah decided to move back in with Kevin. Sharon tells Mariah to leave if she is doing it for herself, but asked her to stay if she is doing it for Sharon because she needs her daughter. Mariah hugs Sharon and decides to stay.

Dylan wants to go camping with the whole family, and Sharon reluctantly agrees. Mariah is hesitant to go, but Sharon convinces her that it'll be a great bonding experience. Sharon immediately regrets it as she ends up running into a bush full of poison ivy. She and Mariah eventually make the best of their situation when they see how much the experience means to Dylan.

Sharon becomes concerned when Dylan goes after Victor, intending to prove he had a hand in setting Adam up for Constance's murder. Sharon told Dylan she was worried about what Victor could do to them, but Dylan assures her he won't let Victor do anything wrong. Dylan only became more determined to get the truth when Adam was presumed dead when the cabin he was hiding out exploded.

Around the sametime, Sharon was getting mysterious phone calls that were from Patty. Sharon went to visit Patty, and Patty told her she knows that she wasn't pregnant at Fairview. She quickly realizes Sharon knee the truth, and starts threatening to tell Paul and Dylan. Sharon asks Patty what she wants, and Patty says if Sharon gets her or of prison, she'll keep her secret.

Dylan had to go out of town to testify at a court case, and Nick decided to stay with Sharon until he got back. During a blackout, Sharon feared Patty had escaped due to the fact that she was missing from the Stonehaven. Nick went out to check and was attacked by Kevin, who didn't recognize him. Patty was located in the kitchen at Stonehaven, and Mariah did her best to calm Sharon down and assure her everything would be alright. Sharon began to get worried about Nick spending time with Sully, and convinced him to leave just as Dylan made a surprise return home.

Dylan interrogated Sharon and Mariah about why they suspected Patty as the one behind the mysterious phone calls, why Patty had painted a picture of Sharon pregnant, and why they didn't tell him. Sharon cried that she wasn't hiding anything from Dylan as the phone rang and Sharon was shocked to find it was Patty calling her. Dylan wanted to talk to the caller, but Sharon wouldn't let him, and hung up abruptly. Dylan wondered why Sharon wouldn't let him talk to whoever was on the other end.

Nick learns "Sully" is Christian, and the fallout

Sharon enjoyed a lovely Halloween with her family before it all came crashing down around her. Nick phoned Patty and told him that Christian was Sully, and Sharon had no choice, but to admit that Patty was telling the truth. Sharon swore she didn't know at first, and told Nick how Dr. Anderson has made her believe he was pregnant when she wasn't, and that she genuinely believes Christian was her son. Nick demands to know when Sharon found out the truth, and Sharon admits it as just before Sage died. She started having nightmares and had a DNA test done that confirmed Sage was "Sully's" biological mother. She explains how Sage had found out, and was on her way to tell Nick when she crashed her car and died.

Nick was furious with Sharon, and went upstairs to get Christian, saying hoe he doesn't want him and Faith living in Sharon's house anymore. Sharon begged Nick for a chance to tell Dylan herself, and asked for one night to tell him, and then they could all talk about it the next day. Nick reluctantly honoured Sharon's wishes, and Sharon confessed to Dylan that "Sully" wasn't his son.

Sharon explained everything that happened while she was in Fairview, and why she thought Christian was their son. Dylan told Sharon she was pregnant before she went into Fairview, and Sharon admitted she had a miscarriage. Dylan raged at Sharon for her deception just as Mariah came in. Sharon told Mariah that she needs to leave, and Mariah noted that Sharon had told Dylan the truth. Dylan picked up on that, and realized Mariah knew. Mariah stood up for Sharon, and Sharon begged Dylan not to go after Mariah. She asked Mariah to leave again, and Mariah reluctantly did. Dylan went upstairs to say goodbye to Christian. Sharon told Dylan that they are the only parents that "Sully" has ever known, and suggests they could still be a family, but Dylan asks her to leave him alone.

Nick storms in and demands they give him Christian now. Sharon asks him to just let Dylan have time to say goodbye, but Nick goes to run upstairs and take Christian when Dylan stands in the entrance to upstairs. Dylan refused to let Nick take Christian while he was fired up and angry. Sharon tried to get Nick to calm down, and Nick threatened to press charges, so Dylan gave him Christian, leaving him and Sharon heartbroken. When Sharon tells Faith the truth about Christian, Faith asks Sharon if she was sick, and Sharon admits she was I. Her right mind when he chose to keep the truth about Christian to herself.

Mariah warns Sharon that Hilary Hamilton was snooping around and looking for information on Dr. Anderson. Sharon realized it was only a matter of time before the truth came out, and braced for the inevitable. Dylan recommended Sharon check herself into a mental institution to avoid prison, but she refused. Sharon went to visit Nick to bring something for Christian. Nick was angry that Sharon still referred to Christian as Sully, and acting like she had a claim to him.

Put off by Nick's treatment towards her, Sharon decided to get on camera and tell her side of the story to GG Buzz, even though Mariah advised against it. As a result of confessing to keeping a another woman's child, even after she knew that child wasn't hers, Sharon was arrested and brought in for questioning. Christine was adamant about pressing charges against Sharon for kidnapping, but Nick showed up and refused to led charges, even declaring he would testify on Sharon's behalf if forcibly subpoenaed. Realizing she didn't have enough for a case, Christine dropped the charges, and Sharon attended Christian's and Katie Newman's joint birthday party.

On Thanksgiving, Sharon revealed that she planned to sue Nick for visitation rights to Christian. Though Dylan was initially against it, he later changed his mind. Nick petitioned to file a restraining order. Chloe called Sharon when Chelsea wasn't around, and let Sharon spend time with Christian before the trial. Sharon did not divulge this, and the judge granted a six month restraining order to Nick. Sharon and Dylan lost the case when Hilary edited an interview that Mariah had convinced Dylan to give, and it made them both look bad.

Dylan takes a case to go out of town and take down a drug lord. Sharon worries about Dylan while he is gone, and even ends up calling him in the middle of his mission, and then worries her actions for Dylan killed. Dylan returns, but has to go into witness protection indefinitely. Sharon wants to go home with him, but Dylan helps her see she has to stay for her children.

Moving on without Dylan

After Dylan leaves, Paul wants the official story to be he left Sharon after learning the truth. This could make Sharon a social pariah, and both her and Nikki wanted to find another way. Ultimately, Sharon agreed to do what Paul asked her to. Sharon's sacrifice caused Victor and Nikki to see her in a different light, and they started showing kindness to her. When Faith blamed Sharon for Dylan leaving, Victor and Nikki helped Faith forgive Sharon.

Sharon begins her life alone and runs Crimson Lights that Dylan left to her. She also returns to college part time, and starts dating Scotty Grainger. Sharon and Nick also became friends again, and Sharon helped Faith learn to accept Nick's relationship with Chelsea. When Nick told Sharon that he suspects Chloe killed Adam, Sharon helps him trap Chloe by getting her drunk at her bachelorette party, and guiding her to Nick's office where he interrogated her.

Sharon eventually ends up helping a young woman named Crystal, who is part of a sex trafficking ring. Things get more complicated when Crystal turns out to the the sister of Tessa Porter, Noah's new girlfriend, who also became friends with Mariah. To Sharon's dismay, they learn that Alice Johnson, Cassie's adoptive mother, is also involved. Sharon reluctantly takes part in a scheme to have Mariah gaslight Alice as the ghost of Cassie and arrange Crystal's safe return. When Mariah confesses to Sharon that she has developed feelings for Tessa, Sharon supports Mariah and tells her to follow her heart.

Sharon's relationship with Scotty falls apart after he starts sleeping with Abby, and Scotty ends up leaving town after trying and failing to make amends with Sharon.

Cover up & Rey Rosales

Sharon hosts a girls night in attempt to cheer Victoria up only to find out that she had been abused by JT Hellstrom. JT breaks into the house and attacks Victoria, forcing Nikki to whack him in the back off the head, killing him. Sharon, Victoria, Nikki, and Phyllis then wrap JT up in the rug and bury his body late at night in Chancellor Park, vowing to never tell anyone the truth. The guilt eats away at Sharon and the other women's are worried she will crack under pressure.

Sharon then befriends detective Rey Rosales and even puts him up in a room above Crimson Lights. The women soon learn Rey is a detective that came to town to investigate JT's disappearance. Sharon and Rey get closer and start developing feelings for one another, but then Rey's estranged wife Mia Rosales shows up, and Rey eventually decides to try and give her a second chance.

The women start being blackmailed by a mysterious person that turns out to be Tessa. Mariah finds the duffle bag of cash that Tessa got, and forced Tessa to tell her where she got it from. Tessa tells Mariah the whole story about the night JT died, and the women are forced to tell Mariah the truth.

Mariah agrees to help them neutralize Tessa as a threat, but then Nikki and Victoria rope Sharon into kidnapping and threatening Tessa until she is a sobbing mess. They then leave her at the side of the road, much right Sharon's dismay.

Mariah finds out what happens and lashed out at Sharon for doing that to Tessa. Mariah gives Tessa a second chance while telling Sharon that she loves her and doesn't want to choose between her and Tessa. Sharon eventually relents because she doesn't want to lose her relationship with Mariah.

Ultimately, Rey can't deny his feelings for Sharon, and after Mia cheats on Rey with Arturo and becomes pregnant with his child, they permanently break up. Rey and Sharon start a relationship, but then Nikki confesses to JT's murder when Victor is accused. Nikki protects her daughter and cohorts, but Sharon starts to fear the truth will come out, and confides the truth in Rey.

Rey arrests Sharon, Victoria, and Phyllis. He offers Sharon a deal if she turns on Victoria and Phyllis. Sharon refused, but Phyllis toon the deal and got full immunity. Sharon was locked up with Victoria and Niki where they blame her for confiding in Rey. Sharon is represented by Brittany Hodges while Victoria and Nikki are represented by Michael. Brittany encourages Sharon to betray Victoria and Nikk, by Sharon refuses. Ultimately, Sharon is sentenced to only three years in prison while Victoria gets ten and Nikk gets twenty-five.

Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon are rescued by Nick and Rey on the way to prison, as it turns out, Nick has reason to believe JT is alive and convinced Rey. The women hole up at the Abbott cabin where JT corners them and ties them up. He ends up shooting the gas line, putting all of their lives at risk, but Nick and Rey save the four of them.

JT is apprehend and the women have the charges dropped against them. Paul fires Sharon from her job at the police station, but Rey convinces Paul to give Sharon her job back. Sharon refuses her old job and puts all of her focus into managing Crimson Lights, and her relationships with Rey and her children.

Adam's Return

Rey is hired by Nikki to found out what Victor is doing. Sharon goes with him to Vegas where Victor reveals that Adam is alive and that he found him. Victor days Adam has amnesia and asks Sharon to help him bring Adam home. Sharon talks with Adam and managed to convince him to try and come home for a week at least. After Adam was shot and regained his memories, he wanted his family back. He got Chelsea's number from Victoria, and had Sharon call when. Sharon called Chelsea and told her about Adam being alive, but then Sharon had to tell Adam that Chelsea had remarried and her new husband was going to adopt Connor as his own. Adam then pushed to visit Christian, which Sharon understood. Adam manipulated Sharon by texting her while goading Nick to the point where Nick would punch him. Sharon arrived to see Nick standing over Adam with his fist raised.

Sharon took Adam home and they slept together. Rey went to see Adam and saw him with Sharon. He realized what happens and broke up with Sharon. Sharon then rejected Adam, saying she refused to get pulled into his war with Nick anymore. Sharon kept her distance from Adam, and Rey eventually forgave Sharon, realizing that she had made an honest mistake. After Adam left town, Sharon was brought in to talk to Connor by Chelsea and Nick. They made a good connection, and when Adam returned, he asked Sharon if she could continue to visit Connor, promising he had no ulterior motives. To Sharon's surprise, Rey encouraged her to do it. So, Sharon started talking to Connor, but Connor eventually started lying about Sharon. Adam knew that Connor was lying, and got him to admit the truth and apologize to Sharon.

Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Sharon discovered a lump on her breast and had it investigated. She was heartbroken to discover it was breast cancer. Rey was the only one confided in, but Faith had been home for Christmas and found a form a related to Sharon's potential diagnosis. She told Nick, who confronted Sharon about it. Sharon told Nick and Faith the truth, and assured Faith she wasn't mad at her for snooping in. Sharon then called Mariah, who was heartbroken to hear the news. Sharon assured her daughters that she will fight and beat this since they caught it early.


Sharon debuted as Nick's high school sweetheart who was generally a moral person. Sharon was amazed by the Newman lifestyle but was perceived as a gold-digger right off the bat by Nikki. The death of her daughter, Cassie and her husband, Nick's, affair with Phyllis altered her personality greatly. Sharon had an affair with her brother-in-law, Brad Carlton, after Nick had an affair with Phyllis. Sharon also gets involved with Jack and Billy Abbott. In 2012, Sharon married Adam in spite of Nick and then Victor in spite of Adam.

Sharon is described as "selfish" and "self-centered" by her many rivals including: Nikki Newman, Phyllis Abbott, and Victoria Newman. Sharon has been diagnosed with mental health issues including kleptomania and bipolar disorder dating back to Cassie's death. However Sharon sometimes uses her mental health issues as an excuse to be forgiven. Sharon always entangles herself in a web of lies in fear of hurting people or sometimes for selfish reasons. Sharon switched Summer's paternity test to make people believe she is really Jack's daughter just to keep Nick away from Phyllis. However, Sharon does care about her family and is a caring mother to her kids.

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