The Silver Star Motel was a a hotel designed for motorists in Genoa City.


In 2010, Deacon Sharpe befriended Nikki Newman when she came into Gloworm and ordered a drink. He took out a bottle and said he'd have one with her. Later, they saw each other at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and Deacon offered Nikki empathy. They ended up in his motel room at the Silver Star Motel drinking together. It turned out that Deacon was in a scheme with Meggie McClean to split up Nikki and Victor Newman so they could get their hands on Victor's money. Deacon later got "drunk" with Nikki in his room at the Silver Star Motel. (Deacon's drinks were only water.)

On the day Nikki and Victor were to elope, Nikki went to Deacon's to drink. He drugged her cocktail and put her in bed with him. Meggie called Victor over to the motel so he could find Deacon and Nikki in bed together. Victor arrived and kicked in the door. He saw Deacon and Nikki naked in bed. Nikki blearily said she didn't know how it happened. Victor replied that she had been drinking and took her out of there. Meggie winked at Deacon as she followed them.

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