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Solidarity House was a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility in Genoa City.


In 2010, Meggie McClean called Victor Newman over to the Silver Star Motel so he could find Deacon Sharpe and Nikki Newman in bed together. Victor then realized how bad Nikki's alcoholic relapse was and admitted her to the Solidarity House rehab center. Nikki checked into rehab at the Solidarity House that day. Later that day, Nikki met with Dr. Carey, head of Solidarity House. Meggie called and asked if she could help and Victor told her that they were at Solidarity House.

Victor entered the room with the clothes that Meggie dropped off and sees Nikki in distress. Victor took her in his arms and comforted her. At Meggie's urging, Deacon checked himself in the same rehab center the next day. Meggie showed up at Solidarity House with a care package for Nikki. Before leaving, Meggie slid a smaller bag under a sofa outside Nikki’s room and then left. After playing a card game with Deacon for a prize, Nikki asked what she had won. Moved by her speech about sobriety and family, Deacon turned the bag of booze that Meggie had left under the soft over to a Solidarity House staffer who was impressed by his dedication to beating his addiction.

Billy Abbott went to see Nikki and told her about Victor's schemes to keep her daughter, Victoria Newman, from visiting her. Nikki told her son-in-law that she was going to talk to the Solidarity House administrator — she would decide who gets to visit her. Billy called Victoria and told her that he was at Solidarity House and her father lied — Nikki did want to see her after all. “That bastard..” Victoria sneered. Nikki called Victor to Solidarity House where she proceeded to rip him a new one.

Victor returned to the ranch where he brought Meggie up to speed on what went down at Solidarity House. He did not like what Nikki said to him, he told her. After Nikki found out that Victor had married Meggie, Deacon and Nikki started making out. Soon after, he told Nikki that there were rules against patients hooking up. Nikki said if Victor could do whatever he wanted, so could she. Then they got onto the bed. When Victor Newman walked in on Nikki and Deacon Sharpe in bed together at Solidarity House, he became very upset.

Suddenly a staff person from Solidarity House appeared and upon finding Deacon in Nikki's room threatened to expel both of them from the sober program. Deacon plead with the staffer to not expel Nikki and said that he would leave.


Current Staff and Roles