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Stuart Brooks
Robert Colbert as Stuart Brooks
The Young and the Restless
Portrayed by Robert Colbert
Current status Former, Contract
Duration 1973-1983
First appearance March 26, 1973
Last appearance 1983
Cause/reason Death
Introduced by William J. Bell
Family The Brooks Family
Gender Male
Died 1984
Occupation Owner and Publisher of Genoa City Chronicle
Residence Genoa City, Wisconsin
Spouses Jennifer Brooks (1947-1977)
Jill Foster (1978)
Liz Foster (1980-1984)
Romances Dina Mergeron
Children Leslie Brooks (with Jennifer)
Peggy Brooks (with Jennifer)
Chris Brooks Foster (with Jennifer)
Lorie Brooks (legal with Jennifer)
Eric Vanderway (with Dina, deceased)
Grandchildren Jennifer Foster
Brooks Prentiss
Theo Vanderway

Stuart Brooks was portrayed by Robert Colbert.


Stuart Brooks went to high school with Katherine Chancellor, Suzanne Lynch, John Abbott, Dina Mergeron, Gary Reynolds, Joanna Manning and Neil Fenmore. Most of these early friendships lasted through the years.

Stuart was the husband of Jennifer Brooks. Together they had four daughters: Leslie , Lorie, Chris and Peggy. The Brooks family was one of the original families of Genoa City. Leslie was a pianist and the quietest of the four girls, Lorie was an author and the most outgoing of the group. Chris was a reporter and worked with her father in the paper. And Peggy was the youngest and a college student.

The Brooks family was all tangled up with the Fosters who were poor.

In 1973, Stuart was a wealthy upper class newspaper publisher. Stuart discouraged a young medical student named Snapper Foster from seeing his daughter, Chris. In a restaurant in Genoa City, Stuart paid for Brad Elliot’s meal and offered him a job.

Jennifer and Stuart were divorced and then later reconciled. Lorie learned she was the daughter of Bruce Henderson and not Stuart. Jennifer died of a heart condition and Stuart found himself getting closer to Liz Foster. Liz found herself attracted to Stuart but felt like she wasn't in his class. Jill Foster capitalized on her mother's reluctance and seduced the older man. Convincing him that she was pregnant with his child, they wed. He later found out she lied but Jill refused to divorce him. Jill eventually divorced Stuart and got ready to marry Derek Thurston when Katherine showed up at the wedding. Stuart and Liz were married. She struggled with being the wife of an accomplished publisher, but had found a love that would last until his death.

In 2019, it would be revealed that Stuart and Dina slept together on Prom Night, resulting in the birth of a baby boy that was adopted by Ralph and Margaret Vanderway and given the name Eric Vanderway.