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Tara Locke
Tara Locke
Elizabeth Leiner as Tara Locke
The Young and the Restless
First appearance March 1, 2021
Last appearance Aug 6, 2021
Cause/reason Arrested and sent back to New York to stand trial for embezzlement
Gender Female
Occupation Shoe Designer
Residence New York
Parents Banker dad †
Event planner mom †
Siblings Shane (Estranged brother in Virginia)
Spouses Ashland Locke (divorced 2021)
Romances Kyle Abbott (affair)
Children Harrison Abbott (with Kyle)

Tara Locke is the ex-wife of Ashland Locke and the mother of Harrison Abbott. She had an affair with Kyle Abbott, who is Harrison's biological father. She was portrayed by Elizabeth Leiner from March 1, 2021 to August 6, 2021.


Tara was said to be portrayed by Rebekah Graf and would first appear on February 23rd on a recurring basis. Soon after, it was rumored that she was recast. On February 16, it was announced that Elizabeth Leiner would be playing Tara Locke, and that she would first appear on March 1st. On March 24, it was announced that Leiner was upgraded to contract status.


Tara was born to a banker (her father), and an event planner (her mother). She has a younger brother that she eventually became estranged from, and their parents apparently died at some point, though not until Tara and Shane were adults. Tara worked at an antique store where she would meet and eventually marry the older Ashland Locke. Tara became a shoe designer, whose brand was particularly popular in Paris.

By late 2010s, Tara and Ashland were (seemingly) no longer having sex because he was also busy and inattentive, and she didn't just care about his money. When Kyle Abbott was in New York, he and Tara started having an affair that ended when he left New York.

Tara became pregnant as a result, and managed to somehow pass the baby off as Ashland's. Tara conducted a DNA test in secret and found out that her child was Kyle's, but allowed Ashland to think he was the father. They named the baby Harrison.


Protecting her secret[]

Tara was first mentioned by Theo Vanderway during a meeting between him and Sally Spectra at the Crimson Lights on February 8. During the visit at Jabot Cosmetics, Theo and Sally informed Kyle at the Boardroom, they know about his relationship with Tara and that he might be the father of her young son Harrison. Concerned, Kyle phoned Tara and asked her to call him back. She later contacted Kyle by texting him to informed him not contact her again.

On March 1, 2021, Kyle was on his way board a plane to New York to confront Tara, when he was reunited with Tara at the Grand Phoenix. Tara pleaded with him to drop the search for the truth about Harrison. He tells her that he knows during the time they were together, she didn't sleep with Ashland and while looking at the photos of Harrison, he noticed the similarities, because Harrison looks just like him. Kyle says he is getting a DNA test one way or the other, but Tara admitted that she had a DNA test done on Harrison and Kyle is the father. Before she left, she tells him that Harrison is happy and not to come looking for them.

On March 3, Tara calls Kyle to inform him that she and Ashland are coming to Genoa City on business, and that he better not say anything about being Harrison's father.

On March 11, Ashland and Tara at the Grand Phoenix, at first Ashland mistakes Kyle for someone who works at the hotel and offer him cash to get the bags from the car, but Summer suggest she can get Ashland some real help since her mom owns the place. Tara will try to get Ashland upstairs, Ashland recognize Kyle as John Abbott’s grandson. Ashland tells Kyle that he’s seen Kyle’s photo before and never forgets a face. Then Kyle and Tara pretend they’re meeting for the first time.

After Kyle walks into Crimson Lights and sees Sally with Tara as they were discussing Tara's Shoe Designing and Sally's decision to return to Fashion Designing. Kyle fed up with Sally’s games, but Sally argue that they’ve been talking about design, not cheating and Sally mentioned that Tara’s pretending she doesn’t even know who Kyle is. Sally is working a connection, but she could tell both Tara and Ashland about what she knows. But, Sally won’t do that on one condition: Kyle has to back off. Kyle confronts Tara, Tara is upset over their run-in earlier, but Kyle insisted that was a chance encounter. Tara warns that if there are any more “accidental” run-ins, she doesn’t want to hear Harrison’s name. From where Tara was standing, she could see something in Kyle’s eyes, when Ashland talked about Harrison. Tara tells Kyle to forget about Harrison, Kyle asked Tara about the ruthless reputation of Ashland’s.

After Kyle admits that Ashland seemed nice, Tara insists that’s only until you cross him. Tara argue that Ashland will crush her along with Kyle, if he finds out what really happened between them. Kyle thinks that means they’re kind of in this together, but Tara disagrees. Tara insists that she won’t put the life she has with her child at risk and warn Kyle to stay far away.

Tara and Ashland decide to head to Society, where they meet Jack Abbott and Abby Newman. Tara goes to freshen up as Kyle and Summer Newman arrive. Summer confronts Tara about what her real agenda is, and Tara promises her she is not a threat to her. Tara informs Summer she may need to keep an eye on a certain red head, who seems to be looking for information. Tara assures Summer she can handle her affairs, and suggests Summer handle hers. As Ashland and Tara go to leave, Tara tells Kyle it was nice to see him, and they exchange an uncomfortable looks that Ashland notices.

After arriving in New York with Ashland, Tara calls Kyle about her suspicious worry that Ashland knows about her and Kyle's relationship, because he doesn't say a word, which means something is troubling him. Kyle reassures her that Ashland doesn't know of their past relationship, because Tara's hypersensitive on the subject.

Attempting damage control[]

On April 16, Tara phone Kyle and said she had just had a bad fight with Ashland where he was furious to the point of screaming at her. Kyle asked if it had to do with him, but Tara abruptly let Kyle go saying that she has to get to Harrison, before she could said anything more.

On April 21, Kyle sees Tara at the Grand Phoenix. She says she has come to talk to Ashland, and Kyle questions her more about what went on between her and Ashland. Kyle asks her to come to his room, and Tara is reluctant because if how Ashland would react if she finds out. Kyle says he won't and she agrees.

Once in the room, Tara says that Ashland said he knew what she did, and when she asked, he said she knew. He then started yelling at her before calmly letting her go. Tara says this is what Ashland does, and Kyle asks why she stays married to him. Tara snaps that her marriage is none of his business.

Summer arrives and sees the two of them together. They bring her up to speed before Tara leaves, saying she can handle her husband. Tara is in the lobby when Kyle comes back down. They briefly lock eyes before Kyle heads out. Concerned, Tara follows him knowingly that Kyle is about to confess to his affair with Tara. Kyle arrives at Society and interrupts a conversation between Jack and Ashland. Kyle says they need to get some things straight as Tara stands behind him looking worried.

At Society, Jack, Ashland, Tara and Kyle had come together. It becomes tense when Kyle says they need to talk. Tara pulls Ashland aside. Ashland had Tara's calls forwarded to call answer. He knew she’d be in touch with Kyle. Meanwhile, Kyle wants to confess to Ashland. Jack calls it a bad idea. The men have a stare-off. Tara asks Ashland to go back to New York. He accuses her of protecting Kyle. Then, Ashland takes off. He’s late for a meeting. Tara goes after him and Jack thinks he’s lucky that he didn’t confess, because Tara stopped him.

On April 23, after learning about the investors backing out of Jabot, Jack, Kyle and Summer learns Ashland has initiated his attack on Jabot by going after their weak spots. After Summer left Jabot to head to the Grand Phenix to try to convince Tara to stop Ashland's attack on Jabot, Tara has mentioned that she has everything to lose: her marriage and her son.

Then, Tara gets a phone call from Nikki Newman that Ashland is on his way to the Hospital after suffering a heart attack at the Newman Ranch, after ending the call, she left Summer and headed to the Hospital to be with Ashland. After, learning about Ashland's heart attack, Jack, Kyle and Summer worried about the possibility of Harrison losing his father at a early age.

Then Kyle was at the lobby, when he stops Tara, who was about to leave the Grand Phoenix with Ashland's things as she was head back to the Hospital. Kyle asked Tara how she was doing, she tells him that she's processing, then it turns to the conservation about Harrison and Ashland. Tara said she knows Kyle hates Ashland, Kyle mentioned he hopes for Harrison's sake, Ashland will be okay, but he doesn't feel pity for him.

Tara runs into Billy Abbott, who informs her that Victor Newman coerced Ashland into signing his company over to him by saying he wouldn't get him help for his heart attack. Tara snaps that her sole focus is on her husband.

Tara calls Kyle and asks him to meet with her the next morning. Tara tells Kyle that Ashland's heart attack changed him and he has ceased the attacks on Jabot. Kyle doubts it, but Tara says that Kyle can trust her and that Ashland is anxious to get home to Harrison. Tara later runs into Nikki at Crimson Lights and tells her what Billy told her, asking if it what he said was true, but Nikki denies it.

On April 28, Harrison called his mother at the Grand Phoenix to ask her when she and Ashland are coming home, unaware that Kyle is listening to the phone conservation. After the phone call ended, Kyle wants to know something about Harrison that he can hold onto. Tara will admit Harrison’s favorite song is Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and that he botches the lyrics by singing “bup, bup, bup the world so high.”, Kyle thinks that pretty cute and thank Tara for giving him that info.

On April 30, Tara meets with Kyle in his Hotel room, while Summer was in the shower, Tara didn't like the way their conservation ended at the Lobby. Tara sends a photo of Harrison on his phone as a goodbye present, Kyle knows that Harrison is cute by looking at his photo, later after Tara left, Kyle and Summer looked at Harrison's photo, which Summer replies "he's adorable", while Summer is ordering some food, Kyle is staring at a photo of his son.

Hiding from Ashland[]

On May 14, as Kyle and Summer prepare their toast at their engagement party at Society, Summer stop drinking and gasps, "oh no", as Tara walks in holding Harrison’s hand. Tara apologized for interrupting the engagement party, but asked to speak to Kyle. Kyle met Tara at the Grand Phoenix where she revealed that Ashland had manipulated her into telling him the truth about her affair with Kyle. After she told him the truth, he threw her out and threatened to take Harrison from her.

Tara asked Kyle to hide her until she can figure something out. She advised Kyle to claim paternity and fight for Harrison. Kyle was annoyed since Tara didn't want him to originally, but Tara snarked that the situation has changed. Kyle said he would have to talk to Summer first, and Tara said that while she understood that, time was not on their side. She told Kyle she would text him her new number, so he would be able to contact her when he made his decision.

Kyle made his decision and texted Tara to come back to the room where he promised to protect her and Harrison and said he would claim paternity. Tara profusely apologized to Summer for how things had turned out. The next day, Tara went out while wearing a hoodie and cap. She let Kyle spend some time with Harrison and told him the nanny was available for anything.

As Tara went to leave the hotel, she ran into Ashland and they got into a huge argument about Harrison and the fact that she was keeping Harrison away from him. Summer's mother and the hotel owner Phyllis Summers overheard the argument and told Ashland to leave. Tara thanked Phyllis, but Phyllis said she only did it for Summer's sake, and Tara agreed that mothers would do anything to protect their children.

After Kyle told his father Jack Abbott about Harrison, Jack agreed to let Tara and Harrison move into the Abbott mansion. Tara thanked Jack for his charity, and Kyle had a DNA test done that would allow him to claim custody of Harrison legally.

Dealing with Ashland[]

With Sally's help, it didn't take Ashland long to find out where Tara and Harrison were and he immediately went to confront her. Tara allowed Ashland to see Harrison, and then Ashland started making threats to Tara. However, Kyle revealed that he had a DNA test done on Harrison to prove he was Harrison's father.

Ashland was stunned and read the results. Tara apologized to Ashland, but Ashland left with barely a word. Tara was glad that Kyle was willing to be apart of Harrison's life, and they told Harrison that Kyle was his father, but also told him that Ashland will always be his father as well, and now he as two. Jack then told Harrison that he was his grandfather.

Kyle and Harrison continued to bond, which Tara was really happy to see. She was also happy that Harrison had a grandpa now since he didn't before. Ashland made a request to meet with Tara alone where they talked about how their marriage had failed. Tara told Ashland that he was never around, and all the nice things be bought for her didn't change the fact that she needed him.

Ashland told Tara that he would share custody of Harrison with Tara if Kyle wasn't apart of their lives. Tara told Kyle about Ashland's proposal, and openly worried that he could and would take Harrison away from her. Tara told Kyle a story about how Harrison had gotten hurt on her watch, and how Ashland had blamed her for it. She also told Kyle that she was in severe debt, and Kyle offered to get her a job at one of Jabot's subsidiaries: Fenmore's Boutiques or JCV.

Kyle said he'd like to read Harrison a bedtime story, and Tara said she'd like that. Later, Jack and Tara bonded. Tara told Jack that she is glad Harrison has a grandpa now, and Jack asks her if she has any family left. Tara says she has a brother that lives in Virginia, but they are estranged. Jack assures her the Abbotts will take care of her and Harrison.

Tara runs into Mariah Copeland, who warns her that Kyle loves Summer. Tara says she just wants what's best for her son, and wishes Kyle and Summer all the happiness. Tara learns that Kyle introduced Harrison to Summer, and thinks it went well. Tara says she is glad, but shakes her head when Kyle walks away. Sally approaches Tara in the park and says she knows that Tara wants Kyle and she has a plan to get rid of Summer, but she needs Tara's help.

Tara asks Sally why she thinks she won't tell Kyle and Summer what she is up to, and Sally says she can sense a kindred spirit. Tara seems to consider Sally's offer, but says she has no time for games. Sally says she knows where to find her if she changes her mind.

Ashland visits the Abbott house, and learns Tara filled Kyle in. They also tell him that they told Harrison that Kyle is his dad, but Ashland will always be his father. Ashland doesn't want Harrison to resent him for taking Harrison away, so he resends his ultimatum and offers Tara shared custody with no strings attached, so Kyle can be apart of Harrison's life. Kyle and Tara are grateful, but suspicious.

Alliance with Sally[]

Sally tells Tara that she has a job with Marchetti's all lined up for Summer to take and all she needs is for Tara to give an extra push towards her. Tara does just that and tells Summer about the job offer. She then tells Summer that she will take the job offer or she'll disappear with Harrison and Kyle'll never see him again. Summer is horrified by Tara's true colours, and threatens to tell Kyle and Jack, but Tara is unfazed.

Summer goes to see Kyle in the park and then sees him with Harrison. Tara shows up as well and Summer stays out of sight. Summer tells Tara there's no way Kyle will let her go to Italy with out him. Tara realizes she hasn't made herself clear, and tells Summer to break up with Kyle. Summer calls Tara a vindictive bitch, and Tara condescending calls Summer sweetie and says she has no idea.

Summer ultimately does what Tara orders, but as  Tara is getting ready to meet with Lauren about going into business together, Sally sends her a frantic text, saying Summer will screw her on the way out. However, when Tara gets to the meeting, and Sally is there, she learns Lauren made her interim head of JCV. After Lauren left, Tara congratulated Sally, and wondered why she sent the text. Sally said Summer asked to speak to to Lauren before she resigned, but recommended Sally for the position.

Tara and Sally kept casual contact as Tara tried to warm her way into Kyle's heart. Tara thought she could accomplish this by reminding Kyle of the good old days in the Hamptons. Their relationship had been very exhilarating back then and they had even fantasized about running away together. What would their lives have been like if they had followed through with their getaway? Tara imagined them living in Paris, with Harrison growing up bilingual. Kyle seemed entertained by the idea, but it didn't appear to stir up any romantic feelings.

Soon, Summer's mother, Phyllis caught on to Tara's agenda. Phyllis approached Tara, wanting to be friends, but Tara knew Phyllis was looking to get dirt on her. Phyllis eventually confessed to Tara and offered an apology, which Tara seemed to buy. While at the park with Harrison and Kyle, Tara asked Sally, who was there by coincidence to take a video of them.

While they were there, Ashland happened by, and accused Tara of infringing on his time with Harrison. Ashland then had health issues where he frantically demanded Harrison be taken away from him. Tara reprimanded Ashland, and asked to see the video from Sally. She pretended to delete it, but secretly sent to herself. A fact that Sally later realized and confronted Tara about when the video went public. Tara assured Sally that everything would be fine.

Being exposed[]

Tara and Sally's scheme started to unravel from there as Billy had saw them together and told Phyllis. Phyllis set a trap for Tara and Phyllis by stealing Sally's phone and texting Tara that Phyllis had figured everything out. Frantic, Tara ran to the Grand Phoenix and the two women headed to Tara's suite where the started talking in the elevator. Tara showed Sally the text and Sally said she didn't send the text, and it wasn't on her phone. They quickly concluded Phyllis was behind it and Sally told Tara to wait in her suite.

Phyllis sent Kyle and Jack a video and Kyle confronted Tara about it. Tara desperately tried to turn it around on Jack, but became fearful that everything was unraveling. She wanted to cut ties with Sally, who assured Tara she would handle Phyllis. Phyllis then takes Tara's hard drive and downloads a program to get access to her financial information, and discovers her deceit.

Kyle finally started to believe Phyllis when he overheard one of Tara's phone calls to Sally. Jack had begun to put the pieces together as well, and correctly guessed that Tara had used Harrison as leverage against Summer. Tara eventually admitted it to Jack, putting most of the blame on Sally for concocting the plan and roping her into it. Kyle returns to the mansion and confronts Tara, when he informs her that he knows that she was the one who blackmailed Summer into leaving him. Tara tries to rationalized with Kyle and Jack that she did this for Harrison, control, and a financial life. Tara packs her stuff and is about to take her son. Kyle begs her not to take Harrison from him. Tara taunts Kyle and is about to leave when Lauren and Phyllis shows up.

Lauren confronts Tara and tells her that she knows about her stealing money from her own company, and putting it on a secret account. When Lauren kept asking Tara to get her financial information report from her accountant and was going to steal money from Fennimore if they were going to be in business together. Lauren tells Tara that she has misrepresented her company and committed fraud.

Tara says it will be admissible in when she learns that Phyllis hacked in her accounts. Lauren also reveals to Tara that Nick had contacted her accountant and he is willing to cooperate with the authorities. Phyllis lets the cops in and they arrest Tara. Tara yells at Phyllis for ripping Harrison away from her and is being taken away.

Crimes Commited[]