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The Young and the Restless (often abbreviated as Y&R) is an American television soap opera created by Lee Phillip Bell and the late William J. Bell for CBS. It first broadcast on March 26, 1973 as half-hour episodes five times a week. It was then expanded to one hour on February 4, 1980.

Set in Genoa City, Wisconsin, the show originally focused on two core families: the wealthy Brooks family and the working class Foster family. After a series of recasts and departures, all the original characters except Jill Abbott were written out. Bell replaced them with new families, the Abbotts and the Williamses. Over the years, other families such as the Newmans, Winters, and the Baldwin-Fishers were introduced. Despite these changes, one storyline that has endured through almost the show's entire run is the feud between Jill and Katherine Chancellor, the longest rivalries on any American soap opera.

Since its debut, The Young and the Restless has won a total seven Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Drama Series in 1975, 1983, 1985, 1986, 1993, 2004, and 2007, and was won a complete total of 56 Daytime Emmy Awards. It is also currently the highest-rated daytime drama on American television. As of 2008, it has appeared at the top of the weekly Neilsen ratings in that category for more than 1,000 weeks since 1988. In 2014, the series was renewed until 2017. Y&R is also a sister show to Bell's CBS soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful, as several actors have crossed over between the shows since 1993.


To compete with the youthful ABC soap operas, All My Children, One Life to Live, and General Hospital, CBS executives wanted a new daytime serial that was youth oriented. William J. Bell and Lee Phillip Bell created The Young and the Restless in 1972 for the network under the working title, The Innocent Years! "We were confronted with the very disturbing reality that young Americans had lost much of its innocence," Bell said. "Innocence as we had known and lived it all our lives had, in so many respects, ceased to exist." They changed the title of the series to The Young and the Restless because they felt it "reflected the youth and mood of the early 1970s." The Bells named the fictional setting for the show after the real Genoa City, Wisconsin, which was located on their way to their then-home in Chicago to their annual summer vacation spot in Lake Geneva.

The Young and the Restless began airing on March 26, 1973, replacing the cancelled soap, Where The Heart Is. Bell worked as head writer from the debut of the series until his retirement in 1998. He wrote from his home in Chicago while production took place in Los Angeles. John Conboy acted as the show's first executive producer, staying in the position until 1982. Bell and H. Wesley Kenney became co-executive producers that year until Edward Scott took over in 1989. Bell then became senior executive producer. Other executive producers included David Shaughnessy (1992-2004), John F. Smith (2003-2006), Lynne Marie Latham (2006-2007), Josh Griffith (2006-2008, 2008), Maria Arena Bell (2008-2012), and Paul Rauch (2008-present).

In the mid-1980s, Bell and his family moved to Los Angeles to create a new soap opera. During this time, his three children, William Jr., Bradley, and Lauralee Bell, each became involved in soap operas. Lauralee Bell worked as an actress on Y&R. Bradley co-created The Bold and the Beautiful with his father in 1987. William Bell Jr. became involved in the family's production companies as president of Bell Dramatic Serial Co. and Bell-Phillip Television Productions Inc. "It's worked out very well for us because we really all worked in very different aspects of the show," William Jr said. "With my father and I, it was a great kind of partnership and pairing in the sense that he had total control of the creative side of the show and I didn't have even the inclination to interject in what he was doing."

After Bell's retirement in 1998, a number of different head writers took over the position, including Kay Alden (1998-2006), Trent Jones (2000-2004), John F. Smith (2002-2006), Lynne Marie Latham (2006-2007), Scott Hamner (2006-2007, 2008, 2008-2012), Josh Griffith (2007-2008, 2012-present), Maria Arena Bell (2008-2012), and Hogan Sheffer (2008-2012).

In 2012, former General Hospital executive producer, Jill Farren Phelps, was hired as the new executive producer of the soap, replacing Bell. Griffith was also named the sole head writer. 

Videotaping and Broadcasting

Taped at CBS Television City in studios 41 and 43 in Hollywood since its debut in 1973, the show was packaged by the distribution company Columbia Pictures Television. Y&R originally aired as a half-hour series on CBS and was the first soap opera to focus on the visual aspects of production, creating "a look that broke with the visual conventions of the genre." Similar to the radio serials that had preceded them, soap operas at the time primarily focused on dialogue, characters, and story, with details like sets as secondary concerns. Y&R stood out by using unique lighting techniques and camera angles, similar to Hollywood-style productions. The style of videotaping included using out-of-the-ordinary camera angles and a large number of facial close-ups with bright lighting on the actors' faces. Conboy said he used lighting to create "artistic effects." Those effects made the series look dark, shadowy, and moody. Y&R look influenced the taping styles of other soaps. When H. Wesley Kenney replaced Conboy as executive producer in 1982, he balanced the lighting of the scenes.

Due to the huge success of the series, CBS and their affiliates pressured Bell to extend the series from a half-hour to a full hour in 1980. Bell attributed this change to the show's fall from number one in the Neilsen ratings, since the lengthening of the show led to the departure of a number of cast members. "The issue of performing in a one-hour show had not been part of their contracts," Bell said. This forced the show to recast multiple main characters and eventually phase out the original core families in favor of new ones.

On June 27, 2001, Y&R became the first daytime soap opera to be broadcast in high-definition. In September 2011, its sister soap, B&B became the last soap opera to make the transition in HD.

Casting and Story Development

William J. Bell and Lee Phillip Bell centered the series around two core families: the wealthy Brooks and the poor Fosters. Bell borrowed this technique of soap opera building from his mentor, Irna Phillips.

While casting for the series, Bell and executive producer John Conboy auditioned over 500 actors for the 13 main characters. They assembled the youngest group of actors ever cast on a soap opera at the time, hiring mostly unknown actors who they considered "glamorous model types." Chemistry between the actors also factored in the criteria. The stories focused on the younger characters, with an emphasis in fantasy. The fantasy element was reflected in the love story between Jill Foster and the millionaire Phillip Chancellor II; the Leslie Brooks, Brad Elliot, and Laurie Brooks love triangle; and Snapper Foster's romance with Chris Brooks.

Sexuality also played a major role in the stories. Formerly, soap operas did not delve into the sexual side of their romances. Bell changed that, first during his time as head writer on Days of Our Lives and again on 'Y&R'. William Gary Espy's Snapper Foster is considered the "first to discover sex on a soap opera." During the story, the character is engaged to Chris Brooks (played by Trish Stewart) and having a sexual relationship with Sally McGuire (played by Lee Crawford). Other plots reflected sexual themes as well. For the first time in the genre, the dialogue and the story situations included explicit sexual themes such as premarital intercourse, sodomy, impotence, incest, and rape. The series also explored social issues. Jennifer Brooks underwent the first mastectomy on a soap opera. Other social issue storylines included bulimia, alcoholism, and cancer. Lesbianisms was also touched on with Katherine Chancellor (played by the late Jeanne Cooper), who flirts with Jill while drunk in 1974 and has a brief relationship with Joanne Curtis (played by Kay Heberle) in 1977.

When the series lengthened to an hour in 1980, multiple cast members who portrayed characters from the original core families departed because their contracts only bound them to performing in a half-hour show. A number of the characters were recast until one of the few remaining original actors, Jaime Lyn Bauer, who portrayed Laurie Brooks, decided to leave. When she announced her intention not to renew her contract, Bell decided to replace the original core families. "As I studied the remaining cast, I realized I had two characters - Paul Williams, played by Doug Davidson, and Jack Abbott, played by Terry Lester - both of whom had a relatively insignificant presence on the show," Bell said. "They didn't have families. Hell, they didn't even have bedrooms. But these became the two characters I would build our two families around."

The characters from the Abbott and Williams families were integrated into the series while the Brooks and Foster families, with the exception of Jill, were phased out. The continuity of the feud between Katherine and Jill, which began in the early years of the show, smoothed the transition. The relationship between the two women remained a central theme throughout the series and became the longest lasting rivalry in daytime history.

Another character introduced in the 1980s was the famous Victor Newman, played by The Rat Patrol's Eric Braeden. Originally, the character was "a despicable, contemptible, unfaithful wife abuser" who was intended to be killed off. Braeden's tenure on the show was meant to last between 8 and 12 weeks. "When I saw Eric Braeden's first performance - the voice, the power, the inner-strength - I knew immediately that I didn't want to lose this man," Bell said. "He was exactly what the show needed. Not the hateful man we saw on-screen, but the man he could and would become." Bell rewrote the story to save the character and put Braeden on contract. Victor's romance with Nikki Reed (played by Melody Thomas Scott) became a prominent plot in the series.

With the success of another iconic character, Kimberlin Brown's Sheila Carter, Bell made daytime drama history in 1992 by successfully crossing her over from Y&R to his second soap, B&B. The success of the crossover was due in part to the creativity of Bell, as the nefarious character of Sheila was presumed to have died in a fire on Y&R.

In the 1990s, core black characters were introduced with the Barber and Winters family. Victoria Rowell and Tonya Le Williams were cast as Drucilla Winters and Olivia Winters respectively as the nieces of Abbott's maid, Mamie Johnson, in 1990. The Winter brothers, Neil and Malcolm (played by Kristoff St. John and Shemar Moore) were introduced as love interests for Olivia and Drucilla. Y&R became popular among black viewers, which Williams and St. John attributed to the writing for the black characters. "I play a CEO at a major corporation, that's something we don't see that often," St. John said. "And the show doesn't use the old African-American stereotypes that we have been seeing on TV, like the hustler, the pimp, the drug dealer. We have come a long way." Though the characters held prominent positions in the fictional work place of Genoa City, they had little interaction with other characters outside of their jobs.

Executive Producers and Head Writers



Production Notes/Contributions

William J. Bell


As being the show's creator and longtime head writer until 1998, he served as the main executive producer while working alongside of other executive producers. He wasn't credited as an executive producer until 1982 when his credit began appearing with H. Wesley Kenney. Served as solo EP from 1986 to 1987 after Kenney's departure. He received the title of "senior executive producer" when Edward Scott became EP and remained credited with the title until 2004 when he returned to the executive producer credit with John F. Smith as co-executive producer. William J. Bell died on April 29, 2005, and on the following Monday, his credit as EP was edited from the show; he was still living when those episodes were filmed.

John Conboy


Served as the show's first executive producer while credited with the "produced by" credit as the title of executive producer was credited hardly on any soaps (other than a small few), until the mid-1970s to 1980s. It was under his run when CBS wanted Y&R expanded from 30 minutes to an hour with the cancellation of Love of Life. Also the show switched from the live-to-tape filming technique to pre-recording episodes, a practice that remains in effect to this date as with all soaps. John departed in 1982 to produce his newly created soap, Capitol, which was later cancelled to make room for Y&R's sister soap, The Bold and the Beautiful.

H. Wesley Kenney


Guided the show with more action-driven story direction which helped the show win Daytime Emmy awards in 1983, 1985, and 1986. Began crediting the show's cast in alphabetical order, a standard that remains to this date. Ceased the fade to next scene transition effect within the show's episodes. Had artist Sandy Dvore, who designed the art drawing photos in the show's main title, to design the show's signature stylized brush stroke logo on Y&R merchandise in 1982, leading to the debut of the logo in the show's main title in January 1984.

Edward J. Scott


Debuted on the show in 1976 as an associate producer eventually becoming the "produced by" producer under John Conboy until 1987. Briefly filled in as EP for H. Wesley Kenney in 1986. Helped the show rise to co-#1 in 1987 with General Hospital in ratings before it solely dethroned GH as #1 in 1988 and has since remained there. Retired the longtime art drawing cast montage of the opening credits in 1988. Began the practice of crediting production principals on opening scenes of the show and adding the cast members' real-life names to the opening credits in 1999. Ceased the last commercial break between the last scene and end credits. Converted the show into HDTV in 2001, making the first soap opera in history to do so. Returned from 2004 to 2007 as "supervising producer", a position he previously had briefly in 1987. Real-life husband of actress Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki Newman).

David Shaughnessy


Assumed executive producer position after serving as a producer and supervising producer since 1991. The Bell Dramatic Serial Co. production logo began appearing with end credits under his run. He managed to score brief returns by veteran actors such as Jaime Lyn Bauer, William Gary Espy, Meg Bennett, and James Houghton (who wrote on the show between 1991 and 2006), all of whom who left the show back in the 1970s and 1980s, for brief storylines in 2002 and 2003. Debut "next episode" preview scenes in 2003, a practice started with the ABC soaps in 1998.

John F. Smith


Became co-executive producer with William J. Bell and David Shaughnessy while still serving as co-head writer with Kay Alden and Trent Jones (until 2004). Worked as a writer on the show since the early 1980s. Still maintained the co-EP title after Bell's passing in 2005. Stepped down in 2006 as EP while remaining as co-head writer until November 2006.

Lynne Marie Latham


Brought on as a "creative consultant" under John F. Smith in November 2005; Latham would later fire Smith as co-head writer in 2006. Promoted to head writer with Kay Alden and Smith in February 2006, then promoted to executive producer, becoming the show's first female EP in October 2006, after the show went that summer without an EP. Tenure as EP/HW was criticized by viewers and insiders for damaging the show's history with out-of-text writing, firing several longtime cast and crew members in favor of several unknowns, and doing too much favoritism. She was fired when she abandoned her post as EP to go on strike with the Writers Guild of America in 2007.

Josh Griffith


Brought on by Latham as her co-executive producer in 2006. Assumed full producer duites in December 2007 when Latham was fired. He also served as head writer with Maria Arena Bell during the 2007-2008 Writers Strike. Remained as EP when Bell became sole head writer until he was fired when it was learned that he was tampering with Bell's stories; this was also known as former EP Edward Scott, who is friends with Griffith, was said to be doing the same thing on Days of Our Lives, leading to his departure of that show. Promoted to sole head writer in 2012 after Bell was fired.

Paul Rauch


The veteran producer debuted as Maria Arena Bell's co-executive producer in October 2008. It was established that his role as co-EP would be to only foresee everything with the production of the show while Bell was solely responsible for the stories. This was the only time Paul ever been a co-EP and his first stop back to soap operas in six years since his departure from Guiding Light in 2002. He opted not to renew his contract with Y&R after three years with the show and stepped down in May 2011.

Maria Arena Bell


Bell is the real life wife of William Bell Jr., the oldest son of William J. Bell and Lee Phillip Bell. Head wrote the show since December 2007. Maria was named executive producer in October 2008, after Josh Griffith was ousted for tampering with her stories. Bell brought along veteran producer Paul Rauch to help her with the production of the show while she mostly focused on the stories. From 2008 to 2010, she was credited as co-executive producer as well as Rauch, while her credit appeared first. Bell was let go in July 2012 after years of viewer complaints and her final episode aired on October 11, 2012; though she remained credited as HW and EP until October 22, 2012. Under her run, she brought the show's fictional Jabot Cosmetics to life by teaming up with a real cosmetics marketing company to help distribute the products.

Jill Farren Phelps


Named executive producer in July 2012 upon the dismissal of Maria Arena Bell. This marked the second CBS soap opera Phelps executive produced, with the first being Guiding Light from 1991 to 1995. While Bell was still credited, Phelps began her tenure by August as she made several immediate casting changes, such as hiring Robert Adamson and Hunter Haley King, two young actors she worked with on the primetime soap opera Hollywood Heights, respectively. By October, she was still uncredited as executive producer although her first episode aired on October 12, 2012, and received her first official credit on October 23, 2012. In June 2016, it was confirmed that Phelps to be terminated from the series.

Charles Pratt, Jr. 2015-2016 Named co-executive producer in September 2014, sharing the position alongside Jill Farren Phelps. His first credited episode as EP and HW aired on January 16, 2015. On September 13, 2016, it was announced that Pratt would no longer co-executive producer the soap, given his new position as show-runner of Lee Daniels' Star. Pratt was last credited as head writer and co-executive producer on December 6, 2016.
Sally Sussman 2016-2017 Named co-executive producer in September 2016 upon the dismissal of Pratt, Jr. Sussman shares the position with Young, a position she previously served on NBC soap opera Generations. Sussman's first credit as head writer and co-executive producer appeared on December 7, 2016. In July 2017, it was announced that Sussman would retire; she received her last credit as head writer and co-executive producer on October 24, 2017.
Mal Young 2016-present Named executive producer in June 2016 upon the dismissal of Jill Farren Phelps. This marks the first American soap opera Young executive produced, having previously been the producer and executive producer of British soap operas BrooksideEastEnders and Holby City. July 13, 2016, marked Young's first appearance as executive producer. Immediate changes made under Young included the return of actress Elizabeth Hendrickson and a return guest appearance from Michael Graziadei in the roles of Chloe Mitchell and Daniel Romalotti, respectively. The series will also celebrate its 11,000th episode under Young's credit on September 1, 2016. In 2017, it was announced that Young would take on head writer duties after Sally Sussman's retirement. Young's first credit as head writer will appear on October 25, 2017.

Head Writers

Head Writer(s) Years
William J. Bell 1973-1997
William J. Bell

Kay Alden

Kay Alden 1998-2000
Kay Alden

Trent Jones

Kay Alden

John F. Smith

Kay Alden

John F. Smith

Lynn Marie Latham

Lynn Marie Latham 2006-2007
Josh Griffith

Maria Arena Bell

Maria Arena Bell

Hogan Sheffer

Scott Hamner

Josh Griffith

Hogan Sheffer

Tracey Thomson

Shelly Altman

Shelly Altman

Jean Passanante

Tracey Thomson

Charles Pratt, Jr. 2015-2016
Sally Sussman 2016-2017
Mal Young 2017-present


Current Cast Members




Peter Bergman Jack Abbott #2 1989-
Eric Braeden Victor Newman 1980-
Sasha Calle Lola Rosales 2018-
Jason Canela Arturo Rosales 2018-2019
Sharon Case Sharon Newman #3 1994-
Cait Fairbanks Tessa Porter 2017-
Noah Alexander Gerry Charlie Ashby #3 2017-
Daniel Goddard Cane Ashby 2007-
Noemi Gonzalez Mia Rosales 2018-
Camryn Grimes Mariah Copeland 2014-
Amelia Heinle Victoria Newman #2 2005-
Bryton JamesDevon Hamilton2004-
Hunter King Summer Newman #3 2012-2016, 2018-
Christian LeBlanc Michael Baldwin 1991-1993, 1997-
Kate Linder Esther Valentine 1982-
Loren Lott Ana Hamilton #2 2018-
Michael Mealor Kyle Abbott #5 2018-
Joshua Morrow Nicholas Newman 1994-
Melissa Ordway Abby Newman #4 2013-
Melody Thomas Scott Nikki Newman #2 1979-
Kristoff St. John Neil Winters 1991-
Lexie Stevenson Matilda Ashby #3 2017-
Jason Thompson Billy Abbott #6 2016-
Gina Tognoni Phyllis Summers #3 2014-2019
Jordi Vilasuso Rey Rosales 2018-

Recurring Cast Members




Marla Adams Dina Mergeron 1983-1986, 1991, 1996, 2008, 2017-
Lauralee Bell Christine Blair Williams 1983-2006, 2010-
Tracey E. BregmanLauren Fenmore Baldwin1983-1995, 2000-
Judith Chapman Gloria Abbott Bardwell #2 2005-
Angell Conwell Leslie Michaelson 2010-
Doug Davidson Paul Williams 1978-
Jerry DouglasJohn Abbott #21982-2013, 2015-
Margarita Franco Mrs. Martinez 2016-
Robert Gant David Sherman 2013-
Camryn Hamm Shauna Nelson 2018-
Christel Khalil Lily Winters Ashby #1 2002-2005, 2006-
Shanica KnowlesSimone Burch2018-
Kelly Kruger Mackenzie Browning #2 2002-2003, 2018-
Alyvia Alyn Lind Faith Newman #1 2011-
Beth MaitlandTraci Abbott1982-1996, 2001, 2006-
Greg RikaartKevin Fisher2003-
Tristan Rogers Colin Atkinson 2010-2012, 2014-
Abhi SinhaRavi Shapur2016-
Brytni Sarpy Elena Dawson 2019-
Zach Tinker Fenmore Baldwin #3 2018-
Jess Walton Jill Abbott Atkinson #4 1987-
Lauren Woodland Brittany Hodges #2 2000-2005, 2018-

Upcoming Cast Members




Sean Dominic Nate Hastings #4 Debuts April 10
Mark Grossman Adam Newman #4 Debuts TBA
Shemar Moore Malcolm Winters #1 Temp. Returns April 25
Michelle Stafford Phyllis Summers #1 Returns TBA
Jason Canela Arturo Rosales Exits TBA
Gina Tognoni Phyllis Summers #3 Exits TBA

Previous Cast Members




Robert Ackerman John Harding 1981
Wanda Acuna Keesha Monroe 1995
Deborah Adair Jill Foster Abbott #2 1980-1983, 1986
Robert Adamson Noah Newman #4 2012-2018
Josh Albee Tony Baker 1979-1980
Sarah Aldrich Victoria Newman 1997
Marilyn Alex Molly Carter 1991-1993, 1995
Laur Allen Juliet Helton 2017
Beverly Archer Shirley Sherwood 1999
Lamon Archey Mason Wilder 2012-2014
Tina Arning Sasha Green 1995-1996, 1997, 2002
Rod Arrants Steven Lassiter 1987-1988
Nina Arvesen Cassandra Rawlins 1988-1991
Linden Ashby Cameron Kirsten 2003-2004
Matthew Atkinson Austin Travers 2014-2015
Catherine BachAnita Lawson2012-2018
Pamela Bach Mari Jo Mason #1 1994
Penn Badgley Phillip Chancellor lV #1  2000-2001
Diana Barton Mari Jo Mason #2 1994-1996
Peter Barton Scott Grainger 1988-1993
Ashley Bashioum Mackenzie Browning #1 1999-2002, 2004-2005
William Bassett Pete Walker 1982-1983
Jaime Lyn Bauer Lorie Brooks 1973-1982, 1984, 2002, 2018
Fred Beir Mitchell Sherman 1975-1980
Nicholas Benedict Michael Scott 1980-1981
Meg Bennett Julia Newman 1980-1984, 1986-1987, 2002, 2018
Peter Bergman Marco Annicelli 2015
Frank M. Bernard Marc Mergeron 1984, 1987-1988
Wilson Bethel Ryder Callahan 2009-2011
Leslie Bevis Ruth Anne Perkins 1998-1999
Thom Bierdz Phillip Chancellor III 1986-1989, 2004, 2009-2011
Laura Bryan Birn Lynne Bassett 1988-2004
Vail Bloom Heather Stevens #1 2007-2010
Vasili Bogazianos Al Fenton 1998-1999
Jay Bontatibus Tony Viscardi #2 1999-2000
Roscoe Born Tom Fisher 2005-2006, 2009
Jeff Branson Ronan Malloy 2010-2012
Jared BreezeMax Rayburn2016
Tracey E. Bregman Sarah Smythe 2010
Randy Brooks Nathan Hastings 1992-1994
Kimerlin Brown Sheila Carter 1990-1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 2005-2006
Peter Brown Robert Laurence 1981-1982, 1990
Ryan Brown Billy Abbott #2 2002-2003
Karl Bruck Maestro Faustch 1974-1982, 1984-1985
Jensen BuchananElise Moxley2015-2016
Lachlan Buchanan Kyle Abbott #4 2015-2016
Steve BurtonDylan McAvoy2013-2017
Darcy Rose Byrnes Abby Newman #1 2003-2008
Barry Cahill Sam Powers 1974-1975
Ryan CaltagironeWinston Mobley2015
Lisa Canning Adrienne Markham 2004-2005
Cathy Carricaburu Nancy Becker 1976-1978
Colleen Casey Faren Connor 1985-1987
Tricia Cast Nina Webster 1986-2001, 2008-2014
John Cassidine Phillip Chancellor II 1973-1974
John Castellanos John Silva 1989-2004
Loyita Chapel Judy Wilson 1980-1981
Colby Chester Michael Crawford 1985-1990
Eddie Cibrian Matt Clark 1994-1996
Aidan ClarkCharlie Ashby2013-2016
Robery Clary Pierre Roulland 1973-1974
Tamara Clatterbuck Alice Johnson 1997-2000, 2003, 2005, 2017
Keith Hamilton Cobb Damon Porter 2003-2005
Robert Colbert Stuart Brooks 1973-1983
Dennis Cole Lance Prentiss #2 1981-1982
Signy Coleman Hope Adams Wilson 1993-1997, 2000, 2002, 2008, 2010, 2012
Jessica Collins Avery Clark 2011-2015
Darlene Conley Rose DeVille 1979-1980, 1986-1987
Carolyn Conwell

Marion Reeves

Mary Williams



Jeanne Cooper Katherine Chancellor 1973-2013
Jeff Cooper Derek Thurston 1986-1991
Alicia CoppolaMeredith Gates2016
Melinda Cordell

Dorothy Stevens

Madame Estelle Chavin

1980-1982, 1993


Grant Cramer Shawn Garrett 1984-1986
Barbara Crampton Leanna Love 1987-1992, 1998-2002, 2006-2007
Lee Crawford Sally McGuire 1973-1974, 1981-1982
Todd Curtis Skip Evans 1987-1991
Linwood Dalton Jared Markson 1984-1985
Candice Daly Veronica Landers 1997-1998
Michael Damian Danny Romalotti 1981-1989, 1990-1993, 1994-1998, 2002, 2003-2004, 2008, 2012, 2013
Edgar Daniels Sebastian Crown 1980
Brooks Darnell Nate Hastings #3 2018-2019
Eileen Davidson Ashley Abbott #1 1982-1988, 1999-2018
Josie Davis Grace Turner #1 1996-1997
Marita De Leon Joani Garza 1995-1998
Lee Debroux John Harding 1981
Dick DeCoit Ron Becker 1976-1978
Diana DeGarmo Angelina Veneziano 2011-2012
John Denos Joe Blair 1983-1987
Mark Derwin Adrian Hunter 1989-1990
Don Diamont Brad Carlton 1985-1996, 1998-2009
Brenda Dickson Jill Foster Abbott #1 1973-1980, 1983-1987
Norma Donaldson Lillie Belle Barber 1990-1994
Alex Donnelley Diane Jenkins #1 1982-1984, 1986, 1996-2001
Christopher Douglas Sean Bridges 2001
Jerry Douglas

John Abbott #2

Alistair Wallingford

1982-2006, 2006-2009, 2010-2013


John Driscoll Chance Chancellor 2009-2011
Denice Duff Amanda Browning 2001-2002
Melissa Claire Egan Chelsea Newman 2011-2018
Cindy Eilbacher

Jody Conway

April Stevens

1977, 1979-1982, 1992-1994

Max EhrichFenmore Baldwin #22011-2015
Chris Engen Adam Newman #1 2008-2009
John Enos III Bobby Marsino 2003-2005
Brenda Epperson Ashley Abbott #2  1988-1996
William Gray Espy Snapper Foster #1 1973-1975, 2003
Andrea Evans Patty Williams #3 1983-1984
Michael Evans Col. Douglas Austin 1980-1985, 1987-1995
Michael Fairman Patrick Murphy 2008-2014
Sharon Farrell Florence Webster 1991-1996
Sean Patrick Flanery Sam Gibson 2011
Lyndsy Fonseca Colleen Carlton #1 2001-2005
Clementine Ford Mackenzie Browning #4 2009-2010
Steven Ford Andy Richards 1981-1987, 2002-2003
Vivica A. Fox Stephanie Simmons 1994-1995
David "Shark" Fralick Larry Warton 1995-1996, 1999-2005
Genie Francis Genevieve Atkinson 2011-2012
Adrienne Frantz Amber Moore 2006-2010, 2013
Jennifer Gareis Grace Turner #2 1997-1999, 2000-2002, 2004, 2014
Joy Garrett Boobsie Caswell Austin 1983-1985
Kelly Garrison

Rebecca Harper

Hilary Lancaster



Jennifer Gatti Keesha Monroe 1995-1996
Anthony Geary George Curtis 1973
Sabryn Genet Tricia Dennison 1997-2001
Amy Gibson Alana Anthony 1985
John Gibson Jerry "Cash" Cashman 1980-1982
Robert Gibson David Mallory 1976-1978
Bond Gideon Jill Foster Abbott 1980
Cam Gigandet Daniel Romalotti #1 2004
Siena Goines Callie Rogers 1998-2000
Ricky Paull Goldin Gary Dawson 1998-2000
Justin Gorence Peter Garrett 1995-1998
Kelli Goss Courtney Sloane 2013-2015
Charles H. Gray Bill Foster 1975-1976
Veleka Gray

Ruby Collins

Sharon Reaves



Michael Graziadei  Daniel Romalotti #2  2004-2013, 2016
Alice GreczynEmma Randall2015
Dorothy Green Jennifer Brooks 1973-1977
James Michael Gregary Clint Radison 1989-1991, 2009
Stephen Gregory Chase Benson 1988-1991
Camryn Grimes Cassie Newman 1997-2007, 2009-2010, 2013-2014
Michael Gross River Baldwin 2008-2009
Bennet Guillory Walter Barber 1992-1994
Brett Hadley Carl Williams 1980-1991, 1998-1999
Daniel Hall Scott Grainger Jr. 2017-2018
Deidre Hall Barbara Anderson 1973-1975
Tom Hallick Brad Elliot 1973-1978
Stacy Haiduk Patty Williams #3

Emily Peterson

2009-2012, 2015-2016

2009-2012, 2015

Brett Halsey John Abbott #1 1980-1981
Lynne Harbaugh Lisa Mansfield 1988-1989
Justin Hartley Adam Newman #3 2014-2016
David Hasselhoff Snapper Foster #2 1975-1982, 2010
Wings Hauser Greg Foster 1977-1981, 2010
Susan Seaforth Hayes Joanna Manning 1984-1989, 2005-2006, 2010
Jessica Heap Eden Baldwin #3 2011-2013
Rick Hearst Matt Clark 2000-2001
Kay Heberle Joanne Curtis 1975-1978
David Hedison Arthur Hendricks 2004
Elizabeth Hendrickson Chloe Mitchell 2008-2014, 2015-2017
Karen Hensel Doris Collins 1994-2003, 2005, 2009, 2011
Anthony Herrera Jack Curtis 1975-1977
Christopher Holder Kevin Bancroft 1982-1984
Randy Holland Rick Daros 1983-1984
Erica Hope Nikki Newman #1 1978-1979
James Houghton Greg Foster 1973-1976, 2003
Ken Howard George Summers 2012
Alice Hunter Kerry Johnson 2018-2019
Brody Hutzler Cody Dixon 1999-2004
Vincent Irizarry David Chow 2007-2008
James Ivy Jeremy Ross 1997
Burgess Jenkins Billy Abbott #5 2014-2016
Gladys Jimenez Ramona Caceres 1999-2000, 2002
Ashley Jones Megan Dennison Viscardi 1997-2000, 2001
Bryant Jones Nate Hastings 1996-2002
Mitzi Kapture-Donahue Anita Hodges 2002-2005
Jennifer Karr Ellen Winters 1986-1987
Beau Kazer Brock Reynolds 1974-1980, 1984-1986, 1990-1992, 1999-2004, 2008-2010, 2011, 2013
Jay Kerr Brian Forbes 1982-1983
Brian Kerwin Greg Foster 1976-1977
Andre Khabbazi Alec Moretti 1997-1998
Rachel Kimsey Mackenzie Browning #3 2005-2006
Darnell Kirkwood Jordan Wilde 2017
Heath Kizzier Joshua Landers 1996-1998
Luke Kleintank Noah Newman #3 2010-2011
Michael E. Knight Simon Neville 2015-2016
Lauren Koslow Lindsey Wells 1984-1986
Bert Kramer Brent Davis 1984-1985
Kelly Kruger Mackenzie Browning #2 2002-2003, 2018
Jerry Lacy Jonas 1979-1982
Joe LaDue Derek Thurston 1977-1981, 1984
David Lago Raul Guittierez 1999-2004, 2009, 2018
Sal Landi Clint Radison 1988-1989
Jennifer Landon Heather Stevens #3 2012
Greg Lauren Brett Nelson 1998-1999
John Phillip Law Jim Grainger 1989
Russell Lawrence Matt Clark 2000
Adam Lazare-White Nathan Hastings 1994-1996, 2000
Tristan Lake Leabu Reed Hellstrom 2016-2018, 2019
Jennifer Leak Gwen Sherman 1974-1975
Roberta Leighton Casey Reed 1978-1981, 1984-1989, 1998
Adrianne Leon Colleen Carlton #2 2006-2007
Terry Lester Jack Abbott #1 1980-1989
Tom Ligon Lucas Prentiss 1977-1982
Eva Longoria Isabella Braña 2001-2003
William Long, Jr. Wayne Stevens 1980-1982
Rianna Loving Rianna Miner 1999-2000
Heather Lowe Cynthia Harris 1977-1978
Thad Luckinbill J.T. Hellstrom 1999-2010, 2017-2018, 2019
Aaron Lustig Tim Reid 1996-1997, 2002, 2012
Janice Lynde Leslie Brooks Prentiss #1 1973-1977, 2018
Ryan MacDonald Robert Haskell 1989-1990
Victoria Mallory Leslie Brooks Prentiss #2 1977-1982, 1984
Eva Marcille Tyra Hamilton 2008-2009
Vanessa Marano Eden Baldwin #2 2008-2010
John H. Martin Frederick Hodges 2002-2005
Devon Martinez Shawn Taylor 2016
Margaret Mason Eve Howard 1980-1984, 1993
Brian Matthews Eric Garrison 1983-1985
Mara McCaffrey Natalie Soderberg 2016
Julianna McCarthy Liz Foster 1973-1986, 1993, 2003-2004, 2008, 2010
Leigh McCloskey Kurt Costner 1996-1997, 2013
Tom McConnell Shawn Garrett 1984
John McCook Lance Prentiss 1976-1980
Darius McCrary Malcolm Winters #2 2009-2011
Howard McGillin Greg Foster 1981-1982
Dorothy McGuire Cora Miller 1984
Jim McMullan Brent Davis 1984
Terrence McNally Robert Lynch 1993-1994
Raya Meddine Sabrina Costelana Newman 2008-2010
Tracy Lindsey Melchoir Veronica Landers 1996-1997
Ernestine Mercer Millie Johnson 1997-2000
Freeman Michaels Drake Belson 1995-1996
Jeanna Michaels Karen Richards 1981-1982
Kerry Leigh Michaels

Faren Connor

"Michelle Harrington"

Billy Miller Billy Abbott #4 2008-2014
William Mims Sam Powers 1973
Victor Mohica Felipe Ramirez 1980-1981
Philip Moon Keemo Volien Abbott 1994-1996
Shemar Moore Malcolm Winters #1 1994-2002, 2004-2005, 2014
Debbi Morgan Yolanda "Harmony" Hamilton 2011-2012
Melissa Morgan Brittany Norman 1988-1990
Mishael Morgan Hilary Curtis 2013-2018
Julianne Morris Amy Wilson 1994-1996, 2014
Phil Morris Tyrone Jackson 1984-1986
Michael Muhney Adam Newman #2 2009-2014
Sandra Nelson Phyllis Summers #2 1997-1998
Lee Nicholl Sven Petersen 1985-1986
Stephen Nichols Tucker McCall #2 2010-2013
Nadine NicoleGwen Randall2014-2015
Michael Nouri Elliott Hampton 2004
Emily O'Brien Jana Hawkes 2006-2011
John O'Hurley Jim Grainger 1989-1990
Ken Olandt Derek Stuart 1989
Scott Palmer Tim Sullivan 1983-1989
Peter Parros Leo Baines 1986-1987
Robert Parucha Matt Miller 1985-1987, 2003
J. Eddie Peck Cole Howard 1993-1999
Nia Pepples Karen Taylor 2007-2009
Anthony Pena Miguel Rodriguez 1984-2005
Millie Perkins Rebecca Kaplan 2006
Sofia PernasMarisa Sierras2015-2016
Brock Peters Frank Lewis 1982-1985
Devon Pierce Diane Westin 1990-1991
Drew Pillsbury David Kimble 1986
Peter Porte Ricky Williams 2011-2012
Monica Potter Sharon Newman 1994
Nathan Purdee Nathan Hastings 1985-1992
Daniel Quinn Ralph Hunnicutt 2002
Francesco Quinn Tomas Del Cerro 1999-2001
Marisa Ramirez Carmen Mesta

Ines Vargas



Margueritte Ray Mamie Johnson 1980-1990
Alex Rebar Vince Holiday 1979-1980, 1986-1987
Veronica Redd Mamie Johnson 1990-1995, 1999-2002, 2004
Quinn Redeker

Nicholas Reed

Joseph Thomas

Rex Sterling



1987-1994, 2004

Blair Redford Scott Grainger Jr. #1 2005-2006
Marianne Rees Mai Volien 1994-1996
Scott Reeves Ryan McNeil 1991-2001
Donnelly Rhodes Phillip Chancellor II 1974-1975
David Richards Sid Garber 1996-1998, 2000
Lynne Topping Richter Chris Brooks 1978-1982
Eden Riegel Heather Stevens #2 2010-2011
Greg Rikaart Kevin Fisher 2003-2017
Michael RoarkTravis Crawford2016
Deanna Robbins Cindy Lake 1982-1983
Eric Roberts Vance Abrams 2010-2011
Alexia Robinson Alex Perez 2000-2002
Victoria Rowell Drucilla Winters 1990-1998, 2000, 2002-2007
David Lee Russek Sean Bridges 2001-2002
Deanna Russo Logan Armstrong 2007
Jodean Russo Regina Henderson 1975-1976
William Russ Tucker McCall #1 2009-2010
Marcy Rylan Abby Newman #3 2010-2013
Erin Sanders Eden Baldwin #1 2008
Henry G. Sanders Walter Barber 1990-1991
Lanna Saunders Betty Andrews 1974-1975
Lori Saunders Cynthia Harris 1977
Hartley Sawyer Kyle Abbott 2013-2014
Beth Scheffel Barbara Ann Harding 1981-1982
Kevin Schmidt Noah Newman #2 2008-2010, 2011-2012
Robin Scott Amy Wilson 1994
Nick Scotti Tony Viscardi #1 1996-1999
Tom Selleck Jed Andrews 1974-1975
Deigo Serrano Diego Guittierez 2001-2002
Scott Seymour Billy Abbott #3 2006
Ted Shackelford William Bardwell
Jeffrey Bardwell
Shari Shattuck Ashley Abbott #3 1996-1999
John Shearin Evan Sanderson 1986-1987
Mary Sheldon Nancy Nolan 1989-1990
Davetta Sherwood Lily Winters #2 2006
Max Shippee Graham Bloodworth 2017-2018
Ruth Silvera Shirley Haskell 1989-1990
Marc Singer Chet Delancy 1999
Asia Ray Smith Sierra Hoffman 2003-2006
Pamela Peters Solow Peggy Brooks 1973-1981, 1984
Jon St. Elwood Jazz Jackson 1983-1986
Michelle Stafford

Sheila Carter #2


Jack Stauffer Scott Adams 1978-1979
Chrishell StauseBethany Bryant2016
Eric Steinberg Ji Min Kim 2006-2007
Dawn Stern Vanessa Lerner 2003-2004
Lilibet Stern Patty Williams #2 1980-1983
K.T. Stevens Vanessa Prentiss 1976-1981
Paul Stevens Bruce Henderson 1975-1976
Trish Stewart Chris Brooks 1973-1978, 1984
Caleb Stoddard Derek Thurston 1976
Jim Storm Neil Fenmore 1983-1986
Kim Strauss Reese Walker 1995-2006
Rebecca Street Jessica Blair 1988-1989
Maxine Stuart Margaret Dugan 1993, 1996
Kelly Sullivan Sage Newman 2014-2016
Elizabeth Sung Luan Volien Abbott 1994-1996
Tammin Sursok Colleen Carlton #3 2007-2009
Don Swayze Charlie Shaw 2010
Mark Tapscott Earl Bancroft 1982-1983
Joseph Taylor Tony DiSalvo 1982-1983
Josh Taylor Jed Sanders 1993-1994
Tammy Taylor Patty Williams #1 1980
Christopher Templeton Carol Robbins 1983-1993
Michelle Thomas Callie Rogers 1998
Gordon Thomson Patrick Baker 1997-1998
Alexis Thorpe Rianna Miner 2000-2002
David Tom Billy Abbott #1 1999-2002, 2014
Heather Tom Victoria Newman #1 1991-1997, 1997-2003
Beth Toussaint Hope Adams 2006
Brandi Tucker Karen Becker 1976-1978
Michael Tylo

Blade Bladeson

Rick Bladeson



Joan Van Ark Gloria Abbott Bardwell #1 2004-2005
Granville Van Dusen Keith Dennison 1997-2001
Vincent Van Patten Christian Page 2000
Greg Vaughan Diego Guittierez 2002-2003
Miles Gaston Villanueva Luca Santori2015-2016
Paul Walker Brandon Collins 1992-1993
Susan Walters Diane Jenkins #2 2001-2004, 2010
Billy Warlock Ben Hollander 2007-2008
Ben Watkins Wesley Carter 2002-2004
Cynthia Watros Kelly Andrews #1 2013-2014
Patty Weaver Gina Roma 1982-2009, 2013
Maura West Diane Jenkins #3 2010-2011
Ellen Weston Suzanne Lynch 1978-1980
Stephanie E. Williams Amy Lewis 1983-1988, 1990
Tonya Lee Williams Olivia Winters 1990-2005, 2007-2011
David Winn Steven Williams 1980-1981
William Wintersole Mitchell Sherman 1986-1996, 1998, 2003, 2008-2009, 2011
Ray WiseIan Ward2014-2016
Gregory Wolcott Raplh Olson 1975-1977
Janet Wood April Stevens 1979
Lynn Wood Alison Bancroft 1982-1984
Lauren Woodland Brittany Hodges #2 2000-2005, 2018
Greg Wrangler Steve Connolly 1992-1996, 1999, 2001, 2009
Sean Young Meggie McClaine 2010-2011
Yvonne Zima Daisy Carter 2009-2012