Theo Vanderway
YR Theo.jpg
Tyler Johnson as Theo Vanderway
''The Young and the Restless''
Portrayed by Nic Luken (2019)
Tyler Johnson (2019-2020)
Current status Contract, Regular (Departing)
First appearance May 9, 2019
Created by Josh Griffith
Family Brooks
Abbott (by extension)
Full name Theo Vanderway
Nickname(s) Human Coachella (by Abby)
Theodore (by Mariah)
Mr. Fritters (by Summer)
Gender Male
Born April 20th
Occupation Social Media Influencer
ChanceComm Employee
Parents Eric Vanderway
Unnamed Mother
Romances Summer Newman (casual)
Lola Rosales
Grandparents Dina Mergeron † &
Stuart Brooks(biological)
Ralph & Margaret Vanderway (adoptive)
Aunts and uncles Jack, Ashley, & Traci Abbott
Leslie, Chris, & Peggy Brooks
Lorie Brooks (legal)
First cousins Kyle Abbott
Abby Newman
Jennifer Foster
Brooks Prentiss
Colleen Carlton
Keemo Volien Abbott

Theo Vanderway is a resident of Genoa City.

On November 2, 2020 it was announced that Tyler Johnson will be leaving the roll of Theo, his last airdate is unknown.


He was originally portrayed by Nic Luken. He is now being played by Tyler Johnson.


During Theo's childhood, his family didn't have that much money, living paycheck to paycheck. When Theo was 15, his father passed away, and to this day, Theo wonders if his father knew how much he loved him.

Currently, Theo is a social media influencer and an old friend of Kyle Abbott’s that he presumably met while in New York. One night, Theo and Kyle hosted a wild party and a young woman named Zoe Hardisty got so wasted that they had to take her to the ER. They panicked when they found out Zoe was 17, so Theo suggests they just drop her off at the hospital and leave. The next morning, Zoe’s father confronted Theo and Kyle, and Kyle paid him off.

Connecting with Summer

As the new CEO of Jabot, Jack needed some new strategies to help the company recover from Ashley's attacks. Kyle and Summer pitched the idea to use social media influencers for marketing, which Jack thought was a great idea. Kyle suggested that maybe his friend Theo could help. So, Kyle and Summer went to New York to speak with him about promoting Jabot Cosmetics. Theo later came to Genoa City where he and Summer hung out and eventually slept together. They both enjoyed having a casual, no-strings-attached relationship. In contrast, Kyle and Lola were fully committed and recently engaged, which Theo and Summer mocked. They didn't want to become settled and boring. So, the two of them set out to have as much fun as they could, and their similar outlooks on life made them the perfect company for each other. However, Theo was put off by the fact that Summer couldn’t seem to let Kyle go. Summer eventually asked for a second chance and realized it was time for her to move on from Kyle.

Toying with Kyle

Theo wasn't happy with how Kyle had changed now that he was with Lola, and started causing problems for them. He invited a group of friends to the Abbott Mansion without Kyle's knowledge, interrupting his night with Lola. Theo had hoped to reignite Kyle's wild side, but Kyle was not amused with the impromptu party. He quickly shut it down and threw everyone out. Although Theo later apologized about it, he continued to stir up trouble for Kyle and Lola. He told Celeste about Kyle's wild days in New York, and also mentioned that Kyle was recently divorced. Celeste was suddenly against Lola marrying Kyle, after hearing these revelations from Theo. Kyle was livid and told Theo he wanted nothing to do with him anymore. Still, Theo refused to give up on Kyle and even began threatening him with their secret. As the tension escalated, Kyle feared that Lola would find out about the major scandal. Theo believed Lola was judgmental and thought Kyle was a hot mess.

When Summer was invited to Kyle and Lola’s joint bachelorette and bachelor party, she brought Theo as her plus one. Summer and Theo made some snide comments during a video montage of Kyle and Lola, which angered Abby. As she and Summer argued, Theo made a speech and started to allude to their past, so Kyle interrupted him. A fight broke out between them, but Rey and Jack intervened before things got too physical.

Partying with Zoe

Summer gets annoyed with how Theo was treating Kyle and ends things with him. Before breaking up, Theo tells Summer his and Kyle's secret. Three years ago, an underage girl named Zoe got wasted at one of Kyle and Theo's parties. They dumped her at the ER, and Kyle later paid off Zoe's father. This irritates Summer even more, since Theo wasn’t even grateful to Kyle for handling the situation. Theo then gets in touch with Zoe, who has also become a social media influencer. He and Zoe crash Kyle and Lola’s wedding, much to Kyle's frustration. Theo had told Zoe that Kyle was haunted by the night she overdosed on alcohol. This made Zoe want to attend the wedding and let Kyle know she was all right. But Kyle just grows agitated, worrying now more than ever that Lola would learn the secret. Later, Summer confronts Theo about crashing the wedding to mess with Kyle. Summer acts upset, but Theo claims that deep down, she was glad because she still wants revenge on Kyle. Summer kisses him.

Since Theo vouched for Zoe, Abby lets her attend the Grand Phoenix opening as an influencer. Over a game of pool, Kyle wonders why Theo is so interested in his new job as interim CEO. Theo blurts that he's tired of seeing Kyle pretend to be someone he's not, but Kyle calls Theo out for being jealous of him. When Zoe spikes the sangria, Theo is the first to realize that the guests are drugged. He points the finger at Zoe as a possible suspect.

Working with Mariah

Devon offers Theo a job, but it's not the job that Theo wanted. He wants to run power of communications, but that position is already filled by Mariah. When Theo says that Mariah is inexperienced, Devon stands up for her. Quickly apologizing, Theo states that he just wants to stay in Genoa City and create his powerbase here. Devon forgives him, understanding his passion, but Devon later tells Mariah what Theo said. Aware that Theo may be gunning for her job, Mariah pretends to get along with him. At the same time, Theo is also pretending to be friendly with Mariah so that she'll let her guard down. Summer and Tessa are surprised to see Theo and Mariah drinking shots together like the best of pals. In the park, after helping their influencer clients, Theo hugs Mariah, declaring that they make a great team. This only makes Mariah trust him less. Underneath this facade of friendship, they are both wary of each other, each believing that they have the upper hand.

Theo makes a bold move and sets up a meeting with Tessa. He made it sound like Mariah would be there too, but she's not. It's just Theo and Tessa. Theo starts to explain that if Tessa wanted to do a live stream, he could tell her the best time to do it that would get her the most viewers. Tessa seems to think that his help might be valuable after all, but then she realizes that Theo is hitting on her. She says she's committed to Mariah, but Theo doesn't care.

Living with Regret

While comforting Summer over the loss of her grandfather, Theo opens up to her about his childhood. His father was a kind yet strong-willed man who was a union delegate for the Teamsters. They didn't have much money, but Theo's father was proud of his job and their small house. Then one day, when Theo was just 15, he woke up to discover that his dad had passed away from a heart-attack. Theo confides in Summer that he never got the chance to tell his father how proud he was to be his son. They'd spent the last few years arguing about trivial matters, and Theo regrets some of the things he said to him. Sitting sadly on the park bench, he laments that it's too late to take it back. It's too late to tell his father how much he meant to him. He'd give anything for just one more minute with his dad. That's why Theo always tries to seize the day and live every moment to the fullest. You never know how much time you have left with the people you care about.

After hearing this sorrowful story, Summer believes she is finally getting to know the real Theo. She jokes that under his hip exterior, he's got a heart. She understands Theo wishing to have just one more moment with his father, because Summer feels the same way about Victor. Theo's dad was an all-knowing, all-powerful presence in his life, much like Victor was for Summer. When Kyle texts, Summer leaves Theo on the bench, lost in thought.

Laughing with Lola

One day, Theo unexpectedly shows up in the kitchens of Society. As Lola chops veggies, Theo asks for her help in patching things up with Kyle. Distracted, Lola cuts her finger, causing Theo to faint. Later, Lola can't resist pulling a prank on Theo. She squirts red condiments on her hand, then feigns another knife injury. On the verge of passing out, Theo notices the condiments bottle and realizes that the blood is fake. Laughing, he thanks Lola for lifting his spirits. It was just what he needed to cheer him up after being fired by Devon. They joke around some more, and soon realize they actually have a lot in common. They both come from working-class families and have similar values. Throughout the fall, Theo and Lola form a growing friendship. When Lola gets the flu, Theo makes Lola smile by leaving some soup outside her door. Lola even asks Theo to be her taste-tester when Kyle is unavailable. According to Theo, her food is so good that it makes him want to hug someone.

Fun and games aside, Theo and Lola also have some deep and serious conversations, especially when Theo finds out he's Kyle's long-lost cousin. Lola is concerned about how Theo is handling the news, and listens as he worries about his identity. On the flipside, Theo and Summer never talk about anything meaningful. It's all surface-level between them. So, Theo breaks up with her and decides to focus on his new job at Jabot.

Celebrating with Family

With Christmas right around the corner, Theo visits the Abbott Mansion and shares some of his holiday traditions with Jack and Traci. They are fascinated to hear more about the Vanderways. Theo's mother was a teacher, and she always had time off in December. She was an expert at wrapping and hiding the gifts. No matter how hard Theo looked, he could never find them. Then, after going to church on Christmas morning, they would return home to find all the gifts, magically under the tree. Once all the presents were opened, they'd eat Oliebollen for breakfast. Theo had brought some Oliebollen for Jack and Traci to try, explaining to them that it means "oil balls." Another name for them is "Dutch Donuts." While Theo mulls over his traditions, he suddenly realizes how strange it all was, considering that he nor his father were actually Dutch. Traci reassures him that they are still beautiful memories. They eat the Oliebollen, which Traci and Jack love. Theo is invited to spend Christmas with the Abbotts . . . will he attend?

Alas, Theo opts to spend Christmas alone. He actually goes to Jabot to work instead. Summer runs into him there and wonders why he isn't celebrating with the Abbotts. Theo says it's because he feels like he doesn't fit in, but Summer believes there's another reason. She deduces that Theo is in love with Lola, and it'd be too painful for him to watch Lola and Kyle kissing under the mistletoe. Theo denies it . . . but is Summer right?

Dancing with Danger

Not wanting to spend another holiday in solitude, Theo attends the New Year's party at Society. While there, Theo can't help himself and he asks Lola to dance. Quickly intervening, Summer pulls him aways and asks him what he's doing. Cryptically, Theo answers that he's setting his intentions for the new year, and plans to get rid of anything standing in his way. In the following days, it becomes more obvious to people that Theo is hitting on Lola. Mariah calls him out on it and warns Theo to back off. Kyle, however, has run out of patience, and punches Theo in the face. Then, while on a business trip, Summer kisses Kyle, and this leads to Kyle and Lola breaking up. Theo is there to console Lola, who needs a shoulder to cry on. Jack accuses him of taking advantage, but Theo reasons that he couldn't just leave her while she was so upset. He was just being a supportive friend. Theo is furious at Kyle for treating Lola this way and causing her so much grief.

Stirring the pot even further, Theo blurts to Lola that Kyle and Summer already slept together, the very night they broke up. Lola has a bad reaction to the news and kisses Theo. Before it goes any further, Theo puts a stop to it. He knows that Lola would have regrets, and that would kill him. Lola realizes that Theo is right and walks away. Conflicted, Theo bangs his head against the refrigerator.

Scheming with Kendra

Theo continues to pursue Lola, who wants to take things slow. They plan a trip to New York together, which Theo is really looking forward to. Meanwhile, at Jabot, Theo befriends a disgruntled employee named Kendra. He then uses her to help him undermine Kyle. When Kendra gets her hands on some private emails, Theo says that they aren't scandalous enough to do any real damage. Theo wants something bigger and badder that he can use against Kyle. Leaving Kendra to dig up dirt, Theo focuses his attention on Lola. At Society one night, they chat over a dinner of pierogies, which Theo made himself. As the two of them grow closer, Theo begins to have second thoughts about his Kyle schemes. He tells Kendra to stop digging for the time being. However, when Lola cancels their New York trip, Theo is more disappointed than he lets on. He understands that Lola needs to support Rey and Sharon, but it's still a huge letdown. Soon, Lola is called away to Miami to fix a restaurant problem, and Theo goes back to scheming.

When Kyle and Theo's rivalry explodes, Jack knows he must settle the dispute once and for all. He gives them a contest to see who can come up with the best marketing pitch. Feeling panicked, Theo uses Kendra to spy for him. The plan completely backfires though, and Theo is caught stealing ideas. Fed up with him, Kyle fires Theo, and Jack does not object. Dejected, Theo vents to a silent Dina, waiting for Lola to return.

Bonding with Billy



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