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Tom Fisher
Roscoe Born as Tom Fisher
The Young and the Restless
Portrayed by Jonathan Fraser (2004)
Roscoe Born (2005-2006, 2009)
Current status Former, Recurring
Duration 2004-2006, 2009
First appearance April 9, 2004
Last appearance April 8, 2009
Created by Kay Alden
Trent Jones
John F. Smith
Introduced by David Shaughnessy
John F. Smith
Family The Fisher Family
Full name Thomas Fisher
Nickname(s) Tom, Terrible Tom
Alias(es) Tom Callahan
Gender Male
Died January 27, 2006
Cause of death Shot by John
Occupation Con man
Residence Genoa City, Wisconsin
Spouses Gloria Abbott Bardwell (1976-2004)
Romances Sheila Carter
Ashley Abbott
Children Kevin Fisher (son with Gloria)
Ryder Callahan (twin son with Sheila)
Daisy Carter (twin daughter with Sheila)
Grandchildren Lucy Romalotti (granddaughter; via Daisy)
Unnamed Child (grandchild, via Daisy)

Bella Fisher (granddaughter; via Kevin)
Miles Fisher (grandson; via Kevin)

Thomas Fisher, (sometimes referred to as Terrible Tom) was portrayed by Roscoe Born, formerly by Jonathon Fraser.

Fraser appeared as a younger Tom in 2004 flashbacks. Roscoe Born appeared as Tom from April 7, 2005 to January 27, 2006, last appearing in a flashback that depicted Tom's death. Born reprised his role as Tom for one episode in April 9, 2009.


Tom was the father of Kevin Fisher and was claimed to be father to the twins Daisy Carter and Ryder Callahan. He became Gloria Simmons second husband and the step-father of her son. Michael Baldwin.

Tom was a drunk and abused his wife, son, and step-son. He often locked Kevin in a closet, which caused him to severely develop claustrophobia. Michael left home as soon as he was old enough, and Gloria and Kevin eventually left Tom, but Gloria never filed for divorce, so she and Tom were still legally married.


In April 2005, Tom read the paper on Kevin winning the lottery. He referred to his son as a cockroach, and made plans to come to Genoa City where Kevin was. Tom arrived in Genoa City and broke into the apartment Michael shared with his fiancé Lauren Fenmore He stole some objects. Tom continued to spy on his former family for a bit before finally revealing himself to a horrified Kevin. Tom mockingly asked Kevin if he could give his old man a hug. Kevin told Tom if he came closer, he would destroy him. Kevin claimed not to be afraid of Tom anymore, but flinched when Tom raised his hand. Tom laughed and told Kevin that no matter how big he got, he'd always be a cockroach. Kevin broke down and asked Tom what he wanted. Tom told Kevin he heard he won the lottery and "suggested" that he should share the money with his father.

Tom went to the hospital and eavesdropped on the Abbott Family. He heard that Gloria had married the patriarch John Abbott. Tom later approached John's daughter Ashley Abbott, who admitted she was there for her father. Tom lied and said he was there for cat-scan, and said his family wasn't there. Ashley wished Tom luck and said she hopes things would work out with his family. To himself, Tom said they would.

Tom watched Michael in his office hiding in the dark. Michael knew Tom was in town and confronted his former stepfather. Michael told Tom that he was the true winner of the lottery and offered to pay him 10,000 to leave town. Tom was stunned, but agreed. Michael warned Tom that he would kill him if he ever saw him again.

Friendship with Ashley

Tom didn't stay gone for long as he quickly blew through the money and came back to town where he laid low and struck up a friendship with Ashley while she dated Paul Williams. Tom learned about Ashley's dislike for Gloria and talked her into giving Gloria a chance. Michael saw Tom and Ashley together, but didn't expose him. After Michael learned Tom was out of money and wondered why he was still in town. Tom said he wanted to reconnect with his sons and claimed to be a changed man.

Tom and Ashley were working out and Tom was impressed by how much Ashley can lift. Tom went tk the bathroom and when he came back, he found Ashley looking at his phone. Tom snapped at her menacingly, and Ashley warned him not to do it again. Tom apologized, and Ashley forgave him. Ton and Ashley continued to hang out, but Ashley realized Tom had feelings for her that she did not reciprocate. She told Tom she hopes they can be friends, and Tom said they can, but was secretly mad that Ashley didn't feel the same way about him. However, Tom controlled his anger since he had told his sons he has changed.

Tom went to see Michael, who figured out that Ashley had dumped him. He also realize that Tom had really fallen for Ashley was genuinely hurt. Tom said he had feelings like anyone, bur Michael relished in Tom's pain. Tom said he didn't want to have kids, but Gloria did, so he tried to be a father to Kevin, but they had nothing in common. Michael scoffed at Tom, saying it was more than an inability to connect; he abused a helpless child.

More determined then ever to get Tom out of their lives, Michael offered to pay Tom 20 000 dollars and an additional 10 000 for a year. Tom told Michael he will think about his offer.

Blackmailing Gloria

Tom went after Gloria who was married to the wealthy John Abbott. Apparently Tom and Gloria had never divorced. Fearful that John would find out, Gloria gave Tom money. Ashley Abbott, John's daughter, learned the truth and told Tom to leave their family alone.

Alliance with Sheila

In 2006, Tom stayed at the Motor Arms Motel when he was in town. Tom met Sheila Carter (using the alias Jennifer) while he was in town and the two became close. Gloria started to refuse to give Tom more money but Tom threatened to kill John so she kept doing it. Michael and Ashley conspired to get rid of Tom, so they planted drugs in his motorcycle. Tom was arrested, but had Sheila blackmail Gloria to get him out of jail. Tom then told John that he was still legally married to Gloria, and worked with Sheila to kidnap Lauren Fenmore (Sheila's nemesis and Michael's fiancé).

Tom believed they were going to hold Lauren for ransom. However, Sheila's real plan was to kill Lauren and Tom by blowing up the yacht they were using, and and set Tom up as the one killed Lauren. Lauren helped Tom realize this and he rescued her before the yacht exploded. Tom captured Lauren Sheila, and tied both women up in a bomb shelter and went to Gloria for more money.


Tom ducked down to avoid the cops. He saw a car and expected it to be Gloria, but it was John instead. Tom wondered what John was doing there, and John held a gun and threatened to shoot Tom. Tom told John he wouldn't shoot him, and went for the gun. John panicked and fired, hitting Tom in the chest. Tom fell to the ground and John fled the scene.

Ashley had witnessed the whole exchange between Tom and John, and called out to John, but he was long gone. Ashley picked up the gun and stood over Tom, who grabbed her leg. The paramedics were called, and Tom was loaded into am ambulance. Ashley was the number one suspect since she was found standing Tom with the gun.

Tom was taken to the hospital and surgery was performed on him to remove the bullet, and save his life. Surgeons were unable ton safely remove the bullet. Tom Fisher lay dying, and asked to see Michael and Kevin. He tried to tell Michael and Kevin that Lauren was alive, and that Sheila was his accomplice. Michael refused to listen to Tom, and Tom also tried to speak to Kevin. Kevin refused to listen, and Tom died without getting to say any final words to his sons.


Tom's body was cremated and Kevin poured his ashes down the sink, but the legacy of Terrible Tom didn't end there. John would end up going to prison for Tom's murder, but he would suffer a stroke while incarcerated that would wind up killing him.

In 2009, Tom haunted Kevin again when Clint Radison emulated him and traumatized Kevin to the point where he had a mental breakdown. Clint did this in the hopes of manipulating Kevin into doing his bidding. He had Kevin dress up as chipmunk and rob banks, making Kevin believe he was Tom. Clint died, but the damage was done to Kevin's psyche. He kidnapped his friend Amber Moore and forced her to be his accomplice.

Tom appeared to Kevin, who told his son that they were a team and that he loved him. The real Tom as he had truly been to Kevin soon appeared when Kevin's wife Jana Hawkes appeared beside Tom. Tom told Kevin that Jana was holding him back, and to let her go. When Kevin refused, Tom started turning abusive, and called Kevin weak. Kevin snapped out of his delusion when he imagined his father hitting him.

In 2010, it was claimed that Sheila gave birth to Tom's children, Daisy and Ryder. It is presumed they were conceived during Tom and Shiela's alliance in 2006 as they were somewhat intimate. Tom and Sheila also didn't appear to know each other prior to 2006.


  • Even though Tom is said to be the father of Daisy and Ryder, viewers noted that the couple had never even met until 2006, throwing doubt on the claims of the twins and their "aunt". It is equally possible that Daisy and Ryder were born in 2006, and rapidly aged within the span of three years to adults, which is common for soap characters, but not by that much in such a short amount of time. However, that doesn't mean they weren't, and have never even stated or hinted to be otherwise.