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Tyrone Jackson (aliases Leon, Robert Tyrone) was portrayed by Phil Morris.


Tyrone Jackson was an attorney.

In 1984, Jazz Jackson's younger brother Tyrone, a law student, arrived in Genoa City and became reacquainted with his brother. Shortly after arriving in town, Tyrone investigated the activities of Genoa City's local organized crime family, headed by Mr. Joseph Anthony. The mob boss ordered his henchman, Jazz, to kill Tyrone, unaware that Jazz was working undercover with Tyrone, and further unaware that Jazz was Tyrone's brother. To save both of their lives, Jazz took the corpse of a man whose face was damaged beyond recognition and fooled Anthony into believing that the body was Tyrone's. Meanwhile, Tyrone (who was a black man) used heavy theatrical make-up to disguise himself as a white man and infiltrate Anthony's organization.

Under the alias "Robert Tyrone", he quickly became one of Anthony's most trusted advisors. No one else was aware of the ruse except Jazz, Tyrone's former girlfriend, Amy Lewis, and private investigator Andy Richards. As part of his cover, Tyrone romanced Anthony's daughter, Alana Anthony, who was unaware of her father's criminal activities. After Alana fell in love with "Robert", her father insisted that he marry her. With Tyrone's help, Jazz and Andy managed to gather enough evidence to dismantle the organization, but their investigation was discovered by Anthony, who ordered their deaths. Tyrone broke his cover and convinced one of Anthony's men, "Kong", to help him save Jazz and Andy.

The police arrived to rescue the two men and bring Anthony to justice, but not before "Robert" and Alana were married. A shootout ensued and Anthony was killed. Because his assistance saved Jazz and Andy from certain death, Kong -- whose real name was Nathan Hastings -- was granted immunity from prosecution. He reformed and soon becomes a private investigator himself, replacing Andy at Paul Williams' detective agency. With the Anthony organization destroyed, "Robert" removed his disguise, revealing to a shocked Alana that his real name was Tyrone Jackson . . . and that he was black. Although initially hurt and betrayed, Alana became obsessed with Tyrone and claimed she still loved him, regardless of his true identity or the color of his skin.

Although Tyrone had developed genuine affection for Alana, he was not in love with her. After Alana finally accepted this, the couple had the marriage annulled and she left Genoa City. Tyrone attempted to reconcile with Amy, but discovered that she was more interested in Nathan.

In 1986, Tyrone -- now a licensed attorney -- left town.