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Victor Newman
Eric Braeden as Victor Newman
The Young and the Restless
Portrayed by Eric Braeden (1980-)
Current status Present, Contract
Duration 1980-
First appearance February 8, 1980
Introduced by William J. Bell
Family Newman
Full name Christian Miller (birth name)
Victor Newman (new name)
Nickname(s) The Great Victor Newman
Master of the universe
The Mustache
Black Knight
The Wicked Witch of Newman
(by Jack
Dr. Evil
Snidely Whiplash
Darth Victor (by Billy)
The Honeymoon Napper
Red Bellied Snake (by Phyllis)
The All Powerful Victor Newman (by Natalie)
Namesake(s) Victoria Nicole Newman
Nicholas Christian Newman
Victor Adam Newman Jr.
Noah Christian Newman
Christian Andrew Newman
Gender Male
Born March 14 (originally March 7 then March 6) [1]
Occupation Newman Advisor
Residence Newman Ranch
421 Larkspur Trail, Hwy B
Genoa City, Wisconsin
Parents Albert Miller
Cora Miller
Siblings Matt Miller
Rienette Miller
Spouses Julia Newman
Nikki Newman
(1984-1988, 2002-2008, 2013-)
Leanna Love
Ashley Abbott
(1990-1993, 2009)
Hope Adams Wilson
Diane Jenkins (1997-1999, 2011)
Sabrina Costelana Newman
(2008; deceased)
Meggie McClean
Sharon Newman
(2012; twice)
Romances Eve Howard
Lorie Brooks
Jill Abbott
Cassandra Rawlins
Ramona Caceres
Genevieve Atkinson
Elise Moxley
Meredith Gates
Helen Wallace
Children Unnamed child †
(with Julia)
Victoria Newman
Nicholas Newman
(with Nikki)
Adam Newman
(with Hope)
Abby Newman
Hope Newman †
(with Ashley)
Dylan McAvoy (stepson)
Grandchildren Cassie Newman † (adoptive)
Noah Newman
Claire Grace
Summer Newman
Faith Newman
Reed Hellstrom
Johnny Abbott (adoptive)
Riley Newman
Connor Newman
Katie Newman
Christian Newman
Dominic Phillip Newman-Abbott-Chancellor
Ava Hope Newman
Great-grandchildren Harrison Abbott (adoptive, via Summer)
Grandparents John Miller †
Pets Zapato
I don't give a damn!
— Victor Newman's catchphrase

Victor Newman (born Christian Miller) is a resident of Genoa City, played by actor Eric Braeden since February 1980. The character briefly appeared on The Bold and the Beautiful in 1999. Victor was originally intended to be a short-term character as part of a six-month storyline, but developed into a male lead protagonist/antagonist and antihero. Braeden won a Daytime Emmy Award in 1998 for Lead Actor in a Drama Series for the role.

Much of his history on the series revolves around his long-running conflict with rival businessman Jack Abbott (portrayed originally by Terry Lester, and since 1989 by Peter Bergman), his ruthless nature, many marriages, and the infamous triangle involving Victor and ex-wife, Ashley Abbott and wife, Nikki Newman.


Christian Miller was the son of Albert and Cora Miller. He had one younger brother, Matt Miller.

In 1953, Albert abandoned his family because he never wanted a son or children and he don't know how he felt about his wife he had, about the son he had, and about the son he is about to have. Albert wasn’t a family man and he was in over his head. So he just decided to found a way out by pretending that he decided to take off and he ostensibly was looking for another job. And he did. He never came back. Albert didn't have the guts to stay around. Didn't raise his family, just left, up and left. Later, Albert became a wealthy man. His father ran out on them. His mother couldn't afford to keep him. On Christmas Eve in 1954, When Christian was seven his mother put him in an orphanage because she was unable to provide for him and his brother. His mother was so poor that she had to leave him in that orphanage so that he would have a place to sleep and to eat. His mother's coat was too tight in the sleeves. And she promised to her son she mend it before she left. But then she would have had to say goodbye. And she couldn't do that. His sleeve was torn at the elbow because he didn't want to leave his mother. A woman in the orphanage had to tear him away from her arms. He was left alone, no father, no mother. In the orphanage, Christian is wasn't all right. He cried himself to sleep every night. he wanted his mother to come back and get him, or mend the hole in his sleeve, but she never came back. It was sometimes unbearable for him. He grew up in the orphanage, and no one ever came to check up on him, he didn't even know he had any parents. So every night he went to bed, and every morning he woke up, He asked the same question, "How do I fit in?". Till finally, one day Christian realized he was alone. And he got very angry. He just realized that he had to survive if he wanted to get the hell out of this place. It made him who he is. It made him strong. It made him fight. This gave Christian a strong determination to be successful and independent. After he left the orphanage he changed his name to Victor Newman because he declared himself a victorious new man. Sometime later, One Day, His father Albert returned and came back to visit his family only to disappear again. And he faked his own death because he didn't want his success to trickle down to his sons or his wife that he left behind destitute. And he never looked back.


Victor originally came to Genoa City in 1980 to help Katherine Chancellor run Chancellor Industries. He brought his wife Julia Newman with him and bought a ranch from Katherine and renamed it the Newman Ranch. Victor kept Julia a recluse in the ranch house while he worked. Longing for work of her own, Julia took a modeling job with photographer Michael Scott who was attracted to her. Victor became jealous and when Julia turned up pregnant, he was convinced that the baby was Michael's. In retaliation, Victor imprisoned Michael in the old bomb shelter on the ranch. Julia found Michael and freed him.

While they were attempting to flee the Newman Ranch, Victor happened upon the pair and a fist fight between Michael and Victor ensued. Julia involved herself in the crossfire and suffered a terrible fall leading her to miscarry. Blood tests eventually proved that Victor was, in fact, the father before Julia and Michael left town together.

Nikki, Ashley, Leanna and Hope[]

On the business front, Victor built a corporate empire called Newman Enterprises, which gave him an estimated net-worth of somewhere between $18-$60 billion. Victor subsequently commenced a relationship with Nikki Reed which became a decades long on again/off again romance. They conceived two children together, Victoria Newman and Nicholas Newman. During his first marriage to Nikki, Victor had an affair with Ashley Abbott. Ashley became pregnant with Victor's child and soon had an abortion, a move she lived to regret. Grief over the loss of the offspring tore Victor and Ashley apart though Victor still loved her.

Leanna "Love" Randolph was hired by both Victor and Jack Abbott to write a biography of Victor. Jack's version of the book was intended to be a tell all entitled Ruthless: The Victor Newman Story. Without Jack's knowledge, Leanna added a chapter which exposed Victor and Ashley's affair. Believing Nikki was behind the publication, Victor divorced her and married Leanna. They were later divorced. To get revenge on Jack for his role in publishing the book, Victor took over Jack's family company, Jabot Cosmetics. Out of revenge, Jack married Nikki. Victor responded by offering to give Jabot back if Jack agreed to end the marriage. He accepted the deal, but did not get his family company back because of a loophole Victor put in the deal.

Victor and Ashley, who visited a cottage they attended during their affair, reunited and eventually wed. His daughter Victoria, who returned to town, was discontented with the marriage and attempted to separate them. The relationship ended when Nikki's health troubles drew Victor back to her. After contributing to the death of both Nikki and Jack's unborn child, Victor left town and ended up on a farm in Kansas where he met Hope Adams. The two fell in love and he brought her back to Genoa City. They marred and had a son, Victor Adam Newman. They later divorced and Hope returned to her farm in Kansas.

Jack vs. Victor[]

Forwarding his animosity for Jack, Victor married Jack's former girlfriend, Diane Jenkins. He divorced her after Nikki was wounded and thought to be dying. He supposedly remarried her on her deathbed, intending to remarry Diane after Nikki died. However, Nikki remarkably survived leaving Diane concerned for her relationship with Victor, who broke it off with her.

Victor and Nikki officially remarried in 2002 after the acknowledgement that their prior wedding was invalid because Nikki survived. Nikki was interested in a third child. Victor refused and decided to get a vasectomy, but went through a process where he had some sperm stored in a sperm bank. Diane, who still loved Victor, stole it planning to impregnate herself with his child. The sperm was stolen from her multiple times from Nikki and Ashley respectively. In the end, Diane became pregnant with Jack's child through his sperm bank donation and Ashley became pregnant with Victor's daughter, Abby Newman. Abby's paternity was not revealed to Victor until Abby told him when she was five.

Victor was diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy due to head trauma he received while rescuing Nikki from a car-jacking attempt. Jack learned of this and took advantage of Victor for quite some time. In the process, however, a strange friendship formed between them, one which Victor continued to play upon once he had the condition under control. Ultimately, he felt betrayed by Jack once again, although this time it was more personal because of their friendship. Victor revealed the truth to Jack when he informed him that he knew the truth about Jack, not Ji Min Kim, owning Jabot.

Adam and Sabrina[]

Victor left Genoa City to be at Hope's bedside as she suffered her final moments with pancreatic cancer. On her death bed, she explained to Victor, Jr., now going by Adam Wilson, that Victor was his biological father. Hope had raised their son with Cliff Wilson after she and Victor divorced, changed Victor, Jr.'s last name to Wilson and let him think Cliff was his father. Hope eventually succumbed to the cancer that was eating away at her, and it was Victor's strong wish that his son would join him at Newman Enterprises. Eventually a grown Adam came to Genoa City. With Victor at odds with the rest of his family, Adam filled the void as both son and right-hand-man.

In 2008, Victor fell in love Sabrina Costelana, a friend of Victoria's from Florence, Italy. Victoria disapproved of their relationship and was angry when they decided to marry. Nick also disapproved but was more angry at his father for his controlling ways in business. Victor shifted Victoria's position within Newman Enterprises and gave it to Adam, which increased her bitterness about Adam's presence, enough so that she decided to leave her father's company. Adam then moved into Victoria's office at Newman and accepted Victor's offer to reside at the ranch. Victor created further tension in the family by giving Adam full reign over the company's cosmetics line. On June 20, 2008, Victor and Sabrina married. On August 1, 2008, Sabrina Newman died as the result of a car crash that also kills David Chow.

Her death led to a downward spiral for Victor who was out for revenge against Walter Palin, the man responsible for Sabrina's death. He went to Mexico planning to kill him. He instead idd nothing to save him when the boat they went out on was taken down in a storm. Nikki reached out to Victor, who rejected her. His children met with the same rejection. He also discharged Adam when he learned of his crude ways while absent. Nikki then contacted Ashley knowing she would be able to reach Victor while she could not. Ashley searched for Victor in Paris where she brought him back from his suicidal depression and the two romantically reunited.

Ashley, Mary Jane and Victor's New Heart[]

They return to Genoa City and Victor was arrested for the murder of Walter. While Victor was gone, Jack and Adam created and publish a fake diary of Victor, forging his confession to the murder. Victor was cleared of the crime and only Adam was arrested for his part in it as Jack profoundly covered his acts so he was not deemed responsible whatsoever. Adam was imprisoned while Victor pursued revenge against Jack by gaining controlling interest in Jabot and pitting the Abbott siblings against each other--even though doing so hurt Ashley as well. He later relinquished his shares of the company to Jill Abbott in exchange for her agreement to the exhuming of Marge Cotroke's body, whom Jill, at the time, believed to be her mother, Katherine Chancellor. Ashley decided to name her baby with Victor, Hope Newman, even though she miscarried.

Continuing his plans for revenge against Jack, Victor began to interact with a bandaged female figure for whom he had financed plastic surgery so she could infiltrate Jabot. The woman later introduced herself to the Abbott family as Mary Jane Benson and was hired in Public Relations at Jabot. Victor's and Mary Jane's business relationship became aggravated when Mary Jane started acting suspiciously and Victor planned to pay her to get away from Genoa City. On July 14, 2009, Victor remarried Ashley in a small ceremony at the Newman Ranch. On August 4, 2009, Victor's dog Zapato was suspected to have been poisoned by Mary Jane who was making trouble for the Newman family. After examination by the vet Zapato died, leaving Victor's wife Ashley even more upset. Nikki came by later that night during a thunderstorm and told Victor that she called off her wedding to Paul Williams because she was still in love with the one man she had loved her entire life: Victor Newman. Nikki assured Victor that she only wanted him to understand how she felt and had no intention of getting him back but despite his other marriages and children Nikki still thought of Victor as her husband, and she left town. When Victor confronted Patty Williams, she shot him, causing him to have heart failure. Victor was saved by a heart transplant from Colleen Carlton, who was pronounced brain-dead after accidentally falling into the lake while fleeing from Patty. Nikki returned when she heard of Victor's condition, and Victor declared his love for her. Ashley overheard, and decided to divorce Victor. Victor agreed to let Ashley and their children stay at the ranch, and on October 30, 2009, leaves for a transplant rehab program in Europe with Nikki.

Victor and Nikki returned to Genoa City after their time at the rehab center in Belgium. Victor found Adam and Nick in a fight at Newman Enterprises and informed them that he would retake control of the company and undo everything they had done. When Tucker McCall took over Chancellor Industries, Victor vowed that he would help Katherine in every way he could even if it meant working with his long time enemy Jack Abbott. Victor fired Adam, who got hired by Tucker. then went to Billy Abbott who published an article on Adam in which Victor stated, "my son is a sociopath" and other harsh criticisms. The article caused much anger toward Victor that exploded at the Genoa City Athletic Club where Adam confronted Victor. Victor knocked Adam to the floor in front of the Newmans and the Abbotts disowning Adam in the process. It was later revealed that the whole thing was a scheme to distract Tucker but the plan wasn't Victor's idea, as Adam thought, but was Nick's.

Gloria, Adam and The Hunt[]

Tucker put Jabot up for auction and Jack and Ashley put up an enormous amount of money to buy back their father's company. Adam had secretly made a key for Tucker's office and used it to look at the sealed bids. Adam sent the bids to Victor who at the last minute made the top offer and won control of Jabot. Victor went to Jabot and told both Jack and Ashley that they had a week to clear out their offices and made Gloria Fisher ambassadress at Jabot.

Adam was found dead after the Genoa City Police Department ball's explosion at the club and it was ruled a homicide. Both Victoria and Nick were arrested. In order to protect his children, Victor told the police that he murdered Adam for what he had done to Victor's family. The police didn't believe him and kept both him and Nick in custody. Victor was eventually released, but even though there was evidence that points to Adam killing a man named Richard Hightower to fake his death, Nick was charged with Adam's murder. Despite the fact that there was proof that Hightower was in Adam's grave, the District Attorney decided to charge Nick with Adam's murder. Victor went to Canada to look for Adam and befriended a barmaid named Meggie McClean. He noticed Adam's watch on a man named Charlie Shaw and attacked him. Shaw told Victor that he would take him to Adam, but knocked him out and stole his cellphone and wallet. Victor, with Meggie's help, threatened his life and Shaw took him on his boat, but turned on him by locking him in the boat and shooting it. Victor tried to use a radio to get help but was electrocuted. Jack showed up and got him out.

Victor went to Brazil with Sharon Newman and found Adam alive and well. Victor brought Adam to justice where Adam still managed to not be convicted for Richard's murder. Nick, however, was finally cleared. Meggie showed up at the Newman Ranch asking for asylum from Shaw who she said had burned her bar in Canada to the ground. Meggie became Nikki's personal assistant and seemed to be genuine but soon began spiking recovering alcoholic Nikki's drinks with vodka. Meanwhile, his daughter Abby wanted her inheritance but was denied by her parents. Jack began to advise her behind the scenes so she could get her money and so he could take yet another jab at Victor.

Billy, Victoria's Arrest and Meggie[]

Victor was not happy about Victoria being with Billy Abbott because of him being Jack's brother and because he often wrote articles on the Newmans. Victor and Victoria started fighting and Nikki convinced him to make peace with her. They stopped by her house and learned she was pregnant with Billy's child and they were getting married. Victor got Victoria arrested on her wedding thinking she would get taken away before she said I do but she was really arrested after.

He had the charges dropped but Victoria refused to forgive him. They got in a fight that caused Victoria to lose the baby. In November, Meggie drugged Victor. Victor and Meggie landed in Reno and signed a marriage certificate. The Reno officials assured Meggie that the paperwork would be filed that day making her and Victor husband and wife. On the Newman jet, Victor and Meggie were married. Back at the ranch, Victor drank a cocktail Meggie made for him.

He struggled to get up, a deep guttural moan emanating from his throat. Meggie asked him if his chest hurt and told him it would be over very soon. Victor was in agony. Meggie said "What's the matter, tough guy - not feeling well? To call an ambulance or not call an ambulance . . . well, really why waste the money? And it is MY money, or it will be . . . if you would just hurry up and die!" Suddenly, Victor sprang to life and grabbed Meggie by the hair. "What's the rush?" he asked.

Meggie's Fall and A Breakup[]

Victor told Meggie he wasn't dead yet, not even close. He told her he found the drugs she was going to use and switched them with fake ones. Victor told Meggie she was in a lot of trouble. Meggie broke free of his grip just as Ronan Malloy, Heather and Murphy came in. Meggie realized she was in deep. When Victor walked in on Nikki and Deacon Sharpe in bed together at Solidarity House, he became very upset. Victor had Deacon kicked out. Victoria arrived to overhear a staff member tell Deacon that he was kicked out of the rehab facility.

Meanwhile, Victor told Nikki all about Meggie's plan to get Nikki to fall off the wagon so Meggie could marry and kill him. Nikki asked if Meggie had hurt him. Victor said she didn't and that he was fine. Nikki didn't believe him because she knew she had hurt him. She apologized, and said she should've known better but everything was upside down since she lost her sobriety. She said her only constant thought through the whole thing had been loving him.

Victor told her she disgusted him and asked if she loved him when she slept with that slimeball. Nikki said it was the alcohol. Victor yelled at her to never come near him again because they were finished! Nikki told him not to say that but Victor yelled again that they were finished! Nikki said they were so close to getting everything back. Victor yelled they were never close and they were finished! Nikki asked him how he could say that. Victor yelled he would never forgive her!

Nikki, Abby and Kyle[]

Nikki Newman asked him how he could be so cold because she loved him. She asked what she would do without him. Victor yelled "I don't give a damn!" Nikki begged him but Victor said sternly that he would never lay hands on her again. Nikki yelled for him as he stormed out. The next day, Victor stopped by Abby's house and asked if it was Pericles hanging out in front of the house. Abby told her father that Tucker McCall bought the horse back for her because he knew how much the horse meant to her because he was a symbol of her father's love.

Victor said Abby traded that horse for money and said it was symbolic before walking out leaving Abby teary eyed. Victor and Jack Abbott conspired to invest in the Newman Fund as the NA Partnership along with some other friends of Jack’s intending to pool their money and destabilize the fund then shorting the shares when Skye Lockhart Newman and Adam Newman would be forced to sell. In December 2010 on the patio at the coffeehouse, Victor ran into Diane Jenkins and Kyle Abbott. Victor chatted with Kyle about Christmas and Diane mentioned that Kyle had spent the holidays with his dad.

Victor noticed Kyle's hockey bag and invited the boy to move to the ranch to enjoy ice-skating, riding snowmobiles and enjoying the horses. Diane sent Kyle away to get her a coffee refill. Diane reproached Victor for enticing Kyle to move to the ranch. Victor told Diane that the invitation would remain open should she decide to accept it. After Sharon Newman left, Victor stopped by the jail looking for her. Adam peered under the table and flippantly informed Victor that Sharon wasn't present. Victor angrily warned Adam not to play games because he'd regret it.

Framing Adam for Skye's murder[]

Victor double crossed Jack and crashed the Newman fund, costing Jack as much as it caused Adam and Skye. Adam and Skye got in a huge fight because he had signed over his half of the Newman fund to Skye, meaning she was left holding the bag. Skye called Victor and he offered to help her disappear and start over. She agreed and Victor went about framing Adam.

Adam shot back that he wasn't afraid of his father and rhetorically inquired what additional damage Victor could inflict. Adam spitefully remarked that Victor's plan to frame him for murder was ironic because Victor's victim, Walter Palin, was actually dead. Adam added that if he possessed none of his mother's goodness that would mean he was like his father and he would prove that Victor was framing him. Victor insincerely wished his son good luck. After Victor stepped out, Adam whispered, "Aloha, Victor." After Sharon Newman left Nicholas Newman's house, Victor stopped by and asked about her.

Nick explained that Sharon had stopped by earlier and said she was heading to the airport. Victor wondered aloud if the trip was connected to Adam, but Nick said he did not know. After Victor returned to the ranch house, he phoned an investigator and ordered him to monitor charges on Sharon Newman's credit card. Victor later learned that Sharon had made plane reservations and he instructed the investigator to let him know about Sharon's car rentals and hotel accommodations. After Diane visited and left, Victor phoned someone and told them to have everything ready because he was heading to Hawaii.

In Hawaii, Victor snooped around Skye's shack and noticed a brochure about touring volcanoes. After Sharon left the post office shop with a tour group, Victor arrived and found out about Sharon's visit. He found Sharon and Skye arguing on top of a volcano and witnessed as Skye fell into the volcano and Sharon tried to help her. Victor then set fire to Skye's shack, destroying any evidence of Skye's presence in Hawaii.

Adam was eventually exonerated, but Sharon was arrested for Skye's murder. Despite Adam's best efforts, Sharon was convicted and sentenced to thirty years in prison. Sharon skipped town and was presumed dead in a car accident, but she was eventually tracked down and brought back to Genoa City. Victor hired Avery Bailey Clark to represent Sharon, and Avery succeeded in exonerating Sharon and Skye's death was ruled as an accident.

Marriage to Sharon, Amnesia, and return[]

In 2012, Victor married Sharon Newman, but he ran away only a day after their wedding, likely after falling off of his horse, and contracting amnesia. Tucker McCall had Genevieve searching for him. Nikki was also searching for Victor. However, Sharon called off the search for her new husband, so that she can keep control of his multi-billion dollar company. She later starts an affair with Tucker. Believing Victor to be dead, Sharon decides to marry Tucker after the funeral. However, Victor reveals himself to be alive. He not only annulls their marriage, but he also throws Sharon in jail for what she did to his business.

Jack became addicted to pain killers, so Victor sought to use that to his advantage. He hired Stephanie Gayle, a prostitute, to seduce Jack. Stephanie ended up overdosing and died. Adam helped Jack hide the body and cover up his involvement.

Unfortunately, Stephanie was the daughter of Congressman Marcus Wheeler. Wheeler blackmailed Victor with the knowledge that he had hired Stephanie to seduce Jack, causing them to butt heads. Victor's constant threats unnerved Wheeler so he hired a hit man to kill Victor and blow up the Newman Ranch. As the hit man took aim at Victor, Adam pulled him out of the way and was shot instead. Victor and Jack teamed up and managed to get Wheeler implicated in the murder of Belinda Rogan, but Wheeler managed to escape the charges. Victor told Wheeler he would get justice for his family and Wheeler was arrested soon after when the hit man. implicated Wheeler as his boss.

Partnership with Adam[]

Victor felt indebted to Adam for saving his life and decided to try and have a relationship with his estranged son. Victor hired Adam at Newman and their new relationship began.

Adam offered to completely buy back Newman Enterprises, but wouldn't tell Victor who his mysterious investor was. Victor did some digging and discovered that Jack was Adam's mysterious investor. Victor was furious with Adam for teaming up with Jack and he and Adam couldn't get past the fact that Adam and Jack had become friends.

Adam and Jack supposedly plotted to steal Newman Enterprises from Victor, but Victor gained the upper hand when a letter from Katherine's will named him as the head of Chancellor Industries. Victor then merged Newman Enterprises and Chancellor Industries, creating Newman-Chancellor

Connor Newman and Adam's disappearance[]

Victor soon learned that Adam was the father of Chelsea Lawson's son Connor. Victor wanted to be a part of his grandson's life, but Adam and Chelsea were determined that Victor would not be a part of Connor's life. When Delia Abbott was killed in a hit and run accident, Victor was enlisted to help find the driver. To his dismay, he discovered that Adam was the driver but decided to blackmail him so he could have access to his grandson.

Eventually, Billy discovered that Adam was the driver and the two were involved in a car crash. Billy survived, but Adam was declared missing and presumed dead when the car exploded and it was believe he was still inside. Victor mourned his son's death and Nick and Victoria disowned him when they learned he knew Adam was the driver and didn't say anything to anyone.

Victor helped Chelsea recover Connor when Chloe Mitchell kidnapped him and took him to Paris. Chelsea began to trust Victor, but Jack warned her that she couldn't trust Victor. Chelsea later enlisted Victor's help to find out whether Adam was alive or dead.

Eventually, Victor's investigator found a body two towns over, whose dental records were a match for Adam's. Victor Called Chelsea over to tell her the news. Chelsea refused to believe it, but eventually broke down on Victor's shoulder. Meanwhile, a mysterious man, possibly Adam, was seen paying a man off. The man told him that Victor can't know he was involved.

Ian Ward and Mariah Copeland[]

When Nick and Sharon started getting close again, Victor was determined to prevent them from getting back together, so he paid a woman named Mariah, who looked identical to his deceased adoptive granddaughter Cassie Newman, to gaslight Sharon. Mariah eventually learned that Sharon had a secret and Victor ordered her to find out what Sharon was hiding. That plan went awry though when Sharon touched Mariah and was convinced that Cassie was alive. Victor decided to pay Mariah to disappear, fearing that Sharon would discover the truth if Mariah kept pushing her.

Mariah didn't listen and stayed in town, claiming to feel guilt over what she did to Sharon. Nick eventually encountered Mariah and learned Victor had hired her to gaslight Sharon. Nick was furious and disowned Victor as his father. Soon the other Newman family members heard what he had done. Nikki moved out of the ranch and Noah quit working at Newman, and severed ties with Victor. Victor got back in Abby's good graces when he had Mariah, who was trying to cause problems between Abby and Tyler Michaelson, arrested and shipped back to Portland.

Victor became enraged when Ian Ward started harassing Nikki. Victor threatened him several times to leave town, but Ian wouldn't listen, so Victor had his goons assault Ian. Victor knew Mariah was getting close to Sharon and when he saw her with Ian, he and Nick decided to work together. Victor was stunned when Nick's investigation lead to the revelation that Mariah was Cassie's twin sister, stolen by Ian and Helen Copeland.

Phyllis Returns and Sharon's secret[]

Victor became determined to discover a secret Sharon was keeping from Nick., worried that it would hurt Nick. He teamed up with Mariah, who agreed to help him for money. Mariah found out that Phyllis knew about Sharon's secret, so Victor went about finding a way to wake Phyllis up. He discovered an experimental drug that would wake Phyllis up, but he needed her families permission.

Victor arranged for Daniel to be sent out of the Country on a art show. Daniel gave Summer power of attorney, so Victor tricked Summer into signing power of attorney over to him. With Summer's signature, Victor was able to convince the doctor to use the drug on Phyllis. Phyllis woke up, but seemed catatonic. Victor visited over the course of days, but nothing changed.

Mariah overheard Sharon talking in her sleep. Through a misunderstanding, Mariah assumed Sharon was referring to Faith. Mariah told Victor that Faith wasn't Nick's daughter. Though Victor laughed at the notion, he took Summer's hairbrush and DNA from Nick then headed to a lab in Switzerland. While in Switzerland, Victor learned that Phyllis had escaped and he ordered the doctor to find her. Victor had Mariah update him on the events that took place at Nick and Sharon's wedding.

The DNA test proved that Faith was Nick's, and Phyllis wasn't cooperating; so Victor was back to square one. When Mariah took Faith trick or treating , she told Victor to let Nick and Sharon be happy. Victor realized that Mariah had reconciled with Sharon and warned her that she was making a mistake siding with Sharon. Summer showed and asked Victor how he ended up with her hairbrush. Victor realized that he tested Summer's hair, which meant she was Nick's daughter and not Jack's.

Victor, Nick, and Jack found Phyllis and Sharon at the stairway where Phyllis fell. Sharon tearfully admitted she had changed the DNA test to say that Jack was Summer's father. Nick was furious and wanted nothing to do with Sharon, much to Victor's delight. Nick also planned to sue Sharon for custody of Faith.

Maureen Russell[]

Victor heard Maureen Russell, call Nikki Sherry and questioned why she called Nikki Sherry. Maureen understood the situation and apologized for confusing her with someone else. Maureen officially met Victor at the Athletic Club and introduced herself and reminding him that they briefly met and she's good friends with Nikki, and she's also Stitch and Kelly's mother. Maureen told Victor that Nikki was at a meeting because he was trying to get a hold of her. Victor assured her that the quickest way to become his enemy is to mess with his family. Victor confronted Nikki about this and Nikki said she lied to her for an excuse.

Maureen trapped pregnant Victoria in the storage closet of Jabot after Vicki realized that Maureen killed her husband not Ben!! Maureen called Stitch having a heart attack and Stitch safely got her into the hospital. Stitch arrived at Vicki's only to find Billy and bratty Abby. Billy and Stitch rushed off to find Victoria and eventually did and birthed the baby together. Stitch told Victor he wasn't the one who killed his father, and Victor respected him because of his loyalty to protect his family. When Victor got in Maureen's room he yelled at her and Maureen claimed she has a little story for him too. Nikki and Victor walked out before Maureen could spill the secret of Nikki's alcoholism. Victor was delighted to see the new baby. Victor was very disappointed when the test results came in and turned out the father is Billy Abbott.

Corporate Espionage and Working with Joe Clark[]

Victor hired, Tobias, to be a lab technician and spy for Jabot to find out Ashley's new formula. Ashley was originally very impressed that he kept putting in extra hours. Ashley caught Tobias taking photos of papers. Ashley told her brother, Jack Abbott, she knew that new employee, Tobias, had been spying on the formula for Victor Newman. She assured him that the information he received was bogus. Jack warned Ashley that Victor's just going to make a counterattack with another brilliant move. He handed the formula to Victor, but it was discovered that it was just used to make tequila. Tobias offered to hand in his resignation, but Victor told him too keep spying for him at Jabot. Ashley eventually fired Tobias, but unbeknownst to her, Victor had wiretapped her office.

On Christmas Eve, Victor was angry to find Nick and Sharon getting along. They maintained they were getting along so Faith could have a good Christmas.

Victor also is working with Joe Clark to redevelop the land that Crimson Lights was on. Victor didn't tell any of his family that he was behind it and had Joe do all the dirty work. Kevin Fisher found out that Victor was behind it and told Dylan and Avery about it. Dylan publicly confronted Victor about it, and Nikki was furious with him. Victor tried to buy Dylan off, but Dylan refused to be bought. Later, Dylan was assaulted by two masked man, who stole money. Paul accused Victor of being behind it to try and intimidate Dylan. Victor later accused Joe of sending the thugs to beat up Dylan.

Victoria advised Victor to let go of Chancellor, so he didn't have to resort to dirty tactics to keep it from failing. Victor had all of Ashley's lab equipment seized, and obtained the formula. After talking with Stitch, Victoria threatened to cut Victor out of Katie's life if he insisted on using such low tactics. Jill tried to buy Chancellor from Victor, but he stubbornly refused to let it go. When Victor saw how much his actions were hurting Nikki, he decided to stop the redevelopment project. Victor called Jill and told her to get money ready by noon the next day because Chancellor would be up for sale to the highest bidder.

Joe Clark realized he's not getting Avery back any time soon and called Victor calling off the deal. Victor then told Nikki he ended the redevelopment plan for her which made her very happy.

Underground collapse & New Plan to destroy Jack[]

On Valentine's Day, Nikki and Victor were at the Underground along with much of the Y&R gang. Nikki was upset that Victor brought Phyllis as his date on Valentine's Day. Nikki was bickering with Victor when he called her out on being drunk! Nikki continued to have several drinks. The roof caved in on the whole group. Nikki and Phyllis sprung up first and Nikki was glad to see Victor. Victor found Jack out cold and saved his life by giving him CPR. Nikki and Phyllis were glad he was still alive. Victor immediately stated he saved Jack's life and Jack eventually said ""Adam". Victor shushed Phyllis and Jack from comforting each other and asked Jack about Adam. Jack said "Adam is..." Phyllis and Nikki made it out first while their was a second collapse on Jack and Victor. Nikki, Phyllis, Ashley, and Avery were very worried about them. Jack made it out alive. Nick drove Nikki home with Vicky with them.  Nikki got home and blatantly started pouring herself some vodka and drinking, scaring her kids. Victor appeared in the house and drank Nikki's glass.

Victor and Jack were put in the same hospital due to lack of available space. Victor and Jack continued arguing. Victor kept stating he saved his life! Victor asked about Jack's love life with Kelly and Phyllis when Jack stated it's none of his business. Jack and Victor agreed to stay civil enemies and not to argue anymore. It is later revealed that Victor was deceiving Jack, and is working with Kelly Andrews as well as someone else, who meets in a confessional at the hospital chapel, and churches.

Victor has Kelly "confess" to poisoning Phyllis, and they make plans for her to leave the country. Victor is outraged when Kelly reveals she had to knock Phyllis over the head, but still decides to help her. Victor procured a fake photo of Kelly on the morgue and claims she is dead.

Victor's mysterious ally is revealed to be Marco Anacelli, who has a remarkable resemblance to Jack. Victor had found Marco in a prison in Peru. He got him out and had him frame Jack to make it look like he was committing corporate espionage. On Jack and Phyllis' wedding night, Victor had Jack kidnapped and Marco took his place. Victor handed Jack over to Kelly on St. Barts island while he and Marco began their plot.

"Jack" and Victor publicly made a truce, which made the Abbotts suspicious. "Jack" also agreed to merging Jabot and Newman together, giving Victoria a higher position of power within in the company. However, Victor would constantly have to try and keep Marco in line with threats about sending him back to his prison in Peru.

Victor's plan spiralled out of control when he found out that Kelly was dead and that Jack had escaped. Marco later tells him that Jack is dead, and Victor is furious that Marco orchestrated the events that led to Jack's death. on Father's Day, Victor was arrested for embezzlement, but was released. Marco phoned Victor and asked to meet in the park. Victor met with Marco and shot him without a word. Gabriel came out of the bushes and told Victor if he gave him Newman, he would keep quiet about what he saw.

Victor was eventually arrested after Gabriel broke their deal, and incarcerated. Victor was interrogated multiple times by Vicki, Nikki, Ashley, and Phyllis about his motivation for shooting Jack. Sharon agreed to take Faith to see Victor, and Victor thanked Sharon and told her he wouldn't forget her kindness. He bribed a guard to have cell phone privileges, and called Nikki. Neil intercepted the call and told Victor to stay away from Nikki. Victor was later released from jail, learned from Marisa Sierras that he had actually shot Jack and not Marco.

The Paragon Project and Adam's return[]

Victor went to the hospital where he and Jack and it out. Jack was determined that now he would have the upper hand over Victor because of what Victor put him through. Victor smugly reminded Jack of the paragon project that could get Jack arrested. This got Jack to keep quiet about Marco, and Victor returned the company as CEO. He told Gabriel that he reminded him of his son Adam. Gabriel stepped down as CEO and Victor reclaimed control of his company. He decided to keep Abby on as his second in command due to the good work she was doing.

Victor, Jack, Phyllis, and Marisa worked together to get Marco out of Genoa City. Victor had Marco returned to the Pervian Prison and also had one of his ears removed, so they could tell Marco apart from Jack if he ever came back. With the dyer officially over, Victor announced his intentions to keep Abby as well as Chelsea's clothing line. Gabe and Chelsea returned from Paris. Both Newman and Abbott bid on Chelsea's clothing line, and Newman won the bid. Victor then told Gabriel he intended to cut him out of Connor's life.

Victor and Jack made a deal to work together to find out who was behind the paragon project. When Victor discovered a virus in Newman's systems, he enlisted Kevin's help to block the virus from infiltrating the system. Chelsea's clothing line skyrocketed in sales, and when Jabot bought a Newman subsidiary that was put up for sale without Victor's knowledge; he began to suspect the Abbott's really were behind the paragon project.

Victor eventually learns that Ian Ward and Adam, who was really alive and posing as Gabriel Bingham, were the masterminds behind the paragon project. Victor confronted Adam and punched him. He then stood back and watched as Billy viscously beat Adam until Jack showed up and stopped him. Victor confronted Adam and asked him why he sought to hurt him. Adam told Victor that he hated him and wanted to make him pay. Adam was arrested and Victor bailed Adam out of jail on the condition that he stop Paragon. Adam initially agreed to the deal, but then confessed that he didn't know how to stop Paragon. Victor then revealed to Adam that he hoped to heal their broken relationship and offered to help Adam leave town, but Adam refused.

At Adam's trial, Victor and Chelsea both vouched for him, but Adam was still sentenced to ten years in prison. As Adam was being escorted to a prison transport, he was struck by a car, but survived after receiving emergency surgery. A party was held at Newman Towers at a newly opened restaurant. A fire broke out, and Victor helped get everyone to safety. While searching for Ashley and Abby. Victor and Billy came across Adam unconscious in the stairwell. Adam said that a man in a devil costume had knocked him out. Victor helped Adam get to the top of the tower where Victor was dismayed to find out Abby had chosen to stay behind.

While Victor was focused on Adam, Abby slipped away to find her mom and Stitch. Adam chose to stay behind to confronts the "devil". Victor was dismayed to learn Joe Clark had taken Abby's place and returned to Newman Tower, determined to save her and Adam. Adam helped Abby and Ashley get Stitch out, and Victor managed to get Adam a few days to recuperate before being taken to prison. At the hospital, the Newman's learned that Christian Newman, Nick and Sage's newborn son, had passed away. The Newman's held a memorial in Christian's honour. Victor observed Adam's reaction to Christian's death and surmised that Adam was Christian's biological father, and had switched the paternity test. Adam laughed off the accusation, but later allowed Victor to blackmail him into working at Newman.

Victor planned to have judge Elise Moxley acquit Adam, holding the fact that they had an affair years ago, over her head. Victor changed his mind though when he started to suspect Adam was lying about Ian Ward being the one, who started the fire. Adam had claimed Ian had been killed while they fought, but his body had not been recovered. Victor turned on Adam and accused him of lying. After Adam had been sent to prison, Chelsea begged Victor to help Adam, but Victor told her to forget about Adam and move on. Victor later decided to give Adam the benefit of the doubt, and successfully got Adam acquitted in a retrial.

Rucuping his losses and deal with the Santori's[]

Jack offered Victor living space at Jabot until he could get the Newman offices up and around. Victor initially refused, but later realized he could keep a closer eye on the Abbott's by working in the same area as them. Luca Santori offered to help Victor restore Newman if the Santori's could own a piece of Newman, and Victor agreed to the proposition.

Paragon resurfaced, and attacked Jabot. Victor and Phyllis tracked Ian down, who claimed he wasn't behind the attack. Ian was arrested and it was revealed that Billy and Phyllis has revived Paragon in an effort to make Victor pay. Adam suggested suing the Abbott's for damages and Victor liked the idea. To protect Billy from facing criminal charges, the Abbott's paid off Victor, and Adam suggested Victor pay off the Santori's leave Newman, but both Luca and his father refused to be bought out of Newman.

Victor and Adam concocted a plan to have Adam make Luca think they he wanted to form an alliance with him. This way, Adam could feed information to Victor on what Luca was planning as a way of keeping an eye on him. When Noah accidentally backed into Billy, Victor convinced him to keep quiet. Victor also found about a new program developed by a hacker named Natalie. He learned Kevin was the one, who would be looking for funding, and tried to convince Kevin to cut him on the deal.

Adam was kidnapped by someone who wanted the "girl". Thinking they were referring to Marisa, Victor had him kidnapped, but Natalie (who recently came to Genoa City) told Victor that she was the girl they wanted. As Natalie made her pitch to Victor, he learned Kevin had attempted to con him out of an additional million dollars. Victor cooperated with the GCPD, got Adam back, and managed to hold into Natalie. He confronted Kevin and Mariah for conning him, cut them out of the deal, and officially hired Natalie to work on her program for him.

Victor decides to go on a trip with Nikki to rekindle their relationship. When Victor returned, Adam reveals that he learned from Luca that Noah has been the one, who hit Billy. Adam is angry at Victor for not telling him this information, but assures Victor that he got Noah out of town. Victor learns from Summer that Luca has all the information on PassKey, and realizes Adam have the information. Adam insisted Luca blackmailed his way in, and he learns from Adam that Noah was plotting with Luca against him. Adam encourages Victor to let it go since Noah is out of town, but Victor calls the cops on Noah anyways, resulting in Noah getting arrested.

Nick, Nikki, and Adam are all mad at Victor for turning Noah into the cops. Victor takes his anger at Luca, and demands he be escorted out of town, and that Adam escort him out of town. When Adam angrily refuses, Victor reminds him that Christian was his son, and implies he will tell Chelsea the refuse, so Adam reluctantly obeys. Victor also warns Natalie that if she double crosses him, she will lose more than just a job, so Natalie shows Victor the progress she has made on PassKey (the name of her program). She estimates it will be ready in a week, but Victor gives her forty-eight hours to finish the program.

Victor's luck runs out[]

Nikki confronts Victor, and reveals that she knows all about Marco. Victor rages that he is tired of being the bad guy for having to make all the hard choices. Victor finds out from Luca's father that Luca did not return home. He explains to the elder Santori that he fired Luca. Victor finds out Natalie planted the spy camera in his office, seizes all her equipment, and fired Natalie. Adam comes by and tells Victor that he is done working for him. He told Chelsea everything, so Victor had no more leverage. Victor sneers that he can't walk away because he wants to be his successor, and he will continue to do what Victor wants if Adam wants to succeed him.

Victoria comes by with a disk, and tells Victor she knows all about Marco, and that she will no longer defend him. Victor denies everything, but then Paul comes by. Victor asks for Victoria to help him, but Victoria shows Paul what is on the disk. The disk proves that Victor and Marco were in cahoots. Paul goes to arrest Victor, but he has a health crisis, and is taken to the hospital. When Victor awakens, he is confronted by his own family (except Summer and Adam). Victor starts to justify his actions, and Noah walks out in disgust. Victor rages that his grandson has turned his back on him. Victor yells at his family to get out, and arrogantly rages that they will be nothing without him.

Victor gets released on bail, and throws Victoria and Nikki out of his office. Nikki is confident that the board of directors will remove Victor as CEO, and Victor throws her and Victoria out of his office. Elise Moxley comes by, and Victor tells her she knows what he has to do, since she has been assigned as the judge at his trial. Elise leaves, and Jack and Phyllis comes by. Jack reveals that he knows that everybody on the boat survived and was paid off by Victor to stay in hiding. Jack tells Victor he will not face any charges, but Victor will spend the rest of his life in prison. Victor is confident he won't, but then Elise holds a press conference. She admits she had an affair with Victor, and recuses herself from Victor's case.

Victor sees that Jabot has possession of PassKey and accuses Victoria of handing it over to the Jabot. Victoria denies it, and Victor accuses her of willing to lie for Billy, but not willing to lie for him. Summer blurts out that Phyllis and Billy had stolen Natalie from Newman, and she gave Jabot PassKey. Furious, Victor heads out to confront Jack and Phyllis. Victor threatens them both, violating the terms of his bail, and he is incarcerated until his trial. Michael visits Victor, and convinces Victor to hire him as his attorney.

Summer visits Victor, and let's him know the Newman board meeting is happening. Victor gives Summer his proxy, so she can vote on his behalf. Victor starts muttering incoherently, and clutches his head. He is admitted to the hospital, and cared for by Ben. Victor angers Ben by trying put the blame solely on Jack for Kelly's death. Ben tells Victor he is just as much to blame since he took advantage of Kelly's mental illness. Ashley stops by Victor's room, and tells him he is getting what he deserves. She also tells Victor to be there for Abby, and that Abby is really going to need him. Victoria, Nikki, and Abby all see Victor, but Victor holds resentment towards Nikki and Victoria. Victoria asks to speak to Victor alone, and Victor tells her not to get to comfortable. He will be back and she will be never work at Newman again. Victoria tries to get Victor to understand that he brought it all on himself, but Victor won't listen. Victor is soon released from the hospital and escorted back to prison.

Victoria went to see Victor, and asked for his help. Victor laughed in Victoria's face, and refused to help Victoria. Luca went to see Victor, and told him he overheard Michael was planning on throwing the case. Victor suspected Luca had an alternate agenda and refused his help. Victor called Adam to the jail, and told him he would plead guilty if Adam agreed to take over as CEO, but Adam ultimately refused the offer.

An explosive trial[]

At Victor's trial, Michael reassured Victor that he will get him acquitted. One by one, Victor's victims and family got up on the stand and testified. Victor was puzzled when Michael wouldn't cross examine any of them.

When it was Michael's turn to defend Victor, Victor had Michael call Luca to the stand and ask him what information he had pertaining to the trial. Luca revealed that Michael was conspiring to get Victor convicted.

Victor fired Michael, and decided to serve as his own attorney. The judge advised against it, but Victor was adamant, so the judge allowed it since it was one of Victor's right.

Summer visited Victor during the recess, and expressed disgust after hearing Phyllis recount her experience with Marco and how it made her feel. Victor said he was sorry, and told Summer that Phyllis had kidnapped Adam in order to get Natalie. Victor said he choose not to say anything as a way of making amends for what he put Phyllis though, and warned Summer that Phyllis can be very destructive when she is angry.

Victor called each of his family members up the stand and made them confess how much he has helped them over the years. Victor continued to claim that he was only guilty of loving his family and recounted his life story of growing up in an orphanage.

The jury ruled Victor as guilty and he was given 10 years at the state penitentiary. Before leaving for prison, Victor disowned his entire family.

Prison life[]

On his first day, Victor was approached by an inmate named Bobby. Bobby told Victor that he would need protection in prison, but Victor declined. Later, Bobby approached Victor with a shiv, but Victor disarmed and easily beat Bobby. He was then taken to another cell by another guard.

There, Victor encountered Ian Ward. Ian also told Victor he needed protection in prison. Ian said that he was top of the food chain in prison mad Victor was at the bottom. Victor demanded that Ian stay away. Later, Victor was stabbed while he was sleeping.

Victor was admitted to the hospital where Nikki was by his side. Despite this, Victor still kicked her out of his room. Victor called Adam down, and told him to avenge his death if he ends up being killed. Nick tried to get Victor to re-embrace his family, but Victor demanded to be left alone.

Upon returning to prison, Victor was immediately approached by Ian. Victor accused Ian of being behind the attack, but Ian claimed he was innocent, and said he lied about being at the top of a food chain. Victor came to wonder if Ian could be telling him the truth. The warden of the prison, Mitch Pullman, assured Victor he would find out, who tried to kill him.

Victor's wound reopens and he is taken to the infirmary where he is treated by Dr. Meredith Gates. As Victor and Meredith start bonding, Ian suggest they use Meredith as a means to escape. Victor finds out about Meredith's father, and Meredith says Victor is a lot like him. Ian deduced they can use Meredith to get to her father, who can get them a pardon.

For a long time, Victor refused to see any members of his family. He finally agreed to see Victoria when she wanted to talk about Newman. Victoria said she agreed to share PassKey profits with Jabot, Victor was furious that she didn't crush Jabot. Adam sees Victor and accuse him of using Luca to get him fired from his job. Victor says he has nothing to do with Adam being fired.

Nick visits Victor, and blasts him for rejecting Nikki. Victor finally agreed to Nikki, and Nikki says she will do anything to make it up to Victor. Victor says he will forgive her if she gives him her vote on Newman board of directors. Nikki is heartbroken that Victor only seems to care about Newman.

Under Victoria's noise, Victor sells Brash and Sassy to undermine Victoria's leadership. Despite being mad st his family, Victor expresses sympathy for them when Sage is killed in a car accident. Adam visits Victor because Sage left him a message about Christian just before the accident. He wants to know if Victor told Sage that Adam was Christian's father. Victor assures Adam he didn't.

Victor asked if Meredith could attend Sage's funeral and give his condolences to his family on his behalf. Originally, Meredith said no, but then she went on his behalf. The Newman's rejected Victor's condolences, but Victor encouraged Meredith to reach out to her father.

Russell Gates, Meredith's father, went to see Victor. Russ assured Victor he wouldn't manipulate him into getting an early parole. At the same time, Meredith vowed to do everything she could to insure Victor did get an early parole. Victor and Meredith got closer, and Victor kissed Meredith. Meredith pulled away and said it was unprofessional, but she later called Victor back to her office and kissed him.

Adam confronted Victor about framing him for murdering Constance, but Victor told Adam whatever he did, he will have to pay for it. Victor told Meredith he knows Adam murdered Constance, and Meredith becomes enraged that Adam acts like he is better than Victor when he was getting away with murder. Meredith becomes even more convinced that Victor's family doesn't deserve him. She then locks the door to the office and she has sex with Victor.

Ian accuses Victor of framing Adam, and gets under his skin by talking about Meredith and Nikki. Victor loses his patience and starts attacking Ian. The warden comes by, and throws Victor in solitary confinement. In solitary confinement, Victor receives a taunting letter from Ian. Victor thinks back to his visit with a mysterious, and saying that this person hates Adam as much as he does. Victor had instructed his visitor to do a job for him.

Victor arranges another visit with his accomplice and orders them to plant a bottle of poison in the storage unit of Constance Bingham. That way the police will have even more evidence against Adam. Victor testifies on Adam's behalf at the trial, and Ian escapes. Ian shoots Victor, but the bullet just grazes his shoulder. Victor is hospitalized, and Ian calls Victor to arrange a large sum of money to transferred for both Nikki and Phyllis' safe return.

Victor escapes, and goes to the cabin. He gets Ian to let go of Phyllis and Nikki, and then arranges for the transfer. Victor has Ian do the honours, and it triggers an alarm that will notify the authorities. A frustrated Ian compliments Victor on his cunningness. Ian then pages the gun in Victor's hand, and taunts him about Nikki. The cops show and up and arrest Victor and Ian.

Nikki and Victor have a heart to heart, and Nikki agrees to help Victor. Adam comes to see Victor, and Victor finally reveals his end game: He wants Adsm to come back to work at Newman in exchange for the pages. Adam agrees to Victor's terms, but when he tells Dylan where to find the missing pages of Sage's diary, they are gone.

Chloe is revealed to be Victor's accomplice, and she visits him in the hospital. Chloe is mad at Victor for testifying on Adam's behalf when the plan as he would go to prison. Victor tried to appeal to Chloe, and reminds her that he cared for her daughter while Chloe was locked up. Chloe refuses to give Victor the pages. Faced with no other option, Adam surrenders and is given thirty years in prison. Victor soon joins him where he promises he will get Adam out of prison.

At Adam's Trial, Victor shocks Adam by testifying on his behalf. Ian then escapes, takes Nikki hostage, and shoots Victor. Victor convinces Meredith to help him escape, so he can save Nikki. Ian phones Victor, and demands he wire a large sum of money into his account. Victor goes to the cabin, and gets Ian to let Phyllis and Nikki go. He then proceeds to transfer the money Ian requested, but has Ian put in an incorrect password that triggers alarm. The cops soon show up and take both Ian and Victor into custody.

Victor is taken back to the hospital, and tells the police where to find the real pages from Sage's journal that will exonerate Adam, but the pages are gone. Victor is confronted by his ally, who is none other than Chloe. Chloe is furious with Victor for testifying on Adam's behalf when they agreed they would send him to prison. Victor realizes Chloe took the pages, and demands she give them to him. Chloe sneers that she might destroy the pages, so there is no way to help Adam.

Attempt at a New beginning[]

Victor and Nikki reconcile and pledge their love for one another. Russell Gates pardons Victor on the condition that he stay away from Meredith. Victor finally convinces Chloe to give up the missing pages of Sage's diary, so she can be a mother to her daughter, Bella. However, a sleep deprived and malnutritioned Adam attacks a guard, thinking he is Victor. Adam pleads guilty for attacking the guard and is sentenced. Victor pays the guards to kidnap Adam from the prison transport. The guards take Adam to a remote cabin where Victor tells Adam he wants to help him, Chelsea, and Connor leave Genoa City, and be a family somewhere else.

The cabin explodes, and Adam is presumed dead. The explosion is declared to be an accident, but Victor suspects Chloe had something to do with the explosion, burn lacks the proof, and can't expose her without exposing himself. Victor soon learns Christian is alive, and in Sharon and Dylan's care. Chelsea struggles with telling Nick that Christian isn't his son, but Victor tells her that it is for the best that they keep this a secret.

Victor decided to step down as CEO in an attempt to get Nick to return to Newman, but Nick still refuses. Victor soon sees Abby, the only Newman still working at Newman Enterprises, as his only choice and starts grooming her to be his successor. Faith gets tired of Sharon and Nick constantly fighting, and moves in with Victor and Nikki where Victor teaches Faith to play chess. After Dylan has to leave town and go into witness protection to protect his loved ones, Victor is impressed by Sharon's cooperation in saying that Dylan left town because of her lies. When Faith blames Sharon for Dylan leaving, Victor and Nikki step in and help Faith understand and forgive Sharon. Later, Victor helps Lauren save her son, Scotty Grainger, by paying a ransom to his kidnappers. Scotty was grateful to Victor, and wanted to repay him, so Victor hidden him to write his biography that he was planning to publish.

Chloe called Victor and told him Chelsea found out that she and framed Adam. She told Victor to call her a private plane and get her out of Genoa City, or else they will both go down for framing Adam. Victor called Chloe a private plane and said he better not see her again. Nick burst into the room just after Chloe left, and risked to stop her before the plane took off. Nick confronted Victor about his involvement and soon the whole Newman family, except Abby, knew what Victor had done to Adam.

Shunned by most of his family[]

The Newmans were horrified by what Victor had done to Adam, but knew their reputations would take a hit if the public knew. As a result, they decided to shun Victor, and Nikki forced Victor to live in the guest house. Nick and Victor got into a heated argument, and Faith saw Nick punch Victor. Nick then had Faith pack up and move off the ranch. Victor cancelled the biography and hired Scott to work at Newman. He also continued his grooming of Abby, but started pitting her and Scott against each other, which bothered Abby.

Victor tracked down Chloe, and had her stay with Dr. Harris at his place. As Nick and Chelsea closed in on Chloe, Victor had Chloe fake her death, so she could continue to stay with Harris. Kevin helped Chloe escape from Harris, and Victor found then in Genoa City. Victor let Kevin and Chloe go, and they left Genoa City with Bella.

In an effort to win Nikki back, Victor organized a event for Multiple Sclerosis where Nikki would play the piano. Victor had Nikki's assistant Tessa Porter make sure Nikki was doing alright. Victor found out Nick attempted to sabotage the keyboards and he and Nick got into a fight after the event. Victor punched Nick and Nikki saw it. She encouraged them to try and make amends, but they refused. Victor left town for a bit, and had Hilary, who recorded the fight, air it on the Hilary hour. When Victor came home, he granted Nikki a divorce and Nikki left the ranch. Victor also kicked Nick out of the tackhouse, and had Abby move in.

JT Returns, Hiring Ashley, Coma[]

In December 2018, JT returned to town. He was sent to investigate the funds missing from Victor’s bank account and it was eventually revealed that Nikki had been the ones who had stolen the funds, so Victor blackmailed Nikki into remarrying him at a private ceremony. He forced Nick and Chelsea to attend by threatening to expose Christian’s paternity to Nick. Chelsea eventually left town with Connor in February 2018 when Phyllis correctly suspected she was stealing from Fenmore's, and came close to exposing her. Nick learned the truth about Christian’s paternity in the process, but didn’t find out that Victor knew.

Victoria rejoined Newman by merging Brash N Sassy with it. When Ashley had a falling out with Jack, she went to Victor hoping he would invest in her new company. Victor instead hired Ashley to work with Victoria at Brash N Sassy. He also hired JT as the head of security. Victoria and Ashley did not see eye to eye, and this led to Victoria conspiring with Jack to set Ashley up for corporate espionage. Victor fired Ashley, but Abby was easily able to find evidence of Victoria’s deception, So Victor told Victoria to acceptance a demotion or lose her job. Victoria chose to accept the demotion, but Ashley refused to come back until Victor fired Victoria.

Victor soon learned JT was working against him and trying to bring him down. He saw JT break into his safe and steal the key, so he set him up by placing an envelope in his custom made chessboard that the key would unlock. He also had security camera’s set up in Victoria’s place where he saw footage of JT grabbing Victoria around the neck. Victor furiously confronted JT and demanded that he leave town or else he will show the footage to the police. JT sword he would make Victor pay for his role and Colleen’s death, and was convinced he had won by convincing Victoria to marry him, and that the envelope would have the evidence needed to send Victor to prison.

JT and Victor got into a fight that ended with JT pushing Victor down the stairs. Jack arrived drunk after an earlier argument with Victor and found him unconscious. Jack went upstairs into Victor’s office, and took a flash drive. He was going to walk away and leave Victor to die, but called 911 and waited until they arrived. Victor was taken to the hospital where his whole family rallied around him. Victor remained in a coma for a couple of weeks, but slowly started to come out of it. Victor and Nikki had an open marriage, and Victor’s mistress Helen Wallace also secretly visited Victor. Kyle returned to town, and also visited Victor.

When Victor started to recover, JT turned off his life support to try and kill him. The doctors managed to save Victor, and he woke up, but had suffered stroke, so he lost the ability to talk and walk that would be fixed with therapy. Victor eventually recovered enough to talk and revealed that JT was the one who did this to him. Victor and Nikki planned for leave town with Victor's doctor Nate Hastings, so he could recover. They were stopped by the police, who arrested Victor for JT's murder.

In a desperate attempt to help Victor, Nikki claimed she killed JT. Victor was upset that Nikki did that and vowed to help her. Victoria, Sharon, and Phyllis were all outed as accomplices after Sharon confided in Rey. Phyllis cut a deal to testify against the women and had the charges dropped, Sharon and Victoria were put on trial alongside Nikki where Phyllis seemed to try and help them, but her testimony only made them look worse when Christine twisted her words. Victor was furious and vowed to make Phyllis pay.

Sharon, Nikki, and Victoria were sentenced to three years, ten years, and thirty years respectively. JT was eventually revealed to be alive and the charges were dropped. Victor wouldn't let it go though and pressed charges against the GCPD and District Attorney's office, which resulted in Christine eventually resigning.

Discovering that he has a rare blood disorder and that Adam's return[]

Victor started making mysterious trips out of town. Victoria heard Victor had participated in poker games, and Nikki learned that Victor has been seeing a doctor. Rey and Sharon eventually tracked Victor down to Las Vegas where he revealed that he had learned that Adam was alive, but suffered amnesia. Victor had been having Adam see a psychiatrist to try and get him to remember, but no luck so far. He then asked Sharon to reach out to Adam and Sharon eventually agreed too.

Trying to reconcile with Adam and, trying to get Adam and his siblings to reconcile[]


As a self made man, Victor is very determined and stubborn. He refuses to let anyone get the better of him at any costs. Victor hates Jack and arrogantly views him as inferior to him because he had to build his company while Jack was just handed his. Victor's desire to win has led him to do some heinous crimes, and hurt many people in the process, even people he said he loved.

Victor has helped his loved ones out of numerous bad situations, and he expects his family to return that same loyalty. When they don't, they find themselves estranged from Victor. Most recently, Victor disowned them all when they testified against him in court. Even at his weakest, after being stabbed, Victor had a strong enough will to shut them out. Though in private, Victor has shown that he is hurting as he sheds tears on his and Nikki's anniversary.

Victor's relationship with his loved ones has always been complicated. He and Nikki have gone through many marriages and divorces, They always get back to each other. Even after Nikki testified against him in court, despite Victor refusing to see her, he though about her a lot. Nick and Victoria look up to Victor, and see him as strong. Victor applauded Nick for going his own way, and defending those he loved.

Victoria served as Victor's second-in-command at the company, and even lied for him a few times. Abby and Victor maintain a close relationship, despite the fact that she was in her teens when Victor found out she was his daughter. Abby was immature, and Victor came down on her hard, helping Abby to eventually grow up. She and Victor maintained a close bond, and he kept her on as CFO at Newman, impressed by her work.

Crimes Committed[]

  • Punched his son, Adam Newman [Feb 1, 2010]
  • Slapped Adam [Mar 11, 2010]
  • Punched Billy Abbott [May 13, 2010]
  • Punched Charlie Shaw [Jun 10, 2010]
  • Punched Adam [Oct 5, 2015]

Health and Vitals[]

  • Slapped by his daughter, Victoria [Nov 18, 2002]


  • Victor’s astrological sign is Pisces


(Victor) Nikki get away from


(Victor)yes you

(Victor to Billy) “That’s enough!”

(Victor) 'You don’t know what this is.” Victor says he does, and he knows who this is.

(Victor to Adam) “Hello Adam.”

(Victor then punches Adam to the ground.)

You're just another traitor! All of you are traitors! You think your lives will be better without me?! Think again! You'll be nothing without me! Nothing!

(to his family) Get out! You stand here, you condemn me?! You should spend that time thinking about life without me! Get out! You are traitors, all of you! I said get out! I mean you! You turned against me!

(to Paul) Go ahead, Paul. Arrest me. See what their lives will be without me. They'll find out.

(to Abby) I bet you have. But if you have lived as long as I have, you have learned what is important in life, you know. And if there's enough time left to appreciate all the important moments, then Nikki and I will waste no time.

(during Stitch and Abby's wedding) Today my beautiful daughter's beginning her marriage to a man I respect a great deal. Marriage is what you make of it, what you're imbued with. You need to have loyalty and respect, love. And fortunately for me, I've been married to a lady who possesses all these qualities. In a marriage, one part of the couple sometimes puts in more than the other. Remember to forgive each other. (to Stitch) And you, Stitch, remember that you are a very lucky dude.

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